Can the DOW reach 25,000 DOW and higher? Sure? You bet.

What wil drive those numbers?

Trillions on the side line in cash waiting for CLIMATE of GROWTH globally.

The USA is the ENGINE of financial growth. THE USA powers the EU and Powers ASIA. If we sneeze they have economic tsunami’s. I have written about our 20 trillion dollar debt.. This debt to income and asset base is like a 12% home loan. The US dollar is based on the best wealth of any nation ranked on:

  1. In place infrastructure
  2. Super Power to protect it all
  3. Dollar based World War II settlement world reserve currency
  4. Food resources beyond any nation on earth – primary wealth
  5. Mineral wealth beyond any nation on earth
  6. Innovation leadership that others only steal we lead
  7. Political stable system that is the rock of the world

Who wants to come to America. The majority of earth if they could. We can immigrate into age demographics and wealth and we are.

We do.

Despite wishes to control the bottom the top always gets IN.

Now if the ENGINE OF ALL WEALTH ECONOMICALLY doing ok – not great yet but really OK – for the first time in decades passes appropriate responsible TAX REFORMS and democrats are saying THEY WILL VOTE FOR IT – we have YEARS folks and that is YEARS of prosperity globally coming to all markets.

Everyone is lobbying for this to pass 530 decision makers for the reasons of RESET to economics for the entire planet.

The economics are complicated as they always are but this is an amazing opportunity in history and IF it passes and by year end – the Merry Christmas has no words The markets will soar. They will go up in 2018. Business will invest world wide in all nations like you have no seen in a long time. The boom of your lifetime will extend to a boom unlike any we have ever known.

The FED will have their time – the missing element time – to normalize market space with a hopefully new FED CHAIRMAN removing the worst Fed Chairman of all time. In my opinion and other economists join me.

The Combination is going to be fuel for growth like you have never seen.

Small business our CEO SPACE DEC 11th CONFERENCE will swell and fill with business owners who GET IT and want to ACCELERATE into the prosperity wave. Already a record for CEO SPACE and you should explore check it out and register to attend if you own a business or are a professional in practice anywhere on earth we serve 140 nations today. Ranked # 1 to accelerate business by third party press. Is it your turn to accelerate and you do not have to WAIT ? Save taxes and make a lot of profit is my suggestion that IS the good news option.

SMALL BUSINESS will PROSPER and millions wills start business in the age of the ENTREPRENEUR the Entrepreneurs will under foundation further growth and prosperity.

We felt it was a coin toss. Why?

Democrats have two choices on this:

  1. See what we report on risk now – and do what is right for AMERICA and return to face voters saying WE PASSED THE TAX REFORM.
  2. Block it and tell voters they need to eject Republicans to get a tax reform republicans tried hard to pass – passed – risky politically.

We thought they might coin toss door number two and block it.

Their business owner voters their base are saying – with loud voices as CEO SPACE lobbies in DC for small business of all politics – PASS THE TAX REFORM. In fact write your law maker you can do it on line in five minutes of clicking.


So it looks like the COIN TOSS is won by ALL OF US.

That IS the good news. If the USA Passes:

  1. Its BUDGET
  2. Its Tax Reform

Trump may elevate the USA CREDIT RATING President Obama lost. If that happens you talk about GOOD NEWS FOLKS and market prices today will seem all bargains in the dip.

Apple included ( if they get their crises fixed – just had my NEW MAC BOOK PRO repaired for third time and the technicians stated the problem is NOT FIXED at China manufacturing flaw ). Hmmmm on Apple. Which I bought in their dip as I told you …already.

I’ve already order the IPHONE X and feel the base will elevate stock price by March and if the TAX REFORM ACT PASSES APPLE is home free from their crises today on quality and management systems flaws.

So the good news is still a coin toss but it predicts to come down heads.

Tails the world loses.

Heads the world wins.

Now then we are a tiny little voice of a lobby as the longest loudest beltway activist for small. business legislation and rule making with regulatory agencies as a resource.

WALLSTREET has the megaphone. They are in full court press on TAX REFORM all parties all sides of the isle. We are talking billions are work here folks with trillions at stake here.

So the grown ups are all over this.

The good news is – all that work and investment time and expertise is apparently reaching 530 votes that matter in CONGRESS. Through the HOUSE and moving through the SENATE conference committees to resolution the PRESIDENT WILL SIGN.

The good news.

It is big good news and delays the SUPER CRASH BY YEARS and gives all of us TIME to install a potential firewall to fix the issues.

TIME is the asset.

Congress is learning.

Public Policy is terrifically complicated. Our own worst enemy on laws that may negatively effect small business has GOOD POINTS when you listen and they must be INCLUDED truly. It is not easy. You push on one thing like in health care and unforeseen consequences raise up. It is all an experiment on economics to get right outcome.

Everyone is doing the best they KNOW HOW with the software they posses on the computer above their neck.

The good news is the alignment of everything – is for tax reform now.

Stay tuned and read as you follow the money.

Berny Dohrmann – Mildly uncharacteristically optimistic on GOOD NEWS TODAY and this week. CHIN UP OUT THERE .