The ruler for life – King Hassad – was open six years go to democratic reform and new voting. The opposition saw a chance to have an ARAB Spring – which now looking back – has turned out badly each and every spring turning to winter. Arab winters are everywhere from the Spring.

Hasad has clearly won the war.

As fighting goes on he continues to consolidate a WHOLE SYRIA

The largest rebuilding program since the EU Marhsall Plan after World War II is commencing in Syria now. All new cities – roads – power grids – environmental green space – commerce – millions are returning as the jobs return – and the new SYRIA ECONOMIC may drawf the old as is often the case after war. See Germany and Japan.

THE US backing the wrong horse – the losers – is out of the money the alliance and the deals. Our influence is diminished and Russia is the winner. They backed the winner and we backed the losers.

The world see’s it just in these terms.

America media keeps American’s from seeing it in these terms as we continue as we have for five consistent decades to label – spin – and PR control the Hassad image to the American world as pure evil. Hassad like Putin carries the highest approval rating of his own people of any nation – 80% plus approve. The Trump approval rating is the lowest first year term President in the history of record keeping. By comparison of people supporting their leader.

Who is the winner?

Who has victory?

Should we apologize admit mistakes and rethink the relationship for all the right reasons of national interest?

We never do.

We probably never will.

This arrogance diminishes America in the world as the truth is clear.

Hassad fought real terror and refused to give up power to ISIS or the FEDERATION OF TERROR.

Syria has great relationships with Iran and the Gulf in general save for Saudi who backed with the USA the losers.

It has been terrible for the Syrian people.

What generosity and kindness can we provide to help families and people of Syria in their hours of need? Not so much is the answer.

We support the losers.

We have contributed to defeating ISIS but at great political cost of unity – with Russia with Syria with any coordination with the WINNERS the VICTORY Is theirs not ours.

We have invested countless 100’s of billions of dollars.

We have lost so many American lives.

What do we gain from this?

Any relationship with the NEW SYRIA and its VICTORY KING Hassad?



Failed policy we will not correct.

Why do we not adjust policy in Cuba and Syria and the world?

Politics leads economics versus economics directs politics.

The answer is the money.

If you follow the real money it all becomes so clear.

Under all the news it is ABOUT THE MONEY.

As an investment banker economist – running in my past public institutions globally operating with decades in the GULF my understanding of community in the Gulf – which is complex and not simple – is one of great respect. Our USA policy is out of step with our own interest and the super change unfolding events bringing up the future. We are too slow to change course and correct errors in policy.

In my opinion we could do so much better and foster so many more inclusions in cooperative alignment even in issue disagreements.

Syria is rebuilding.

Hassad is rightfully the victor.

He receives the spoils of six years of hellish war.

He has as the victor the unconditional right to rule his country having won the war.

No one and certainly not America can take that victory from him.





Apple had the worst weak last year of 2017. Just precisely as we told you WOULD Happen following the key note. Why? The experts always trash Apple as not enough.

  • Never enough innovation
  • Never enough progress
  • Never enough of anything

In fact Apple released the most modern upgraded device since the IPHONE was released 10 years ago. A fact we also reported to you.

We suggest you BUY APPLE in the DIP and take a dollar cost average.

Historically Apple rises in the fourth quarter and soars in the first quarter to new record highs. In effect in 120 days all the experts today were wrong and the actual data is right.

The base of IPHONE IV holders is so large that upgrading now to the iPhone 8 and X make sense. Iphone10 is a hit. Everyone in Apple space wants one. When I look at other phones I see:

  1. Rebooting all the time
  2. Freezing all the time
  3. Failure to find what you require and desire
  4. Less fun in user expeirence
  5. lost productivity it remains massive

Apple retains the best bleeding edge way way out front technology and no one else is even close where it counts most:

  • Ease and fun of the user experience
  • Privacy
  • Enormous gains in performance and productivity

Apple is the smart device of our age and time.

The sales and profits will set records in our forecasts over the so called experts. We will see if we right in year ten as we have been in all nine former years. SO you decide. I would mimic Warren Buffet – why do you buy but never sell Apple not ever. He smiled and said…because I LIKE APPLE.

I like Apple as well.

Now then the NFL.

The NFL is a sport entertainment event. There is an owner responsibility via contracting to assure the few hero’s in sports, standing as example across generations and the leaders of tomorrow, the control of the entertainment product to the mass market IS important as a quality item.

I look to culture and history.

The NFL and American Baseball have always been a salute to what it means to BE American – that rooting for different teams we come together for our nation out of respect. We together send a SYMBOL past politics and any creed or race to the world – WE RESPECT OUR NATION ABOVE ALL ELSE.

That message diluted today and becoming a shallow political protest for black lives matter – is wrong minded. Sending the young a signal that we can disrespect AMERICA ITSELF is not OK say with ME.

I am a proud father of a two tour Sniper Team Leader as a United States Marine – wounded – four surfers and Purple Heart recipient. My family is a military family. My father was a highly decorated WORLD WAR II Commander in the United States Navy.

To see highly paid sports entertainers – creating a political DISRESPECT for those who are dying today in uniform – a first in America – is to me a YOUR FIRED EVENT. The NFL and American Base balls are symbols to the world. They are not political venues. Entertainers and athletes sign contracts. Contracts can indicate that broadcast contracts for entertainment to the masses are so valuable that the culture of respecting American values, as a symbol of the sport to the world – uniting not dividing America – is the rule versus the exception. YOUR FIRED Is ok with me.

The one hero who saluted our nation privately is now being attacked today by the team coaches. How could THAT BE. He must be forced to join what he does not believe in? Not in MY AMERICA. He is to praised not hazed.


Now there are enormous numbers that feel that RESPECT for AMERICA is a culture a tradition and a part of the history we can all rely on. Many of us parents wish our children to see RESPECT FOR THEIR COUNTRY in the GAMES. As a condition.

If this trust is breached – we will switch channels.

We will not attend.
We will boycott games.
We will rip 100’s of millions of dollars from the owners.

We will create a cost that is going to become staggering.

The notion that BLACK LIVES MATTER as a movement for justice reform, is worthy. I have been part of that movement since inception. I marched with Martin Luther King. I am all IN on Justice reform. The NFL and GAMES is not the space to send the political – right to protest – as the games are a sacred tradition and RESPECTING AMERICA is not something we send to the world. DISRESPECT AMERICA.

You disrespect my son.

You disrespect the mother who just lost her son or daughter.

It is not worthy.

It is not the venue.

It is not the venue in a contract entertainment space to advance brands within a tradition.

So now the world of children in America is told by their hero’s:

  • Disrespect AMERICA
  • Disrespect The Office of the President
  • Disrespect the tradition
  • Disrespect history
  • Disrespect the Flag the core of what it MEANS to BE American.

All American’s have a right to organize and protest and rally.

Firing Athletes that use entertainment and brands that have historically speaking to what it MEANS TO COME TOGETHER AND BE AMERICAN. Today the athletes cross a red line – a real one – and violate their mandate by making the games – the traditions – and rip us apart versus bring us together.

Athletic entertainers are not owning a right to politicize public entertainment branding and its tradition. Political activism has many venue’s.

The GAMES that example our athletic  hero’s to our young generation need to heal and and unite us all not divide us all.  A new first. An entertainment tradition American’s treasure has broken faith and trust. Some venue’s need to be POLITICAL FREE ZONES for the national good. And I support BLACK LIVES MATTER as our peeps will confirm since the birth of that movement with two mixed raced children to defend.

Folks – is every venue open now to DISRESPECT AMERICA ITSELF to disrespect office holders and to make it all so personal where nothing is sacred and a POLITICAL FREE ZONE.

Sorry NFL but I feel American’s will VOTE WITH THEIR WALLET and your absolute right to breach decades of political free zone traditions – and the cost of that vote will be telling.

I vote for a POLITICAL FREE ZONE to send a message of UNITY as AMERICANS as a feature of the games – a tradition – far too precious to lose or to see a TRUST in that tradition shattered by the breach of history faith and unity the games have always fostered in our American People.

Today…not so much.

While you may disagree with the way the President expressed these views the leader of the nation also has a right to express regard for venue and tradition of political right and protest. The entertainment sporting events have always brought us together.

Today…for the first time….the games  divide America – the games divide US.

For my so the US Marine and untold numbers who are on the watch towers of our rule of law and freedom – know – that what is wrong with America can always be remedied by what is RIGHT with America. For you – each of you who chose to wear a uniform – a first responder – military – national guard – law enforcement – and so many more….



PS: Buy Apple in the dip for the smart play. Do remember I told you so.






So when I express opinions politics are insane inside competitive capitalism I talk mostly about waste. So there is more fake news and spin news on this one issue than any issue. Trying to make Russia influence a crime to the candidates and their teams. Keep in mind Hillary was under criminal investigation the entire time of her run. Another wrong for our system in my opinion.

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are both GREAT AMERICAN’s. They sacrifice to lead this nation. They place their families and lives in a fish bowl none of us would relish or welcome. They are torn to shreds for every single decision and they are never appreciated for the contribution level they provide.

They could not be trashed bashed and smashed more and what they both deserve from the world and the American people in a sane versus an insane system is RESPECT.  Agree or disagree with their policies – our respect for our leaders was a backbone of this nation. Making serious leadership a SITCOM is a sin of media and a bias that has become a circus which degrades Making America Great AGAIN at core. Respect for our officials running for office is required of us and those running deserve our respect all sides. Policy issues should never be personal. Today we attack the candidate their belief’s their religion their spouses their children their family members and worse. THAT is NOT AMERICA that I grew up in and was raised by my father to be a productive citizen of and contribute back into. THAT Is a SIT COM. Rodney Dangerfield until his death made a great living on the line….I DON’T GET NO RESPECT……and today our candidates are discovering they ARE Rodney Dangerfield and it – IT – in my opinion – the lack of pure respect – is NOT A LAUGHING MATTER FOR THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

With that said let’s look at hard data as I so often ask YOU to do. Picking up economic reading glasses to follow the real money and see what is taking place financially. So lets dive into Russia influencing the American election:


  1. Almost 2 billion dollars was spent on the election by the Candidates. Obama spent over 1 billion on his last run himself and this election reached a record of spending.
  2. Investigating the Fake News about Russia influencing the election – has taken 100’s of millions of dollars the USA could have used to feed the homeless and hungry and move them off street life into real housing. We spent that money in nine months to GET TRUMP more or less.
  3. In the old days – say 15 years ago – a President was elected and the entire nation got behind the leader even in disagreement on individual policy areas and we moved forward as a nation. In the last 15 years whoever wins the other side works the entire period to DESTROY That leader. What changed? America for sure. We need to change back in my opinion. Respect. For the office and for the system is our first duty to our own constitution.
  4. Media has become a house of government. The capital wasted on the issues developed by media that are not news anymore but are ownership spin and audience consolidation reporting to base – all to sell mindless crap. The firewall of news from everything commercial was broken years back and today the news is a circus and the cost in dollars to the nation in waste is fantastic. Further the Media is the fourth house of Government with unbridled powers including FAKE NEWS distribution – no check and balance – no safe guards – controlled primarily in the USA by two men Murdock and Marlone – the Billionaires influencing the hearts and minds of the voters who remain less informed than they could become. Its all economic power consolidation via mergers. Not well reported by those consolidating their own powers to the public of course.
  5. 100’s of millions have been invested in 9 months to GET TRUMP to INDICT TRUMP to IMPEACH TRUMP on the Russia criminal ramp to indictment – which is not proof.
  6. Face Book agrees to turn over all Russia ad’s for the election. They state it exceeded 100,000 dollars. Are you KIDDING ME? Are you telling me the whole of Russia spent a little over 100,000 dollars – on ads on face book – against two billion spent by the candidates and that 100,000 on a platform like FACEBOOK influenced the election? That one fake news story – that one billboard – that a face book ad of 100,000 dollars – caused one person to change their vote from loving Hillary to Donald Trump? Are you kidding me America? Are you truly reading between the lines.
  7. The special prosecutor and the ramp to indict some one given the congress is funding all this and the cost is rising into a side bar staff and institution spending at a fantastic rate to GET TRUMP as the outcome desired. Trump can outspend them and wins in the end because the direction lacks TRUTH and INTEGRITY. Russia has said in media on the record – all their leaders – we did not influence the American election – and we wanted Hillary to win anyway we know her from the White House to the Senate and Putin knows and can deal with her. No one listened. They are all labeled liars which they are not. So the story goes on – never ends – and the money is being spent like rain never ends, while America faces billions in loss from 30 days of storms alone.

We have so much to do in our nation.

We have a better health care system that works and is sustainable financially to engineer. No one will do that work.

We have a tax reform to elevate America in the world market which is so subsidized by nations in unfair competition versus ethical integrity rule based trade between nations absent today.

We have infrastructure neglected by 530 in power for more than 100 years. Our bridges, our power grids, our water systems, our waste systems, our transportation modeling, all our infrastructure is past aging and is now decaying into dangerous collapse level including damns. American’s believe “some one” is handling all that. In fact the “some one” have stated for the record for 50 years we are not getting funding – we are overwhelmed and “NO ONE” is planning to replace upgrade and repair the American infrastructure once the envy of the entire world. 530 leaders are spending more money and more time to obstruct any forward American benefiting legislation – and to GET TRUMP on Russia as the current bone they are gnawing after by the 100 million at a jaw bone jerk – while America needs remain fully unmet.

What does this suggest?

The governance of the nation has broken down into secular political malaise. Opportunities to advance the economic foundation of the nation are being squandered. Politics are driving economics. This state of affairs leads to SUPER CRASH world depression and world war. Why? Due to system abuse.

The system will work as well as we work the system.

System abuse creates rising economic accounts that must over time be re-balanced.

Economics need to run politics to have a truly great nation – in any nation – in any form of government.

Following the money on the Russia Theory Model we find politics in charge of economics. The money trail of influence to an American Election would require spending 100’s of millions of dollars. That sum can’t be hidden or disguised. You can not influence a 2 billion dollar political contest with 100,000 dollars of face book advertising economically folks.

In my opinion when Facebook made its disclosure it was GAME OVER and time to collapse spending on this river of waste in America.

We spent 100’s of millions to impeach President Bill Clinton which in my opinion assisted the Coca Cola Company greatly as Bill drank his coke from the Witness stand – which is about the only memory we have of THAT river of wasted time energy abuse of governance process and failed outcome modeling. It was at that point America gave up respect for office and began to focus on DESTRUCTION of whoever held the office.

George Washington grew marijuana, smoked nightly and inhaled, and made love with so many woman it was a joke including his children with his family of slaves. The press didn’t report and focus on DESTROYING GEORGE for his personal life they focused on his policy and political decisions.

Who cares about Monica or any personal action of a President. The Press did not report about Jack Kennedy and Marilynn Monroe – they reported on the Cuban Missile crises. The SHIFT the GREAT SHIFT from respect of the office and its holder to making it all personal and to DESTROYING WHO HOLDS THE OFFICE is not MY AMERICA.

My America respects the national anthem and box top rules for public modeling – athletic hero’s – to demonstrate that American ideal while boys and girls are dying wearing the uniform – is absolute. In MY AMERICA. Your FIRED seems about right to me for example to our future generations that RESPECT IN AMERICA is a foundation principle. Everyone has the RIGHT to disagree with policy in any way and form. To disrespect AMERICA is to disrespect ME and ALL OF US collectively and that I believe needs some revisiting as our first order of business – THE MANNERS TO EXPRESS WHAT IT MEANS TO “BE” AMERICAN that binds us all together.

Do the majority wish to see RESPECT in disagreement on Policy?

Poll and vote on that?

What KIND of NEW AMERICA do we wish to re-invent?


Or the butt of JOKES and laughter as we are today around the world?

Ross Parrott and his little flash cards defined the GIANT SUCKING SOUND and that ENORMOUS SINKING FEELING. Today many American’s have virtually given up in the quick sand of Politics leading economics. They should not however. You have the power not 530.

You have the POWER to never not ever re-elect an incumbent. This alone destroys the money pipes and one term in office gives us public servants and law MAKERS versus MONEY TAKERS obstructing laws we required and desire all of us.

Can we do better?

Of course.

What does it take?

All of US in all nations being active and involved.

But I caution you adopt the box top rule to RESPECT those you oppose – on policy never personal – owning the box top rule all candidates are GREAT LADIES AND GENTLEMEN OF THEIR RESPECTIVE NATIONS – even if they do not personally resonance with YOU they deserve your RESPECT in policy disagreement. They deserve Media respect when reporting news.

Until we find our way back to RESPECT for rule of law – for office – for those who hold office – and we the people never breach our respect when disagreeing with policy – we have lost our way to Make America Great Again or Ever.






Seeing it as a planet economic system, we review data.

The planet as we understand it all of which may be wrong is 4 thousand million years old – from it coming into existence as a sphere – to today. Over a shorter time frame of record from rocks – as we understand it today and we can be incorrect as always – we killed one another if we did not profess belief the world was FLAT for centuries – that – in 540 million recent history there have been FIVE complete planet wide extinction events. This is the last quarter of earth time folks – only that recent short last 1/4. of time. Extinction events are normal recurring earth cycles with or without life having any impact on such cycles. We are insane. If we were sane. We would terraform the planet and protect and protect all life from extinction events using our capacity. They occur when carbon balance is altered in the oceans. We finally  KNOW THE CAUSE Event.  Rather than fix the problem we humans  instead we prefer to  kill one another in endless wars because we are communist or capitalist or we are Christians Jews or Muslim’s . Against the sanity we are all going to be extinct and we have limited time to work it out – how insane it is to kill one another when we are all going to die. We should always celebrate one another’s diversity ( sane by education ) or punish diversity ( insane by education ) .

The last mass extinction event 250 million years ago known as THE GREAT DYING wiped out 95% of all species upon the earth marine and land life.

A growing science community at leading Universities world wide are coming together on the math model that EARTH has moved into the SIXTH – extinction event cycle which can not now be stopped. Or can it?

100% of extinction events the place in earth cycles when the carbon sustainable life balance is altered. In 2100 we pass 300 gigaton ( extinction threshold event seen in all five prior extinction including THE GREAT DYING ) in 2100. However that is the tipping point threshold to final extinction – which itself takes long time liens. The potential for 500 gigatones at ratios taking place now with human carbon dumping – is also equally possible and shortens extinction math time lines. Accelerating extinction cycle time. Why again would we in sanity kill ourselves off for sure?

Since the industrial revolution mankind has created a carbon dump into the seas that speeds up carbon trigger activity. The equivalent of a tower of coal to the moon and back has been our contribution since the industrial revolution. The rate of carbon contribution to the seas – the trigger event – and stability threshold event – now known – is accelerating.

BUT – I put a BUT up there.

If nations cooperated and used resources for peace versus war – would we engineer carbon removal faster than we put carbon in? Can we stop carbon flow into the seas by using clean energy and remove carbon we put in the seas using technology and geo-engineering? Extinction events when triggered take 1000’s of years to wipe out all specifies a flash bulb in time to a 4 billion year old living breathing intelligent earth.

It is my opinion earth is fostering a child intelligence specifies that:

  1. Appreciates the earth is a living entity with collective intelligence. Tribes always knew THAT.
  2. To a point like dandelion seeds to the wind we can taraform and transport our earth to the stars.
  3. If we are not THAT child then the earth will start fresh until she creates sane children.
  4. Insane children compete. With the earth. With one another.
  5. Sane Children cooperate. With the earth with one another.

So 2100 we contribute sufficient carbon to the oceans – 300 gigaton – that extinction is irreversible. Why knowing this math model would we expend our resources world wide to kill one another and punish one another over diversity issues that sanity would celebrate. Diversity is our highest human definition of pure excitement. Learning from one another. As all prejudice and punishment of diversity of humanity is a form of ignorance and a sign of insanity – also highly contagious as a virus of brains – education on cooperation and collaboration is the first human priority in my opinion.

To education all rising generations that:

  1. Coopration is sane
  2. Celebrating diversity is sane
  3. Brains that punish diversity are insane infected by the one virus on human consciousness – competition.
  4. Competition is a form of insanity and an expression of evil.
  5. Collaboration is the virus free brain in expression

Education can culturally develop world peace. Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION on Amazon defines the truth and process to get the job done if you wish to join a global revolution of thinking – share the book.

So we humans have priorities. Today all of them are economic. We are creating faster than anytime in 500 million years a true life extinction event upon the earth. Endangered species? 100% of all planet and animal life. For sure. Even without an astroid stake which is 100% for sure if we don’t build a detect and deflect system versus killing Sunni and Shites which is insane lack of celebration in faith.

Priority # 1:

  1. Education our generations to be sane cooperative cultures upon the earth collaborating to resolve priorities.
  2. First priority – remove carbon from the earth like a Manhattan project. Avoid the 300 gigaton margin by 2100.
  3. Second  priority – build a detect and deflect system to keep earth life protected.
  4. Third priority – protect all earth life from extinction when and as possible to preserve DNA and body of life archives
  5. Last priority – reform economics into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM to sustain longevity and human discovery forever

Our priorities – bash Trump – celebrate our anthem or not – kill terrorists – threaten North Korea and Iran – and so forth and so on – seem to me – near sighted and a bit insane given the landscape.

Science has unlocked EXTINCTION EVENTS and the math models do not lie – they are earth economics.

WE ARE ALL going to DIE.

Mankind will cease to exist.

We can avoid that.

IF we don’t —- we won’t.

One priority set is mankind’s insanity.

The other is mankind sanity.

The economics are looking at short term profits which must by law be reported every four weeks. That itself is insane. All institutions should report every 180 days and plan longer term. Averaging data.

While we remain four weeks for bonus money and share price ( insane in competitive casino capitalism ) we rush along in our THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT mode – to our own human extinction.

Knowing that data  – why don’t we share this blog with the entire world and CHANGE OUR COLLECTIVE WILL AND MINDS?

We can you know.

Our extinction avoidance is a DECISION.

Just that- a choice.

About priorities.

The news reports the problems. Endlessly.

This blog presents SOLUTIONS endlessly.

As time passes the solutions may gain collective will economics.

If collective informed will choses solutions versus problems we can avoid an extinction event.

The first species to know extinction is coming, that extinction can be avoided, and that we the species can if we wake the fuck up – TAKE ACTION to PROTECT ALL LIFE AS WE KNOW IT.

If we don’t – we won’t.

From knowing in 2017 forward history and generations will hold us – ALL OF US – accountable.

Time is the extinction magic resource. If we squander the time we have today to fix the math model – mankind will perish from the earth without any trace whatsoever of anything we ever aspired to create. Our insanity will be unknown.



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Casino Capitalism is creating a spiral of manipulation and greed that using unregulated by nations AI software – has taken digital control of markets where all asset class prices are manipulated under new economic theory ( which we state is false ) to which the digital elite of 10,000 super money pools are confident they have arrived at a new world digital order that presents markets with RISK-LESS RISK. They feel the software moderates real risk and outcome – which has historically proven false in all risk-less risk theories – as in the sub prime with real estate risk-less risk failed theory model.

In fact software has created the largest economic SUPER BUBBLE in human history using free money and leverage outside state regulatory frame works as all existing frame works were not designed for digital regulatory supervision. Further the SEC has been hacked and their information used by AI to make fortunes in criminal insider trading. The largest RE-THINK of regulatory frame work in modern times is required by the G 100 a FACT we have been advocating for some time.

Historically spirals into SUPER BUBBLES have a predictable outcome – SUPER CRASH – world depression and world war. That has not once failed to be the outcome. This time we have SUPER DEBT BUBBLES that are spiraling to such a fantastic rate and our weapons are so over the top – it is not risk-less risk – it is risk like the world has never experienced. Our way of life stops with outer space EMP pulse bursts that in 60 minutes erase all digital records – fry all AI and chips – including cars trucks planes – records of who owes what who owns what and there is no MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION AGENCY for our nation – which Kevin Freeman author of GAME PLAN ( get your own because the nation has none ) – and I have been lobby for in the DC for FIVE YEARS. Suggesting to the DOD that MADD no longer works without MARS.

It remains an uphill battle. No budget and no early  adopters to sponsor reconstruction from a new term EMP event – when they see the EMP  open pit of economic  exposure to the entire way of life issue for all nations – it is only a 30 minute boom you never even hear or see that does it and all the planes fall from the Skye. . No food and no toilet paper in LA with 30 million people and 100 million weapons – every life for itself – what do you think will happen when national guard and military can not communicate transport or organize?

Folks – that is a sixty minute North Korea right now event. Which is why 100% of the world has united to take North Korea out or reform North Korea policy – prosperity or extinction – as a world threat. Smart really. The only language their elite can hear.

Long before that we have  potentials for economic threat  events. China borrows 300% more than it earns a risk to the entire system, credit rating just downgraded and the IMF warned they threaten the entire global system in and of themselves. If they pull in the debt funded communist economy going down now for 15 years – the social issues can create revolution. Its a very challenging problem for them.

Italy the largest Debt loader in the EU now resides at over 130% of debt to income. Their GNP slightly up is about 1.6% growth which is at or near recession levels – as next year’s election between one party in power and one party rising seeking to EXIT the EU entirely votes. Watch that one on economic punch.







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CEO SPACE is a blessing to any business owner. My favorite film by world famous Bob Proctor star of the Secret – one of our original founding insider my team closest friend – and Fortune 100 company CEO Training – 1.5 billion people have seen or read the SECRET another project CEO SPACE helped promote globally like Chicken Soup and Rich Dad is click linked for you here:

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For the first time ever in my blog I will give you A URL you should make a favorite book more for – to our entire video library on line. If your a lawyer see attorney films. Health care ditto. Any category a film in your sector is present to define our money back lifetime membership tax swap for asset and growth assured outcomes. CEO SPACE best money opportunity for a new member is always Oct and Dec because 72% of all spending occurs during this period and we are in an all time global GOOD TIME boom. To miss that and not get the FULL MEASURE of profit you deserve is silly. Here is the main video library to answer any possible question for any possible outcome:

Our world wide main web site is easy to navigate. Under the pull down menu’s you can contact us or write me here if you want to join and require a coaching call first – include your email in comments – and request. You can enroll and you can reserve hotel space following the LINK under CONF dates. It takes five minutes to swap a tax dollar for a lifetime asset membership in the most accelerating business CEO to CEO community in the world. Plus you make more money faster and you have SO MUCH FUN Making it.

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PS: Thank You for sharing as you transform futures when and as you do …..