So 2017 is not the WARREN BUFFET YEAR. People mindless herd into BITCOIN the ultimate global unregulated Ponzi scheme with no blame possible when that upside down pyramid comes crashing down. So many will have a blood bath. We told you a blood bath was coming in Gold while everyone bid it up and Warrant Buffet bought mines. See now?

Yes we are passing the Oct 19 anniversary of the 1987 HUGE STOCK MARKET SUPER CRASH and setting all time new records. Based on the Trump hope and promise rally will charts say we are in territory no market has ever gone before. Warren Buffet tells every grandma to invest her life saving in the market as OLD WARREN predicts the market will go up to a one million dollar DOW. I predict the DOW Will Super Crash to 6400 DOW. We’ll see who is right Warren Buffet or the market place.

Warren reduced his holdings in IBM and millions followed right this year as IBM goes to beat earnings and the stock soars up.

Warren never sells Apple Stock. While Apple has released hardware that is fatally flawed in its high end MacBook Pro – I go to take my unit back again to have replacement parts because the SUPER CRISES at Apple on core quality is soaring out of control.

The OPERATING SYSTEM Apple IOS that a billion people rely on and use for business is so BUGGY we have written in our APPLE IN SUPER CRISES how Apple in version 1 then 2 then 3 in three weeks from releases can not fix the worst IOS operating system ever released by Apple – now trashing its brand and creating the unthinkable:

  1. Millions are considering switching from Apple as they must rely on quality with their communication
  2. Millions are considering delay of purchasing anything new from Apple because they no longer trust quality and they wish to wait to see what the other shoe on flaws and horror from Apple might actually be.
  3. The advantage of APPLE QUALITY and RESPONSIBILITY TAKING for any possible quality breach has been shattered and APPLE CUSTOMERS have breached TRUST and CONFIDENCE with Apple obviously a huge culture change in the firm has made Apple more like Microsoft to the end user who has been loyal to Apple. Now market share is going to shift.
  4. The Press has not begun to WRITE ABOUT THE APPLE SUPER CRISES you read about FIRST HERE but trust me they will get into this LARGER STORY THAN TRUMP and ride it to the Apple CORE. There is NO END to this story unfolding and it is the year end story of our market today.
  5. The LEAD STOCK is down 1% while the market Apple used to lead is up 5% that is a 6% swing WARREN BUFFET who never sells Apple Stock. In my opinion you missed a big one here and your faith and confidence in Apple given your shares should be screaming at the board to replace TIM. The leader who shattered Apple trust and who demonstrates an inability to FIX the problem on quality that is systemic break down on his management watch – requires a FRESH NEW LEADERSHIP to restore Apple Trust. But Warren is having failed in 2017 on the big merger seeking ONE MORE DEAL as always.

So we feel the Golden Age of Warren Buffet had the dawn and peak noon sunshine.

But the sun on Nebraska Corn also SETS.

WE believe it is twilight for Warren Buffet and his 2017 fanning a FOOLS RALLY in the markets telling Grandma to trust that she can buy high and sell low and do well because the SAGE OF WALLSTREET just knows in his charts that the market will be a one million dollar DOW in a year he the magician has pegged.

Our charts do not reflect the conclusions of the TWILIGHT IN Berkshire Hathaway.

Even adjusted for inflation in real buying powers a one million dollar market is worth less than a 2300 DOW market today. Gasoline would cost over $ 100 dollars a gallon.

We don’t see what Warren is seeing. We need to find out who is his economic optometrist.

We see Congress in full on disarray.

We see inability to pass a budget again in September. Even October. Just emergency kick the can down the road resolutions keeping requesting and core military spending down with record military mission demands, and failure to pass even a debt ceiling resolution long term for the spending the congress of the Untied states authorized and appropriated then won’t let the US TREASURY pay for that spending. This insane way to run budgets and economies is going to SNAP BACK on the USA which yet again as it did with Obama lose its highest credit rating as congress down graded the credit rating of the USA and massively increased the USA borrowing cost by dysfunction in executing its constitutional mandated duty.

While President Trump has the lowest approval rating in his first year as America President of any record US President in the history of the United States the US Congress is ranked and rated by the America People in single digits the lowest rating for any US CONGRESS in the history of records for this once August body. Warrant Buffet praised them in Omah and I believe legal pot has not Come yet to Nebraska so I don’t know what the Buffet team is smoking.

We believe in what Warren Buffet once wrote books about and lectured at colleges about.

Folks it is all so simple – buy LOW at the DIP and the lowest and then SELL HIGH and look for the next LOW.

Don’t BUY at the all time HIGHEST MARKET PEAK In history and then KEEP BUYING as that peak goes up to the cliff overhand of charts and warnings.

Which is WHY we believe the sun has also set to TWILIGHT ON WARREN BUFFET the Sage of the coming SUPER CRASH is this Blog and no longer Nebraska any longer.

Folks APPLE IS IN SUPER CRISES and shareholder Buffet is quiet as a church mouse never selling Apple Stock. Why? Because he says he likes IT.

I hope he likes it being down 1% while the market is up 5% and the SUPER CRISES AT APPLE is yet to be headlines in all press – but it is affixing to come out.

The media will report the TRUTH and the TRUTH is going to be a rabbit hole in 2018 for Apple as the media does their thing.

You heard it all first here folks. Keep that in your thinking today.