In MY America the accused is only accused. The accused is completely and utterly INNOCENT until PROVEN beyond any reasonable doubt, by a prosecutor team, and a jury of their peers – say Republicans in this case – versus a stacked and loaded jury – with a impartial circuit court judge who is not institutional but rolls into town to secure THAT INNOCENT via Due Process.

In MY AMERICA the President does not tar and feather the accused by saying from the White House the accuse is a LIA or they are BAD SELFISH men.

Enemies of the United States? Last Year Chairman of the Presidents run to office? I don’t think so.

A special prosecutor famous for:

  1. Stacking a case.
  2. Ramping up enormous charges on the bottom players.
  3. Then pushing lifetime sentences from the most powerful nation on earth versus freedom if they just testify to this or to that.
  4. Framing the case.
  5. Within the most corrupt justice system with Nazis in suits running around like it was all what it ONCE WAS.


I vote not guilty until PROVEN beyond any shadow of a doubt a crime was committed.

Fair Trial. Have you read the press? Have you watched the news? What fair trial? Is this America or this Russia and KGB land?

The “state media” is pushing out – that the accused spent millions on rugs and lifestyle. The accused made 100 million and over years so what that they lived LARGE. They paid taxes. They made their money legally. They didn’t steal any money. They didn’t commit crimes to buy a flat screen. The spin of state media from the special ASSASSINATORS  using unlimited fifty caliber rounds released daily polluting any constitution safe guards of INNOCENT UNTIL “PROVEN” GUILTY – is joined at the hip of PR.

SO they got paid off shore by nations. They had legal rights to keep the money off shore in offshore firms, advised by legal, just like Apple and Microsoft do and they don’t owe USA Taxes on that money.

Keep in mind the SPECIAL ASSASSINATORS HIGH OFFICE has no charge of Russia election collision – no – none of what they are empowered to explore. Do they say publicly HEY in a year we found zero evidence zero files of any collision with Russia to influence the US election – like ZERO?


When they could not get Al Capone for murder, boot legging, gambling prosecution, torture, kidnapping, sex trade, after 25 years of trying with the FBI and all the agencies of nations in Chicago, they charged Al with TAX EVASION.

So the POLITICAL SHIT STORM going on in DC is now charging the low hanging fruit so they can say at least THEY ARE DOING SOMETHING by year end – with TAX EVASION. Only Al never had off shore and on shore attorney’s like these boys have used.

In fact the little league games of the Special ASSASSINATOR as going to well met by the SUPER BOWL law firms of the INNOCENT who are NOT GUILTY of the bogus political crimes charged – that they are enemies of the United States for Tax Evasion.

GROW UP. I hope you can read through the money spin taking place in USA State Media and Spoon Fed by the ANTI CONSTITUTION of the STATE ASSASSINATORS.



I have only one constitutional message for the President of the United States and the Special ASSASSINATOR from the boys and girls of this nation who still believe in America and to those in uniform and from the unborn generation.

This week is about INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY and from the White House to Department of Justice creating the Guilty Fame – from the authors of the Constitution of the Untied States of America




Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the political SHIT STORM real for you 




Since the industrial revolution took hold in the 1800’s 50% of the insect of the earth have died off. Most in the last 30 years. Why? No one knows why.

The Die off is world wide in all nations across the planet.

As the creepy crawling things die off and the flying things like bee’s – humanity dies off as the entire food chain collapses. The insects dying is an extinction event.

The number one infectious disease killing humanity is TB did you know that? Seven countries are the largest killers spending the world epidemic killing off more than HIV or anything we can catch. Nations like India Nigeria Pakistan and South Africa. TB spreading out of all control.

Meanwhile no one is massively working on:

  1. Scrubbing CO2 commercially from the environment – we put it out we can scrub it out – why don’t we?
  2. Insect massive decline not seen in 100’s of millions of years. No one knows why. We see the die off is accelerating. It is a humanity extinction event. IS the G 100 working on that? Nope they are indicting Tump team is where the money is being spent.
  3. TB is spreading so fast it may be the coming global pandemic killing untold tens of millions with no cure. Are we G 100 working to contain this epidemic. Nope.
  4. Casino Capitalism is going to destroy the financial systems of the world so that no one has the money to pay attention to 1 2 and 3 on this list. Is the G 100 working to RE-REGULATE the casino back into real economics. No they are not.
  5. The environment added more CO2 to the environment in one year than anytime in 800 million years. Is anyone working to scrub CEO out of the environment or to put less into earth air? No they are not and the pace of CO2 has passed the Paris accord all accords to make them go back to drawing boards. They are simply too late.

What does this mean. Well the CO 2 is killing the insects. The earth is moving into human extinction and we are the generation going to TECHMANITY to survive. Merging with technology and no longer being human so we no longer require lungs.

And TRANSMANITY can’t catch any virus or bacteria.

So humanity will die off.

Transmanity will go on.

The planet and its wonderful bio diversity is up for grabs depending on what TRANSMANITY does with it.

Because we are stupid and compete and fail to cooperate the insane aspect of ourselves is moving into extinction. The living smart intelligent earth is extinction  its own insane offspring – humans. We are the last few generations of human’s to walk the earth. The merger of humans and a new specifies of intelligent technology will MERGE FULLY into TRANSMANITY. Because Humanity is right this minute in time passing into their total extinction event. A blip in earth time. We were here. Now we are gone. That is for sure folks unless you are too busy with imusic to take it all in today.

We are the dining end of the human race.

If you believe you can survive:

  1. The most massive CO2 extinction math ever to hit the planet earth in a single year – you must truly fail to have learned to READ.
  2. 50% of all insects have died off as food chain required to populate the earth as we know it with life – in 30 years most in the last 20 years and 50% in the last 10 years – and the pace is accelerating and NO ONE Is DOING anything about all that and they have no clue as to why.

So compare these things to things you read in the news everyday and educated as you are – think – what is the priority. The priority is:

  1. A G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress -without fixing the economics humanity has no chance at all.
  2. Reforming Global Priorities to avoid human extinction.

CEO SPACE is a community coming together Dec 11th who collectively has the best options to prosper in the transition from humanity to transmanity. Cooperative community is sanity. Cooperative community is safe harbor for the developing storms facing your circles. Come together or not. Check it out of not. Time to remain in the isolated competitive insane uniformed community is not on YOUR SIDE. I”d make a new priority.

I’d register my family ( with tax dollar savings in 2017 ) and attend DEC 11th CEO SPACE in Tampa Bay. it will change your future forever. Cooperative community is going to be life or death soon folks – do you have yours all forged up and strong – or do you need to lay that in for the long dark winters that lay ahead down the road? We have many booms years coming and cooperative community will lay in the logs and fire world for the winter to follow. COMMUNITY I would waste not time using CEO SPACE uniting the AWAKES On this PLANET into community DEC 11th. Or not. You decide what is really important . I’ll just as I do give you data to consider when you make choice on this priority IS far more – FAR MORE – important than any other. The awake will inherit the earth.

So register to CEO SPACE

Or not.

Why not swat a fly then.

Berny Dohrmann – CHAIRMAN FOUNDER CEO SPACE 1988 to NOW serving 140 nations and YOU today..and I want to meet your entire circle.




Apple has third quarter earnings that are less than I would like in five year comparisons on %. But they jaw bone their IPHONE X is off the charts and for them that pushed the entire market into a sweet spot post indictment.

Then comes OLD GOLDMAN wrong on OPEC wrong on OIL wrong on the MARKET wrong on GNP. I now believe the SEC should STOCK WATCH GOLDMAN. I think they are so embolden by the small fines for Wells and others in criminal financial profit making – they are tanking stocks to buy the dip. Making fortunes.

Today they give a SELL on Macy. Now Macy is moving to 80% of its sales from here forward I a record boom economy. So I predict Macy will demonstrate great earnings and its 7% dividend will remain and not be cut. So I vote against GOLDMAN and just wonder are the buying Macy in their own dip to profit during Holiday Peak numbers. That is a criminal SEC watch moment.

They also predict GNP in the USA ( having got the GNP wrong for four years now ) will decelerate to 1.5%. They say Trumps anticipation of a 3% GNP is totally misplaced. They suggest the rest of the world is the place to invest.

I suggest SEC STOCK WATCH GOLDMAN funneling grandma’s margin bets into their own offshore ETF’s. Is anyone watching this stuff? IT is criminal and obvious as a potential to watch and monitor.

Goldman – are you taking your Alzheimer meds?

September IS 3% GNP or are your guys snorting up lines before you release this shit on Macy and USA GNP and the rest on a day the indictments come out? Do you think your software can just roar profits in the Casino for your CEO bonus plan and violate every single ethic rule fiduciary rule and post press to stimulate your own internal profit account with FAKE NEWS you put out there? Like no one is even watching you guys.

You are starting to make Jamie Dimond look like an ARK ANGEL and that is saying something after the 9 billion dollar White Whale Trade I still think folks should go to prison for given today’s indictment.

The charges against former team player with Trump are the equivalent of stealing a snickers bar from a 7/11 store. Wallstreet is robbing the bank and Congress – the oversight agencies – no one is doing anything but letting them repay a nickle for a billion. You know a billion here a billion there and eventually are we not talking SERIOUS MONEY.

When does someone go to JAIL in the Wallstreet Hamptom club?

So I think and I predict:

  1. Goldman is a tired old silly institution and a run on their bank is in order.
  2. Or they are willfully criminal and are fake news pitching for their own stock market account manipulating the Casino.
  3. I predict USA GNP with tax reform will accelerate to numbers not seen in five decades.
  4. I predict the USA will lead the world in innovation and AI and environment break through’s like scrubbing CO2 commercially to tara form the earth.
  5. I predict Macy’s will end the year with surprising earnings resilience and retail is far from dead as Goldman sinks into the RED.

So indictments?

Indict Goldman today ….and send a CEO to Jail is the way…..

Related to todays indictments – we’ll see – innocent until proven guilty – if the laws were broken a plea deal will unfold before its over. If the laws were not broken the indictment will fall. We have to wait but the pawn in the chess game hardly matters at all to the major players on the board as the GREAT GAME goes on in the MOTHER OF ALL DRAMA’s. This is where Donald Trump is NOT the Apprentice folks.

Berny Dohrmann – You heard it first on Goldman right here – fake news os what you avoid when you sort out what is REALLY going on out there – right here. Spread the word.



Since 2014 you have read the OPEC has made the worst economic error of any titan in modern times. The cost to OPEC is:

  1. The destruction of OPEC as we know it
  2. The destruction of OPEC as the SWING PRODUCER
  3. The loss of 1 trillion dollars of OPEC market share
  4. Economic disaster for Putin Russia and other PETRO  states
  5. USA ascendency that is unstoppable today.

Opec has lied so many times it is like FAKE NEWS to hear anything from them today.

Opec has said there would be demand of 100 Million barrels a day by 2020. In fact there will be he largest decline of oil demand in modern times by 2020.

Opec has said they are not worried about US Shale.

They have said that Shale has drilled all their sweet spots.

Then they asked US PRODUCERS to JOIN OPEC in the cut back – after they tried to crush USA producers into bankruptcy via artificial manipulation of supply and price. All of which failed.

We reported whoever cost OPEC its future and a. trillion dollars needs to be retired. Like forever.

The King  has listened to the wrong drummer folks.

OPEC has been misled and the cost will destroy OPEC . The members will not forget their loss of market share.

THE USA has a trillion square miles of oil to harvest in shale, in oil, in gas, in under sea deposits in under ice deposits and the USA can make money at 33.00 dollars a BARREL. The price is soaring DOWN. One of our CEO SPACE members has proprietary technology ( proven ) to take oil output of 1000 barrel a day wells now down to 3 barrels a day back up to 350 barrels a day for 200 years. At any price it works. America is the Pacific Ocean of Oil Folks. OPEC is a mud puddle.

Technology is upending all of OPEC antique models. These boys have seen their sun completely set. Now. They waited to long for ARAMCO the sucker buy for the loser capital.

Folks if you want to cow tow to the failed theory of the century in economics play with the DUMB AND DUMBER in OPEC. Front page news ( finally ) today replaying what we told you. Drying up fast.


Headline Monday # 1.


Headline # 2

Click CNBC and read the world confirmation that:

  1. USA supply is cheaper in the market and Asia is buying by 100’s of millions of barrels and leaving OPEC forever.
  2. USA supply is cheaper to refine for Asia refineries.
  3. USA supply is cheaper to transport.

OPEC made ECONOMIC DUMB AND DUMBER MISTAKES by creating the GLUT to sink USA production and now USA PRODUCTION is sinking OPEC.

As OPEC nations need above 60 dollar core cost – an obscene tax on 7 billion developing poor world wide – to support their debt construction and opulent planning – that no longer is in the black and operates year after year in borrowing – as their assets go down and down and down.

Hey STANDARD AND POOR AND FITCH where is your lower credit rating for OPEC are you not getting this?

OPEC as we reported last year and this year ( scroll and see ) is TOAST. A failed blip on historic economics from some greedy criminals who sought to tax 7 billion for the few elite against the many trying to become ill partners.

There is nothing “OK” about OPEC other than their lies.

They are a criminal cartel – OPEC against the entire world.

PUTIN needs to GET OUT OF OPEC and so does IRAN as SAUDI hates them and is lobby and lobby to the USA to hate Iran as well. Time to be neutral and not Saudi’s puppet toy. Saudi your influence your threats your day has come and your day has actually gone.

Today OPEC is dying.

The last to know how much an economic walking dead they truly are of course are the Rolls Zombies running around telling lies like anyone believed them any longer as they pay higher and higher interest for the cars they drive around in – no longer are they paying in full and in cash.

OPEC has lost the TRADE WARS for MARKET SHARE in only 36 months.

Those who stay in OPEC are economically – not personally – fools.

Berny Dohrmann – Confirmed by CNBC today – check it all out folks


PS: As always you heard it all three years early first RIGHT HERE. We tried to soft landing OPEC but they just wouldn’t return the call – now well – the failed policy team is in total charge. GOOD LUCK with THEM.




If you read Dan Brown’s new book ORIGON you will discover no kidding math models that predict the end of humanity as we know it? Why?

AI will merge with Humanity and we will be TECHMANITY. What is TECHMANITY? It is AI that can download us.

So if I put your brain in a. disk you would not say – oh yeah that is ME. No way.

You would as a being be the total of your on off switches storage and digital transactions that as a whole ARE YOU. Your information IS YOU. If that can be downloaded you never not ever – die.

Billions are being spent to do just that. Right now.

Further – if your body is moved to robotics ( you’ll read all about this in my new work DIGITAL MANNERS coming out next year ) that defines what this all FEELS like and Looks like. As a futurist I’m telling you.

The models are clear. The new advanced of digital intelligence will drawf humanity and we will merge becoming TECHMANITY before that happens into what I call ASSIMILATION. We will reside in bodies we upgrade and which do not get ill or die.

We are already placing scrubbers into our veins and more as we just begin to MERGE into TECHMANITY.

It took lets see – one million years to move from fire to the wheel. It took a century to move to modern transportation systems. It took decades to move to Industrial revolution space, atomic age and the digital age. It has taken ten years to retire the fax move from the first bulky cell phones to have almost AI our hands with face recognizing Apple X.s

Apple X will be embedded by 2030’s something.

The age of Transhuman the TECHMAITY AGE is coming.

You may not wish to adopt to self driving cars – AI transportation to any place on the planet in quantum transports that takes a fraction of a second to do so – you may wish for things to slow down so you can catch up.

Things are not slowing down things are speeding up at a fantastic pace. Transmanity living for 1000’s of years will calm down to catch up and will not regard the PACE as a RACE. The Human Race will be extinct and TRANSMANITY will look back at human”s something like we look at an insect versus an eagle today.

Transhuman’s will soar in discovery knowledge and be something other than US. Competition will not exist. Cooperation will exit. All Religions will be ONE celebrating and respecting CORE. The hateful punishment of any diversity of THOUGHT will be seen as a form of insanity. Mind pollution created planet pollution which will be all resolved with TRANMANITY.

So enjoy your humanity. Its quaint.

You have less than 30 years.

The count down is one.

If you lack the data that all science world wide well knows on this take a short cut. READ DAN BROWNS just released book – I did. The research is a novel but the facts are all absolutely true. Enjoy the book or if your still human – wait for the MOVIE.


Berny Dohrmann – Preparing for my own download ASAP Who wants to wait.