Before every Super Crash we have common elements. These elements are as follows:

  1. The Boom is a record setter.
  2. The boom sets record highs and goes on for record duration.
  3. Investors are nervous but don’t want to miss the need for greed.
  4. The bulls argue this is different and not like the other times
  5. The end comes without warning and is a surprise – always

We have made 97 financial predictions since 1988. We have a certainty we will be wrong. 100% of our predictions have proven correct to date however. We use data charts and economics to make outcome predictions. We use history. We learn from history and never attempt to redefine or re-interupt history.

We have predicted that if we do not have a correction in October primarily due to geo political events we have no control over, we would see record setting DOW till year end and into the Spring. We made our strongest caution for a serous Super Crash event next Spring. – since summer of 2016 no change in ur prediction. The smarty pant experts have been all over the space but we never budge on our forecasting.

We believe the next SUPER CRASH is an epic world event and is different than all prior Super Crashes:

  1. 1907 – World Depression and World War I to get rebalanced economics.
  2. 1929 – World Depression and World War II to get rebalanced accounts.
  3. 1973 Oil Embarbo super Crash primarily mutual fund crash.
  4. 1987 Stock Market global Super Crash.
  5. 2000 Dot.Bomb Super Technology Bubble crash.
  6. 9/11 Crash following World Trade Center and recession.
  7. 2008 Super Crash – world digital attack on weaponized economic software warfare – hair breaths from destroying entire world economic system due to liquidity freeze of core systems.

The problem of the post world War II economic order is the law makers and leadership do not understand the incremental changes that have destroyed the core of the post world Two global interdependent system, with an economic abuse in a time frame never seen in human economic history. As the decision leaders not longer understand the core problems, nor do their advisers steeped in a myopic system preservations eduction of competencies the blind spot is the invisible risk our blog presents data and charts to make visible for the readers who wish to preserve wealth outside the HERD psychology that always precedes a super crash.

Warren Buffet’s logic on a 1,000,000 dollar DOW in forward decades fails because he see’s the core system intact. He can’t imagine a destruction of the core system he once wrote about but now has abandoned leadership as a weather vain that hero’s step in front of.

Some of the facts that define the enormity of the risk for vulnerability of of the entire system failing and needing to be replaced include:

  1. Failure to appreciate the growing EMP threat to the core system obviated by MARS – Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION – a cheap immediate fire wall to the risk no one will fund or take responsibility for in nations. Therefore all systems can fail in 30 minutes due to negligence of leadership to the highest risk that any nation can place three space bombs over the US and EU and our way of life is destroyed as all records all electronics and all methods to replace them are destroyed without potential for reconstruction. Society is back to tribalism and gangs to survive in 30 minutes. Bang. This failure is the utter failure of leadership to institute agency creation and fund MARS. As first defense of nations in today’s world. Everyone knows the problem. No one will lead the REMEDY. We continue to work on it.
  2. Casino Capitalism has lost control of regulatory global frame work. The laws are local to nations. The trades are in the cloud outside nations. Digital real estate has moved economics into the ultimate risk of complete system failure. The system to manage settlements between capital exchanges was created for paper and is unable to adapt to digital realities that in only ten years have grown outside nations to influence control or moderate without the largest RE-THINK in GLOBAL Regulation of modern times.
  3. Casino Capitalism in 2017 pits 440 trillion dollars of capital training in speculations – pure gambling – on which way any asset class may go in the future up or down. Like Vegas in Keno. Only the bets are leverage with bank and investment bank capital pools and dark pools and shadow banking pools all digital outside regulation at 50 to 1 leverage – never seen before in any system.
  4. Casino Capitalism is ten years old and a death spiral for the system. 3 trillion of real economic investing – stake holder buying – versus free money borrowed betting at 50 to 1 – across new structured asset unregulated platforms has created a spiral of PRICE MANIPULATIONS for every asset class. This market is controlling inflation keeping it down with lobby to lower borrowing costs to keep profits at record high’s the world has never seen. The profits are phantom profits taking place from one chaps software against another chaps software.
  5. ETF and other letters are now without human’s. Robotic AI or software evolutions that are not really intelligent are manipulating Asset price classes in ranges that create a market that has never existed before. The AI software planners as in 2006 believed they had defined RISK-LESS RISK truly for markets like mortgage banking. What truly took place was the world’s largest SUPER BUBBLE IN HISTORY which almost destroyed the entire world core system. It was close. Very close. Too close. What saved the system was human traders that moderated the collapse. Today there are insufficient human traders to moderate the risk of such a collapse.
  6. The system is vulnerable to asymmetric warfare as defined by Department of Defense Contractor and hedge fund manager Author Kevin Freeman in THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN both available at Amazon. Those who understand 2008 appreciate the first digital weapon of the Axis of Evil nations was tested and fired at Western Markets. This weapon was so effective the entire system almost was destroyed. More sophisticated attacks are likely in which the attacker makes trillions of dollars and emerges as the new WORLD ORDER as the old world order is destroyed – their goal against the current aligned nations working together to preserve and safeguard the current system. The system at core is more vulnerable today than in 2008 by a scale and ratio that is beyond human imagination. Why? Failure to re-regulatre global capital core system modeling. It requires a G 100 Economic Constitution ratified by all aligned nations to reset REGULATIONS for the digital casino market back into what we call COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the solution to the core risk and problem.
  7. A Super Bubble in all asset classes is spiraling into a frontier where human kind has never gone before. Driven by central bank free money and leverage or borrowing to speculate. The capital flows are now so fantastic that nations are without tools to influence the moderations of flow and risk. The core system is at fatal risk today due to the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE globally brought on by free money which has reached a point where only one repair to this abuse to the system exists. We call this SUPER BONDS to refinance and reset Sovereign Nation Debt. Corporate Debt and institutional debt requires a SUPER BOND LITE model to follow. Without this repair the SUPER DEBT BUBBLE and BOND markets will crash – and destroy the equity market and capital liquidity of the core system. This took place precisely in 1987 on October 19th. However human’s moderated the risk to system recovery. Today the lack of humans with AI software controlling 440 trillion of capital movement to a real market economic of only 3 trillion is weighted to system core destruction . Why? Liquidity. When the Super Crash occurs in the CASINO “NEW” DIGITAL CAPITALISM liquidity in the system is destroyed. Think of a Global Switch thrown by an event you can’t see or predict in debt collapse and defaults which triggers a digital event we call CASCADE. Cascade is different than past experience with economic CONTAGION. First CASCADE is instant and system wide. Second digital switches are thrown to a market that is 100% sell and zero buy. This freezes capital movement clearing and liquidity to the entire system. There is no fix. The DEBT defaults unfold in endless destruction of wealth and values across all asset classes. The DOW we have stated can move to 6400 DOW from 23000 DOW today. At a speed no economic market space has ever know. The idea THEY will save us is silly folks. There is NO THEY and they are out of tools in this new model. Re-Regulation occurs NOW to repair the abuse to economics or – re-regulation occurs as a reaction to the utter complete collapse of the entire core system. Russia and China may be the new world order. With World War perhaps no one is a new world order. America will not be America as we have known it. 72 minutes is all it takes to trigger the digital switch into digital CASCADE. ┬áNo one understands the unregulated risk of AI at these fantastic leverage levels – with capital movement unregulated – with speculation at ratio’s 100 ‘s of times to the real economic investment totals making all asset classes of any nature manipulations in price and forward value.

The deleveraging and global deflation will be on a scale that makes the Great Depression look like a picnic in the park.

Readers getting the truth in simplified economic terms can understand the RISK and appreciate the lack of leadership to resolve the core problem.

The largest lobby in all nations is the financial super money pool elite that now control through system consolidation 99% of all wealth owned by 1% super money pool elites.  This consolidation has by itself destroyed all prior systems into depression until economics reset abuse of the core economic fundamentals. Speculation created the final consolidations.

What is new making it all worse than prior periods is the digital ai software control of capital movement, in only ten years of spiral, with leverage and asset class Super Bubble via price manipulations that the world has never before experienced. The consolidation level is accelerating. The movement of software controlling all transactions is spiraling accelerating and moving human moderation and regulations to side bars of the core system a first in human history. A new experiment with no known outcome. As laws are made based on information the super money pool elites provide to PROTECT & PRESERVE their own system wealth modeling ( the FEW AGAINST THE MANY economics ) the core system is now facing fatal destruction and final ending of the post world WAR II model.

Worse the Super Money Elite fail to appreciate their own demise and risk as cause agencies believing a false set of data which is real for them. This economic blindness precludes a reform to protect all stake holders before the system fails.

Now add in EMP pules. Imagine in 30 minutes there are no records. No one knows who owns what. Nor will they ever again. No one has electricity. There is no:

  1. Electricity or production of electricity.
  2. No factories or production.
  3. No Transportation of any kind. Save carburetor engines but they can’t get gasoline because their is none .
  4. No communication of any kind.
  5. Nothing that uses electricity remains or will return in your lifetime.

So the press worries about North Korea blasting away Seattle or LA.

Those who know worry about Iran – or North Korea or so many others – presenting three blasts in space. No sound. No warning. No light. No anything. Just all the planes fall from the sky and all chips are fried in every car and truck and factory and all records are gone forever. There is no recovery. There is no plan for recovery. MARS is the solution but no one will lead us into the solution.

The one solution to the mess that CASINO CAPITALISM in only ten short years is spiraling forward upon SUPER RISK OF SYSTEM FAILURE – is presented in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. If you wish to protect your close circle READ THE BOOK. If you wish to protect your community – read the book. If you wish to protect your STATE OR NATION buy a copy for your leadership and send it to them.

Time is running short.

The risk is unlike anything since Rome. What brought the leading economic machine that ruled the world to an end? The enemies of Rome acquired the WEAPONS OF ROME.

Today our enemies have digital weapons and AI and quantum computers that are leading and better than ours . They hacked us all and stole the technology. They have the hydrogen bomb and they are selling the weapons and the plans. Count on THAT. IT would be crazy to think anything less of our enemies.

Yes when hit in 30 minutes we still have SUBS and we can and we will destroy those who attacked us utterly. But the WORLD CORE SYSTEM is destroyed and the military has no communication to restore order. In 25 million people in LA who have no toilet paper food or water – need electricity for sewer and water – and none is turning back on none at all – what does 300 million guns and a trillion rounds of ammo do then?

Think about the 30 minutes.

So the core system is vulnerable to debt default creating Cascade. Venezuela has missed 300 million in bond payments in two weeks and in November must complete TWO BILLION of bond payments. The expert smarty pants say they can not default nor will they default. However they have too little cash in their bank in their failed communist economic system melting down in civil war – and a bond failure should it take place in fact can trigger DIGITAL CASCADE. China would go next.

Chinese communist economics are phony. The system is layered on wild SUPER BUBBLES in commodities – real estate – bonds – stocks – currency – and manipulations to many to define for you here today. The IMF and The World Bank have issued six warnings the last one month ago that CHINA is a risk to the destruction of the entire POST WORLD WAR II Economic core system. Why? SUPER DEBT BUBBLE SUPER ASSET BUBBLE. When the 300 % borrowing more than China makes ends with a run on capital out of CHINA via defaults DIGITAL CASCADE is 72 minutes from GLOBAL TOTAL SYSTEM CASCADE. Liquidity of all capital flows stops and the fatal blockage in the intestines of an old system needing modernization and REGULATOR RESET by the G 100 creates system core destruction. Virtually instantly.

If at any time in such a market a digital weapon is fired the trigger of CASCADE is a digital economic weapon of asymmetrical warfare more powerful than bombs. Those weapons exist and are ready. There are zero defenses in today’s un-reformed system model.

Leadership does not know the facts you read here because leadership has lost awareness of the issues and is betting on false data provided by the super money pools that believe their false data is in fact accurate.

They lack the full data which is so unfortunate. For billions of us. Keep in mind 1000’s lead billions. The FEW AGAINST THE MANY. Cooperative Capitalism resets the system for the many benefiting from the few.

Competitive Capitalism and Communism are simply failed economic systems. All ideas and living things die hard. These ideas die hard. They reside in this summary system model:


” Make the most profit from the masses in the least time” at any cost.


The reform of these systems with a G 100 New Regulatory System model into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM creates a new reform to the old idea and system model of box top rules that self correct along this sentence:

“Create the highest social benefits to the Masses while making a profit without violation to social rise in full partnership in collective abundance for all”.

The prior systems are a form of insanity economically. As we see here.

The final revolution of humanity to reform COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM which collectively we can do – easily actually – and fast – is sane.

The core firewall to fix the problem is the ONE VIRUS in the economic system at core today. CENTRAL BANKS.

Central banks advance the current elite system as private companies owned by their super money pools in secret with contracts with nations to control money supplies. A fatal economic model.

Central banks created once formed WORLD WAR I and WORLD WAR II and are now creating WORLD WAR III which began in 2008 digitally and has continued to soften our leadership and options for 10 years. We are losing Digital World War III. We can win but we need G 100 will and we need insights.

Central banks need to be by emergency acts of nation merged into their treasuries. Instantly the system RISK at core is reduced. Again for too many economic reasons to explain here. Scroll as we have presented many of them in these blog data chart and video information on site. If your interested GOOGLE FED FRAUD and see all the information data points on why merging the FED into US Treasury is a required first fix to the fatality of the entire world order.

So the RISK is AT Mount Everest SUMMIt now for system collapse.

The reasons are outlined in Game Plan and The Secret Weapon by Kevin Freeman. THE SOLUTIONS are outlined in Redemption the Cooperation Revolution for heads of families as individuals – for weds of enterprise as leaders – and for heads of communities states and nations as leaders world wide.

CEO SPACE creates COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM communities to prosper in any forward market together. CEO SPACE Dec 11th is an investment in personal income acceleration today – and protection of lifestyle in the future. Data and charts simply can not lie.

So the bulls sucker you in.

We have stated IF the United States Congress passes a tax reform package the expansion and casino can continue with new capital and leverage for years into the future. The time to fix th problem is extended.

If congress fails to pass the time machine for system repair and re-regulation by a G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress – the risk to the system failing is higher than any time in human history.

Knowing is growing.

We all have to survive no matter what.

Ignorance and lack of economic education is the critical problem.

False information and data by conflicted interest seeking to preserve the casino profit machine as they are blinded and believe their own fake news is the second shoe dropping.

Leaders lack the truth.

The fix is not hard nor costly nor time hemorrhaging. We can fix the insanity with sanity.

The insane are in charge and they have super pools of consolidated capital.

The outcome with the variables given the enemies do have the weapons of Rome today – is far from secure or certain.

Now you can read all the tea leaves in the markets with new glasses.


PS: I had to get my third new Mac book in one year repair for their failed buggy technology which the technicians said is not fixed and told me how to avoid a fourth repair as APPLE is in utter CRISES as we reported here to you all. Believe me I know .