The 1987 Stock Market Super Crash took place in October 19th due to the bond market bursting a bubble and sinking equities. The trigger was the bond market space.

Today we have as Ray Dalio chairman of Bridgewater and one of my hero’s states today that wealth transfer to the 60% lower middle class is required to bridge the social economic disparity of the WEALTH WARS over the past 40 years. The Top 40% of middle class are consolidating and growing wealth at 10x’s the rate of the 60% who once had rising income and participation options but with 30% manufacturing disappearing off shore – not so much in 2018. HE cites this ISSUE as the single priority of our America economic to fix. Today.

Wealth disparity.

Meanwhile his 122 Billion Dollar Fund does not discuss the BOND Super Debt Bubble and risk.

We continue to report that the IMF and WORLD BANK warnings remain dire to the world bond market that is SUPER OVER HEATED and in a super bubble the world has never experienced before. As FREE MONEY evaporates from the market place ( too rapidly for adjustment by the bond holders ) and the central banks globally dispatch their crap asset core base they acquired from their own shareholder members ( banks and investment banks ) liquidity in the market disappears – from the FED ALONE at 50 billion dollars a month – half a trillion in ten months. Liquidity double edge swords:

  1. No more buying in accommodation mopping up market liquidity
  2. Selling into the now less liquid market oceans of crap assets
  3. Raising interest rates to dry up liqudity

So Bond holders wish in a large % of due dates – refinance their bonds to new due dates. Today that will be much harder and will cost more in higher payments. The bond holders are so weak they can’t afford the refinance higher costs and higher interests. The defaults are inevitable.

Today we see:

  1. Italy banks failing like dominoes with a trillion needed to keep the failed Italian banks afloat. The bond market from these failed banks to bad loans they hold with business and community bonds is upside down and a contagion in slow trigger today. Meanwhile the political vote this week assures a Italian departure from the EU like the UK in 2018. This is a death bell for the EU.
  2. As this is on going and SUPER SIZED issue for the EU, Spain is in utter crises. If the third of its economy as the next to Italy most debt burdened failed economy in the EU, loses Catalonia, Spain defaults on its debt for sure. These defaults will create Digital CASCADE across the entire market space as liquidity dries up in deflationary deleveraging markets under scoring the total failed policies of central banks – hence our strong recommendation law markers hold central bank failed policy AS SOURCE CAUSE to system failure and merge central banks back into their state treasuries by emergency acts to rebalance the ship of state. SPAIN is a SUPER RISK to the world order.
  3. Venezuela defaulting on 500 million in past due debt payments is about to default on 2 billion of debt that must be paid in two weeks. If they default in NOVEMBER this will create a potential BOND MARKET CASCADE DIGITALLY that will sink equity markets into an overall SUPER CRASH.
  4. China debt is reaching after ten years at 300% more than they earn at a 3000 to 1 ratio in record state bad loans for nations – the point of SUPER CRASH. When the commodity, currency, stock, bond, real estate and all asset classes held up by bond sales and phony money games SUPER CRASHES the entire world system due to counter party agreements with banks globally will DIGITALLY CASCADE into lack of liquidity and SUPER CRASH.
  5. The overall equity market has reached a chart point after 2200 record breaking DOW that is simply too high – way too high. The tax reform and budget Congress may pass would give us two more years of boom economics and TIME to work with the developing BOND SUPER DEBT BUBBLE. Without the element of TIME itself from the United States Congress the entire global system is in danger.

Now if a digital weapon is fired into the markets by the axis of evil nations they can make trillions destroying the old World War II system of economics and trade – utterly – in its weakness from massive super debt – and themselves emerge as the new WORLD ORDER economically rebalancing economics after the SUPER CRASH they create. In effect winning WORLD WAR III by collapsing the economic foundations of nations without the old warfare modeling of weapons and destruction. To be sure the pain to billions would be hunger lack of health care and depression such as the world has never ever known.

This digital weapon exists and why enemies seeing the financial weakness would delay firing it is unknown. The risk is high on all fronts.

If Congress fails to pass a TAX REFORM AND BUDGET the world Super Debt Bubble will rebalance when one nation or another introduces digital bond panic and digital CASCADE collapsing market liquidity. All orders move to sell there are simply zero buyers in CASCADE. None of the smarty pants program folks have thought through models for this condition which is always the issue when they create new financial tools. Their models are weak and never reflect real market unknown parameters which is not AI it is DI or DUMB INTELLIGENCE. Today the first generation of software is DI bought and paid for with billions.

SO the world runs for the first time on unregulated ETF and their derivatives all driven by software which at core is DI versus real AI. There was a song when I grew up that defines the world market today from the time when the Black Plague took 60% of humanity into their death – the song went ( relating to the ring around the sores of the plague itself which stank so bad children had to use rose petals to cover use the stench ) though children singing the song have long forgotten its source and meaning – but financially it applies to todays Black Death:

…..ring around the roses pocket full of posies ..ashes ashes all fall down ( dead )……is how the original went ….and my favorite for todays market …three blind mice ( DI ) see how they run – etc etc 

Children are smarter than grown ups.

Anyway the economics demonstrate the boom can last if Congress gives more time to the world. If they fail to see that important history role …then not so much.

Personally as a witness I never believe the market has intelligence to DO what is IN ITS OWN BEST INTEREST.

Today the casino market is:

  1. Opaque and far from transparent
  2. Filled with secrets that favor the elite wealth consolidators
  3. Obtuse with massive leverage that drives instability
  4. Lack of regulation globally – laws are local trades are in the cloud
  5. Digital Software creates asset class war and SUPER BUBBLES

Digital casino software has created an economy going where no economy has ever gone before. WE can extrapolate from history but it history is a guide the consolidation of leveraged price manipulations with software waring against software will not end well and must end badly.


Everyone wishes to know when?

I have given you my best since the 1980’s forecast. IF Congress fails to pass a real budget and TAX REFORM ACT I see Spring as the ultimate danger to CASCADE and a SUPER CRASH Potential in 2018.

If they do pass BOTH a reframe from that outcome will occur which is two to three years MORE TIME. And an elastic boom period for the casino market space.

My Book Redemption The Cooperation Revolution at Amazon defines the PROCESS And MISSING MECHANISM to fix the current out of balance account problems if we have TIME to address the repair issue. Without time it has to occur as a repair after SUPER CRASH and world depression and world war.

However the repair must occur.

The danger is failure to position responsibility to the cause agency – CENTRAL BANK structure and failed policy. Once the blame is not personal and is system flaw mechanics 530 law markers can pass an emergency law to revoke the 80 page FED ACT and merge the FED as a model for all nations to their central bank reform – into their state treasuries. Digital accountability assures more sound monetary policy than a private stock central bank can ever provide as it is hopeless conflicted with creating wealth policies for its controlling secret stock holders that own the central banks as private stock firms – a fraud on the public and easy to google search – so that investment banks and banks that own the central banks profit till the system collapses. They all make fortunes in collapse and in war. That model needs to be broken at source as bad policy by congress and easily fixed.

Save for the largest lobby and money on earth is opposed to any change on that and throws FEAR at the public like sand in the giants eyes to keep the giant ( voters ) from supporting law makers ( bought and paid for by the central bank shareholders ) to correct the core problem of nations.

Ask yourself as a CEO or a voter – “why in todays digital real time fully transparent data world would one contract with a bunch of crooks to print your money supply and charge you interest to do what nations can do for FREE moving forward”.

Once voters get these facts in their mind clearly – which is hard because economic education is not provided in education at all by design to keep you all WAGE SLAVES versus mobile full partners in economic expansions that never end:

  1. Central banks are private stock firms and not government agencies.
  2. Central banks are immune from oversight or audit and operate in secret with their shareholders and no agency of law has any oversight to hold central banks accountable. Varied most recently by Greenspan himself I have his clip on it where no one can reverse or hold the FED accountable.
  3. Central banks are the wolves guarding the chickens – investment banks and banks who own the controlling shares of the central bank and profit from the central bank.
  4. Central banks have an 80 page franchise to contract with nations under a fraud plan that makes them appear to be a federal agency when they are not and to pile up profits no one can audit or see how such profits distribute to their in secret shareholders.
  5. Why would any nation make such an 80 page law taking money supply to a private firm when it was always controlled by state treasury? Why would you not vacate the bad law – merge the fed into treasury so it’s processes all continue -without the cost and secrecy and now within full oversight – gibing up independence because that is a LIE/FRAUD where criminals throw sand in the voters eyes to keep their control of the largest money supply on earth the US dollar.

Once you understand that the central banks create a shell game and where is the real profit and value – pick a shell any shell – you see how obsolete the FED is within digital modern transparency and how the USA could be in the BLACK in 2018 if you just merged the fed into US treasury as it all was until 1907 this century. Lets go back to the future the FOUNDING FATHERS INTENDED and break the failed model that has brought all SUPER CRASHES and WORLD WARS – which are economic and always the blame falls to the greed criminal policies of the FED and world central banks when you study it and truly understand the economics they try and keep you from understanding.


I ask my readers to share this one video – on walls tweets and social and your blogs when you are able and by emails as you share my blog site. This information will clear the sand the press paid for by the super money pools that own the press – from your voter eyes. The biggest issue of our time is consolidation of wealth – super debt bubbles fostered by free money for ten years from central banks to advance wealth of their members in casino capitalism – to further consolidate wealth into the super elite hands – in abject class warfare and system destruction toward a one world currency the central bankers want because then they control the entire world through money supply. The way to restore wealth of nations is to simply merge central banks by emergency priority act of government within your own system back into the state treasury. No act resets wealth or rebalances accounts more to core than this several hour vote on emergency action basis.

What is required is DATA CHARTS AND THE TRUTH about central banks as cause for the:

  1. World moving into casino unregulated capitalism
  2. Consolidation of wealth 1% elite pools own more than 99% of us
  3. Asset Class price manipulation and super debt bubbles
  4. System risk of total destruction of  World War II world order
  5. Depression and world war which is historic to central bank policy

So what is the cause? Failure to REGULATE by the G 100 in a global digital age creating with free money from central banks a casino capitalism of greater risk than any prior economic catastrophe to wealth destruction due to inability to moderate criminal greed in the system.

The cause is wild out of control central bank failed economic policy. The cause is nothing but failure to merge central banks back into state treasury over 100 years of time. That is the cause.

The rule here is:

  1. Central banks are evil
  2. Central banks are not good nor are they in control of anything
  3. Central bank policies are the cause of all wealth destruction
  4. Central banks legally steal wealth for their shareholders
  5. Central banks manipulate prices as a hidden tax on the poor

So moving forward the party is on going. The money is fantastic. The central banks are in control of it all. The cause is central bank policies all failed leading to out of control beyond them in any way casino capitalism now controlled by super elite money pools.

Economics for capitalism and communism will see wealth destruction and world war possibly from Super Crash Cascade and depressions leading to economic rebalancing one way or the other.

If the cause remains unknown obscured by central bank blame games then their powers from their states continue unabated to only report again and again the insane modeling of economics.

Until we fix the cause we only repeat historic pattern.

Which is insane.

Sanity is to merge central banks despite the threat they pose for doing that act – into the state treasury. As a fist fix. The Blue Print for prosperity for all nations is printed inside REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION written for institutional leadership – state law makers and heads of states and their teams wherever there is inspired leadership and of course for voters who wish to learn and join the global revolution the one revolution that matters at all.

Cooperation deals with cause – sanity versus inanity. In human thought.

If the first pollution is truly MIND POLLUTION a polluted mind unaware of rules of the road will always crash doing the very best its buggy awful software knows how to do.

If the mind is free of mind pollution it can make sane choices and will never crash not ever .

So read the book and spread the word.


PS: If you share this one video – Nothing is more urgent than making THIS ONE VIDEO VIRAL – will you help do that today?

Making MERGE CENTRAL BANKS BACK INTO STATE TREASURY go viral the truth will get out there – as they no longer can control how we make the truth VIRAL. The most important video of your life – for all the world – is the one you are about to click. The crash of 1987 was the bond market no where near as super bubbled as our bond market today burst its 1987 bubble – when bond bubbles burst today – the market will SUPER CRASH too fast to protect anyone.