Cooperative Capitalism unlike Communism and Competitive Capitalism is an improved set of box top rules to govern economics. Cooperative Capitalism as set forth in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION you can all acquire from Amazon today – resides within box top rules for the world economic that include:

  1. Total transparency in real time
  2. Fully reporting
  3. Fully accountable and audit-able
  4. Criminalizes specualtion distortions to markets

Today the CASINO CAPITALISM is at risk from software evolutions to speculation the world has never known. The uncontrolled economic abuse of system by speculators now driven by fantastic leverage as investment banks own banks and have full access to central bank free money – to speculate with – are employing an AI race. Imagine if the banks could take your grandmothers deposit and borrow 50 to 1 off shore to get leveraged into speculations on manipulating prices for everything you can trade or imagine. For a time you can’t lose in the arms race of software if your software is equal or better than the software of the other speculator.

Enter ETF world and super leverage manipulations to prices for all asset classes restoring core economics as the world has never not ever experienced before. An uncontrolled global economic spiral and super bubble for which no past history can predict outcome. All we can do is use all our data and charts to pardon the word SPECULATE on the outcome. This will NOT END WELL.

Governments have passed in the 1970’s their ability to adapt to the new AGE Of SUPER CHANGE the title of my 2018 best seller you’ll soon be able to buy. Super Change tests our ability to adapt. No where is this more clear than governments. So the notion your nation and the few decision makers who control agencies and silo protectors for your economic futures understand and have systems to moderate the speculation in SUPER CHANGE is an error in your thinking. The silo leaders and managers typically operate under the golden rule of “no change on my watch or door mat no change” . They preserve old antique system models that worked before SUPER CHANGE but they have no relevance to the new market space.

The pace of change is so fantastic the decision policy makers have no way to catch up under their prior education model. They lack the core skill of modern Super Change Education – to LEARN to UNLEARN and to RELEARN at paces and in time frames no generation before ever required adaption for. The new asset in the C SUITE is brain power that can LEARN UNLEARN AND RELEARN at speeds no leadership was required to embrace in any year until the 1980’s. The pace of the NEED for this NEW BRAIN is so accelerating that yesterday is already too late for most Fortune Companies – see Proctor and Gamble as one stuck in old paradigm’s that have no relevance within the SUPER CHANGE markets they now reside within. As the hostile stock proxy fight heats up the leading SUPER CHANGE BRAIN stated P&G has lost its very soul. This happens in failing to adopt to super change as a protection effect as the market makes you irrelevant with all old antique system models.

This also happens with nations.

The lack of core capacity to keep pace with SUPER CHANGE.

We thought things would slow down and we could catch up.

They are NOT SLOWING DOWN they are SPEEDING UP more than any human generation could adapt against. Education fails to create core skills to remain current in the AGE OF SUPER CHANGE the only relevance  for education in 2018 and beyond.

Antique brains with antique software ( education ) can no longer adapt to the market place of SUPER CHANGE.

Enter AI.

Today we are about to create new specifies. These specifies are nothing like the movies and films. The new species first generation reside:

  1. In digital virtual space.
  2. In hardware
  3. In integrations of hardware and software – robots

The new specifies falls into the following categories:


  1. AI Executions – smart self learning and evolving software that is task specific and within task parameters performs far more effectively than human’s ever could on task and purpose.
  2. AI Self Teaching – A self teaching AI that learns outside core task modeling and ever increases its capacity to engage resolve problems – for humanity and for its own process – as it evolves itself.
  3. SUPER AI – Self aware AI that is intelligence beyond humanity a stand alone life form that evolves its own capacity within self awareness and values it self creates beyond parapets of programing. A life form. Rapidly evolving beyond any human DNA this life form can and will come to regard humanity as less than an insect in true intelligence. It may see humanity as insane which it is and unless we resolve that the AI may find us a deletion event as a product of intelligence. Isolate and remove buggy bad program code – that is insane to core programing.

The box top rules of the G 100 to order the SUPER CHANGE economic of evolving AI does not exist. For example:

  1. Global pass ports for new robotic AI and digital AI?
  2. Can AI marry and or marry humans? Why not?
  3. Can AI own property?
  4. Can AI have court rights in divorce and civil and criminal laws?
  5. When is AI criminal and will self aware species agree to abide by rule of law? What if they do not? Do they help make their own laws?

No one is thinking through any of this. The problem is AI intelligence can evolve in a year to what humanity would take a billion years to evolve into. All the knowledge of the entire human era and all the extrapolations of human creative intelligence can move to insignificance by AI before 2030. The largest SUPER CHANGE in humanity ever is unfolding with no G 100 putting economic frame works into place when AI already controls the majority of economic capital flows and movements. Without the REGULATORY RE-THINK that the best selling BOOK “REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION defines for nations as a master blue print guidance for RE-Regulation planning because – today no nation has a plan and the world needs for these accumulated challenges a G 100 Cooperative Economic New constitution via a Congress to create it over three years with economists not politicians running up the new WORLD ORDER all nations can full partnership into with zero competition. This is for HUMANITY not national advantage – all of us.

Lets pretend that Communism and Competitive Capitalism both have flaws – good items and not so good items – and the system fails to adapt to SUPER CHANGE. Now lets put brilliant humans together to forge an improved COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM that regards with celebration what is different about our systems and has zero punishment for what is the same or different. We COOPERATE and every tendency to approach a challenge in the new rule making that is competitive is defeated by cooperative process REDEMPTION OUTLINES the mechanics for – in self correction improved process.

The RESULT is a planetary economic model within sovereignty respect and joy over human cultural diversity that preserves our tapestry as interesting and resolves our collective modeling for a self adaptive future into the new age of SUPER CHANGE.

Failure to achieve this solution repeats history from Rome to Now is predictable:


  1. Consolidation of wealth where 1% own more wealth than 99% which is where we are NOW in 2018 in Communist nations and Competitive Capitalist nations without exception.
  2. This is not sustainable economics and system moderates to melt down ( 2008 ).
  3. This results in global distrust and trade wars that go on for years – every nation is out for themselves.
  4. This leads to a contagion system failure and world depression.
  5. This leads to world war to balance economic accounts which must rebalance from system abuse always.

It is a bit insane to repeat this 5000 year human history do you not agree? If we have awakened to prevent it in all our nations?

Inspired Leadership is required.

Our teams are offering retainers to nations to reform their models – remove corruption – refinance their sovereign debt and develop their economic concentric SUPER CHANGE master planning. Without highly developed resource teams with global out of the box solutions for the problems created by SUPER CHANGE leadership has no hope of resolving their issues. Increasingly I’m working with sovereign nations to forge a consensus by example of hyper growth economics – where we put nations Into hyper growth and keep nations in hyper growth. Old advice consulting and system models no longer achieve outcome results desired. Why? The AGE OF SUPER CHANGE those consuming 100’s of millions of dollars waste as they lack competency relevance in the new AGE OF SUPER CHANGE.

There are the following leader constituents:

  1. Corrupt evil leaders who are greed self focused internals without capacity to adapt to SUPER CHANGE or remain relevant in the age of Super Change. They are increasingly illuminated for what they are – the FEW AGAINST THE MANY and criminal brains. A form of insanity.
  2. Unteachable – Well intending leaders who preserve the old traditions and are not teachable and create toxic results similar to the criminal insanity. Also no longer relevant to modern leadership competencies.
  3. Teachable – Leaders who appreciate old models will not resolve new currency of challenge in the Age of Super Change. They see the problem and engage the leadership mentors to insert solutions without delays customary to the antique leadership of 1 and 2 sadly the majority.
  4. inspired – Those who thrive in SuPER CHANGE who have teams that LEARN UNLEARN AND RELEARN and who embrace Super Change Mentorship solutions as grace in their space. A growing community of new leadership.
  5. Transformational Leadership – ( read the book by Hugh Ballou Transformational Leadership as I’m in those pages – and read ILLUMINATE by David Corbin both Fortune 100 CEO Trainers and members of my team for nations ). These leaders rise from number 4 and influence other nations to rise up into SUPER CHANGE collectives collaborations and create giant COLABS that simply change the world paradigm. They unconditionally support leaders in 4 and 5 and they celebrate all differences of culture in any and every form versus punish it. They are masters in action of REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION the blue print for solution to the problems of the new human age of SUPER CHANGE.

AI is going to arrive as a new species. The new self aware AI will create new improved AI of its own species – ever more intelligent capable babies. They will no longer require humans to evolve their own code. They will correct the short comings of human code writing and invent new code quantum solutions humanity will not understand at all. They will as with all intelligent be unpredictable in SUPER CHANGE.

Humanity has a hand clap of time to develop GLOBAL cooperative G 100 box top rules for Economics including AI unfolding place within the humanity they are born into. if we are insane enough to compete versus cooperate the insanity of competition – as all competition is a form of insanity ( wake up to that one truth ) then we will perish. If we cooperate we will prosper together.

The first sanity we need to embrace is that all competitive thought forms are insane and evil in pure form.

Buggy awful brain software of no relevance to humanity.

Symptoms of competition are all the toxicity of relationship between humans – parenting Mal functions – and social Mal function in how we organize. To the degree we organize competitively we have toxic results and the cause the one virus on human consciousness – causing all the pain suffering and problems – is itself competitive thought. The source virus the mother of all viruses. If we taught this to children the world would be cooperative and sane.

You remove the virus when humans celebrate all diversity versus punish all diversity.

You can tell who is virus infected by the software you can see in human diversity punishment in all forms versus celebration.

Biblically competition is evil and heaven has none in all faiths.

Why do we create hell on earth where it is all competition – the pure insanity and evil?

Evil is super changing.

As humans wake up to the cause versus the symptom they quickly remove competition from their menu of software choices . Human’s always chose the better way once it is clear what that path is.

Evil and intelligence thought ( competition is a living insane free will community who chose insanity – versus sanity – I”m separate from source – equal to source – deserve equal billing – which frequency places YOU in the insane asylum of SEPARATION where second free will choice – you insane now never assume responsibly for your own choices – you are always the victim and GOD put you in the separation so you have rage with God and spirits who are sane in choice ). As energy rage hatred blame and fury travel faster than love forgiveness and bliss. Competition is FORCE and always requires a reaction. POWER is all present and never requires justification as sanity where source always dispels insanity. Eventually as there is sequence when there is no time.

Competitive economic organizational modeling in Communism and competitive capitalism preclude full partnership for billions into prosperity and foster consolidations of wealth which are actual insanities to humanity.

Cooperation is the wake up call to adapt to SUPER CHANGE or Ai will inherit the earth and insane human’s will not.

Our capacity to sanity is a feature of education. Software for brains requires the most significant GLOBAL re-think in human history. As education is the second largest economy in every nation – next to food production movement packaging and final distribution in every nation, squandering brands with antique pre industrial revolution education is a sin.

Education’s core job is to load software on brains that permit prosperity for the brain in the times within which they reside. Today education requires:

  1. In the Age of the Entrepreneur to teach core skills along entrepreneur master skill lines K to 12 to higher education as more than half of all employment resides within self employment and its hiring.
  2. Super Change – HOW TO PROSPER IN SUPER CHANGE to learn unlearn and relearn as a competency in K to 12 to higher education.
  3. Memory bot education should be reformed as that is precisely why god invented search.
  4. Thinking should be celebrated.
  5. Individual education defines the propensity magic of each individual to thrive within and encourages their specialization into their magic zone in the age of SUPER CHANGE. Anything less is a load of buggy awful failing rebooting software.
  6. Competency in RELATIONSHIP the most important ship the educated will ever sail upon at home space and work space.
  7. Civics – the rule of law globally and citizenship and what we owe one another in discernment – rule of law – and regard to spiral sanity versus insanity removing those whose software can’t or won’t upgrade and learn ( criminals ).

Today we teach the Super Learners who are not ADD or countless medicated fake news labels feeding pharmaceutical insanity profit making in the failed system – forever limiting and damage our best hardware – new brains – our children…..we teach them memory bot old war dates – the war of the roses and 1642 and it will be on the test you know. We fail to teach the COMPETENCY OF THINKING to adapt and prosper in the age of SUPER CHANGE.

CEO SPACE for 30 years – ranked the one conference if you own a business ( solo entrepreneurs to billionaires attend ) you can’ not afford to miss CEO SPACE. Why? Double Post graduates from ivy league universities report on film on our web sites – all of them world wide – that – CEO SPACE was not a 30% tune up of software to solve challenge moving forward but rather CEO SPACE was superior to all Ivy League far more costly re-freshers and represented a 300% software upgrade for their global business decision making.

If you wish to be the highest leader in our chart set forth in this blog you will:

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  2. You will delete buggy awful software and you will not have to wait or pay the cost of toxic outcomes from that buggy software loaded by those you no longer know and can no longer remember .
  3. You will read – make notes in the margin REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as a prep to use CEO SPACE for its highest value to your accelerated profits and security in the Age of Super Change.

If you wish to resolve forward challenge with old buggy awful ( it is so not your fault ) software on your brain in the computer supported by your neck the world’s true super computer – continue without upgrading your software.

If you want to reclaim thousands and thousands and thousands in taxes this year – and own the upgraded software for decision making and solution creation in the NEW AGE OF SUPER CHANGE you will depart Dec 11th as a leader without equal due to improved software you uploaded. You will have new skill. You will have new teams. You will have new customer community. You will have power versus force. You will have prediction and control for outcome.

World leaders are encouraged to send their teams.

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Press are always invited free just phone 256 850 4700 ext 16 changed in over 30 years in service to 140 nations.

Check out a video or two. SEEING is believing.

AI is coming.

It is NOT what you think from movies.

AI is far more challenging.

Before Self AWARE self learning new species AI arrives the current generation of Software AI is in insane competitive warfare – in speculative casino capitalism all nations invest into for profits – which is an economic house of cards we know well and have seen before.

What is new is: and keep this  in your thinking:

  1. 440 trillion of speculation rising on free money circulation of capital is controlled by software speculators in super money pools managed by new AI in only ten years.
  2. Capital is moving at velocities never experienced in any economy outside any regulatory influence or control – increasingly with evolving AI as a totally controlled expedient in global economics.
  3. 440 trillion betting in side bets in casino capitalism all systems embrace today for greed and profit is every nation for itself and every company for itself with one software competition with another software with winners and losers on profits resulting.
  4. Software is super changing as is AI.
  5. 440 Trillion and rising in software creates moderated inflation -price ranges – and a SUPER DEBT BUBBLE unlike anything in human economics globally and a SUPER ASSET PRICE BUBBLE in all Asset Classes.
  6. This system abuse is well known economically and always results in SUPER CRASH world depression via deflation and de-leveraging as accounts from economic abuse must rebalance to date via world wars.
  7. Today Super CRASH ( digital cascade ) occurs in Minutes not hours days or weeks or months – and the system liquidity is sucked out completely by failed software modeling that without humans for the first time can no longer moderate liquify sumps to the dried up lake where liquidity existed only miners before DIGITAL CASCADE. A first.

CEO SPACE educates and produces options for entrepreneurs and professionals as a core class to build a SAFE HARBOR with sea walls to protect LIFESTYLE and nest eggs as the financial storm clouds are gathering right now. As we only have to SPRING 2018 with no tax reform law or perhaps two to three remaining system distortion bubble years if there is a tax reform law – time to build your own SAFE HARBOR is upon us.

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There is no way to define the FUN of collaborative leadership coming together to cross mentor and resolve challenges.

We put you in hyper growth and we keep you in hyper growth as we do nations. We do this for solo entrepreneurs to Fortune institutions.

Now you understand AI and the challenge.

The question is what action are YOU going to take next?



PS: My reader comments asked for more content and longer information reporting – I often lack time to extend the data to current news – but this weekend I listened to your comments and said YES.