Before every single crash the Fed tells us things are rosy and better than we think. Than BAM.

So keep that little history in mind. When everyone is on Stage with Janet Yellen the sky IS falling. Read the tea leaves. Folks. That is a panic move. So what do we know about the economics:

  1. 11 trillion was failed policy invested in bad bets from financial institutions with no return and we have to pay that debt off.
  2. No real growth to speak of.
  3. Phony unemployment numbers no longer counting 35 million out of work.
  4. No inflation after 11 trillion and the Fed calls it a mystery. Why? Those running things lost control of casino capitalism and have no clue now how it works.
  5. The market has the lowest PARTICIPATION INDEX since pre crash 1929.
  6. Super money pools with highest leverage ever create software market velocity and trading patterns the world has never seen using AI.
  7. The price earnings ratio is the most distorted highest since any crash including 1929 setting an all time record for MARKET DISTORTION.
  8. The expansion is the longest in recorded history next June if it lasts that long.
  9. It is the highest in recorded history ratio to the correction to follow historically.
  10. NO TAX REFORM the market will SUPER CRASH in our opinion – likely.

Now ask is it better for democrats to saddle Trump and all his merry men with a SUPER CRASH in the mid year election showing what a failed leader HE is and republicans are – than to have an all time record BOOM ECONOMY?

This to me is a DUH and dumb dumb and dumber movie sequel on Capitol Hill.

So as an experienced lobbyist I don’t see how the TAX REFORM ACT passes the historically most dysfunctional congress in history . Do you? Politically the political capital for the Democratic Party is to stall stall stall and fail to pass anything so that the Super Crash can be blamed on Republicans whose policies created the end of the largest boom President Obama put in place in history due to their misguided policies. Now if I was a betting man I would bet on that.

So when the FED comes out just before Janet Yellen is interviewed by Trump to keep her all powerful job – working for banks and investment banks who are shareholders who OWN controlling stock in the private firm – the secret previate non government mistake Congress licensed to print our money in 1907 they call the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD versus say Tony Sapprano’s criminal central bank – yep. Janet is being set up for the interview – when Williams lies to us and suggests the Economy impossibly fragile and weak – is BETTER THAN ANYONE THINKS so that Janet can proceed with her pay back to her stock holder members – RAISE INTEREST so they can profit while the market Super Crashes. Then the Democrats will win back power and secure the FED where the Republicans just might with Orin Hatch – merge the FED back into the USA TREASURY and stop the legal theft.

That is always a fear with Trump as the boss.

So consider the real FEAR going on today.

Berny Dohrmann – INTEGRITY is always the missing commodity to TRUTH