Steve Bannon is going to war with the Republican failed establishment who are not supporting their own President. He has made a list this Holiday of which Republican’s are naughty and which are nice. Those who are naughty are NOT going to win re-election in the mid year. He is replacing the naughty with new Nice. He also predicted President Trump will win 400 electoral votes in the re-election bid by the time that rolls around. Today Steve is telling Republican money folks – you will “lose your money and your ass” if you try and send the naughty list back to DC the voters are going to absolutely support CHANGE and Republicans who act like democrats are not returning to DC. That was this weekend. Steve is my Hero because frankly he never not ever loses – do not underestimate what he says. Plus Andrew Brietbart was a dear friend and mentor until his last call to me the day he died.




Hillary weighed in this weekend as well. She reported Trump has lost all his supporters and only his die hard followers remain. She stated the Democrats had to explain how President Trump has hoodwinked the voters about middle class protections and the Democratic Party had to PROTECT the middle class. She also said Putin is far from through besting America besting Trump and getting what he wants by keeping our nation fully divided while he wins on the world stage. She finally said Trump is destroying America in world court and that our WORD related to the Iran resolution we supported to congress and the United Nations seems to be a one President deal where no nation can trust the USA again because as soon as the President is rotated the deals of the past may be hostage to presidential whim and impulse. She reports all this is “not good”.




Every five years the BIG DEAL China Communist leadership meet. This year XI is being named and his theories being included in the modified Communist constitution. This week XI becomes the most powerful man in China since Mao the leader and founder of the Revolution my father worked with. XI will have his capitalistic agenda replace much of the communist agenda in a new model of state controlled capitalism China is creating. The internet Fire Wall will be higher in China than any nation outside North Korea. China controls all chats and information so that dissent to Communism anything they feel is dangerous is immediately punished. Chinese do not have open access they only see what XI and the leadership permit in a brain moulding that is using technology to control THOUGHT in the nation of 1.3 billion. Now the fire wall will go higher and higher and higher. Complete control. The Holiday business in China is brisk. But what about after. Their 300% debt is spiraling out of all control. Their banks with new controls lent more in September than any month in their history. Real Estate Super Bubbles are both in residential and commercial with no end in sight. Commodity and financial Super Bubbles are equally obvious driven by free money and leverage. While the talk at the Conference is to take control of the system abuse no one has tools or tactics on HOW TO DO THIS and prevent a SUPER CRASH in China the IMF warned about just last week and so did we. Scroll and read it. China is a phony economy and the reports are lies because the truth economically would create Super Crash.




The World Bank stated it lacked capacity to resolve challenge in the coming SUPER CRASH. They set next Spring ( our next period of greatest market danger for SUPER CRASH ) as the timing to get new resources – no one wishes to pay for – to bolster up the bank of last resort for crises. No one is listening but the IMF and World Bank are screaming – warning warning warning.

Larry Fink running 5 trillion ( more than the FED and most governments ) stated – the market is at risk for not factoring in third party events outside anyone’s control in international shocks. He said he doesn’t see one near term. But he said even one could alter the market into a serious correction without warning.

More than one large Hedge Fund and money super manager stated the same thing this weekend. WARNING WARNING WARNING of third party geo political events. All pointed to unhealthy trends now heating up where every nation is out of themselves in a spiraling trade war where any miscalculation can present unintended consequences of the most serious economic global risk. No one is factoring in these risks is what the experts are telling you.

Stockman said GET OUT OF THE CASINO and so did we scroll to read that one.




President Fox is a friend and has taught at CEO SPACE live. I have not chatted with him about Trump whom he knows. I understand he is opposed to NAFTA changes and the Wall.

This weekend the 75 year old former President of Mexico called Trump a bunch of names over the NAFTA negotiations ( which are failing ) and stated that President FOX of Mexico is now a candidate for the Presidency of the Untied States.

I don’t have his exact words but something like if any scumbag hiding under rocks in the dark basement can run and win than he can run and win as well. He called Trump a bunch of names. President Trump was more preoccupied with the issue of news media’s licensed by the FCC reporting fraud and fake news as if it was real news and truth. It is not that he is opposed to issues of dispute or disagreement or news not liking him he is opposed to fraud lies and fake information that is simply in his expanding explorations breaking the law. Revoking licenses for broadcasters like NBC now shrunk to only thirty cities in their network – is a gauntlet to get accurate reporting of truth versus lies and fraud and fake news by licensed broadcasters. No one can predict where this is going but Trump fans like it a lot. They are mad as hell at the news and have just had enough and the news has no clue they are loosing their ratings and advertising revenue because of it in trends that may be irreversible. Will news be able to continue to pay for its model at all? We are going on line and tuning the news out. You get more truth in this blog than you do in a month of news. So the drum rolls on.




The Final battle for the ISIS capital is under way facing thousands against a few hundred ISIS die hards this Sunday. Half surrendered and walked out with safe passed. They plan on killing all the rest who stayed. It is going on right now.

Somalia had the largest car bomb kill almost 250 now in an the most massive explosion in any location yet. A truck Bomb in Kabul was thwarted by security. Kurds are sending thousands to their oil fields as Iraq says you must leave – the Kurds now autonomous say no way. Spain has given a hard deadline for Catalonia on Independence. Spain and Catalonia go bankrupt if they split as 1/3 of the Debt ridden Spanish economy moves to default if Catalonia departs to indie-dance.

North Korea says it will nuke Guam this weekend. We are sending knock em out of the sky resources to North Korea so their future looks like fake news.

Any miscalculation in the Gulf, in North Korea, in the China Sea can have immediate unintended consequences. There is a lot going on. Our military is stretched and needs a budget to assure our own victory and survival. Congress has failed to do anything but cut back military spending for eight years. If we don’t recharge the multiple threat vectors the military must manage and soon the USA is in some kind of pain coming up. So says our top Defense General to congress.




South Korea reaches out to continue talks with North Korea. In good faith. North Korea 29 miles from Seoul says – WE ARE NOT READY TO TALK YET. So the agenda for FAT boy who aircraft guns to death his own family is not clear. But his hands on the Hydrogen Bomb are a bit worse than HITLER because he is 30 something and also taking “something something”.  So his false reality of reality is the problem which in the end is the correct definition for madness. Never not ever assume madness will act in their own best interest…because they simply will not.

Secretary of state Tillerson said this weekend – diplomacy with North Korea WILL continue until the first bomb falls from the sky. That was comforting. NO?




Janet this weekend ( smoking what ever is legal in her state ) suggested that the economy in the USA is just the bomb. She plans to continue her wrong failed policy of tightening money to fight inflation when there is no inflation. She plans to make her Fed private stock holders a fortune and chill the CASINO down a bit. Can she do it with a soft economic recession or a hard landing. Miscalculation and unintended economic outcome is her track record so we expect more failed policy execution before she is sacked this February which can’t come soon enough.

She continues to note she is investigating the MYSTERY of why there is no inflation which means the Fed has no clue what is going on. They do not. They are making policy in new data sets with no history to guide them and taking the US economy ( because sadly they can while Congress delays merging the Fed back into Treasury which they one day will be forced to do to survive the FED policy failures ) – anyway taking the US ECONOMY in new frontier where no economy has ever gone before ever had any history in and without past guidance or track history making new policy on the fly. The Fed is a bullet train and Janet is on the cow catcher laying track as fast as she can so her train does not derail. Smiling as if she knew what she was doing or where she going both of which she has no clue. Janet is a mystery leading a mystery making policy that may cause the greatest depression of all time. Again in our humble investment banker economist opinion. Scroll we tell you why with charts and data if your interested. Become an addict for the truth.



It is The Weeknd and the USA is enjoying hot dogs and mustard and no one is listening. No one is going to NFL games either which has now a rising cost of 100’s upon 100’s of millions for every single kneel its about ten million dollars per kneel in my opinion. This proud father of my United States Marine Sniper Team leader – purple hearted four surgeries and in his new life now – stands for right to protest but not any where at any time on national media when your a symbol of our nation being united and whole. A few places like our anthem moment – we need to COME TOGETHER AS ONE and NOT BE DIVIDED AT ALL as we have done for 100 years because it is our tradition. Breaking that tradition is not ok with this father and this US Marine and we stand and salute and we want those who kneel to find another spot to protest or ….President Trumps line ….YOUR FIRED is about right given the cost to owners of ten million dollars a kneel and rising as we – by the big math – boycott the division of core symbolism and our being ONE which is more important than the few against the many protest …the many run this country it is not a nation divided and broadcast to a billion should never show such a fake news because at core we are all ONE.

Thats my truth and I’m sticking to it.