Cascade is a new economic condition that occurs when liquidity evaporates which in digital casino capitalism happens when trillions move without humans at AI trading velocity a new condition to markets.

The trigger for the coming SUPER CRASH is debt default in the global DEBT SUPER BUBBLE.

The debt of Venezuela now without cash to pay its operating bill flow is over two billion dollars in the coming two weeks. Almost 500 million is late on payment now and in technical breach. They may be using that 500 million to pay their one billion. But you a company or a nation can borrow these sums and rob Peter to pay paul without defaulting as you back it all up.

If Spain the worst DEBT NATION in the EU many times worse than Greece and only beat by ITALY – has Catalonia with 1/3 of its total economic move into independence or even civil war costs with the economics withdrawn from Spain – itself – Spain fails. Spain can no longer bail out its failing banks – its bad loans – and it will default tearing the EU apart. Italy may default first but how knows with Catalonia in play. So you can appreciate why the nation has to keep Catalonia in SPAIN at all cost.

Follow the money folks.

The default into SUPER CRASH is a follow the bouncing ball as one default effects another in counter party tied down cross nation syndicates in Digital Casino Capitalism.

if all players wish to cash in their chips at once.

The house goes broke.

Folks the house IS broke.

WE are just waiting now until the new digital market place lacking any regulatory controls – flips the switches to all sell no buy orders when digital CASCADE takes place and the market SUPER CRASH is minutes not hours from taking form.

As there is no human moderation of sufficient influence to reverse the digital faulty flawed programs – in this first generation of the casino lacking regulatory reform and oversight – the casino will CASCADE into destruction of the world order and system itself worse than 1929 due to leverage and velocity of digital trading.

We wait hoping for the Congressional miracle which is now less about tax reform and more about extending time to survive and reform the entire system within a REGULATORY GLOBAL G 100 RE-THINK without which – the system WILL COLLAPSE in CASCADE a new digital economic the world has never experienced before.

The prophetic accuracy of this information will be seen as so vital after the fact as when it all occurs no one will know WHY it took place. If you read my prior blog on AI you of course will know why and you will know why advisers economists and nations do NOT KNOW WHY or even have a clue of what is really going on OUT THERE. My readers DO know and knowledge is power folks. Real Power. Read the prior blog it is worth sharing with your circles and social for me.

CASCADE IS THE DANGER today and TAX REFORM provides a buffer if defaults do not occur FIRST as set forth here as the canary in your methane mine about to blow up.



PS: Share with your community in SPAIN that is not the news – the politics – it is the MONEY just the MONEY. SPAIN can not avoid default if Catalonia economically is independent – Spain goes bankrupt and will trigger world wide CASCADE. That is the one and the only issue.