Apple had the worst weak last year of 2017. Just precisely as we told you WOULD Happen following the key note. Why? The experts always trash Apple as not enough.

  • Never enough innovation
  • Never enough progress
  • Never enough of anything

In fact Apple released the most modern upgraded device since the IPHONE was released 10 years ago. A fact we also reported to you.

We suggest you BUY APPLE in the DIP and take a dollar cost average.

Historically Apple rises in the fourth quarter and soars in the first quarter to new record highs. In effect in 120 days all the experts today were wrong and the actual data is right.

The base of IPHONE IV holders is so large that upgrading now to the iPhone 8 and X make sense. Iphone10 is a hit. Everyone in Apple space wants one. When I look at other phones I see:

  1. Rebooting all the time
  2. Freezing all the time
  3. Failure to find what you require and desire
  4. Less fun in user expeirence
  5. lost productivity it remains massive

Apple retains the best bleeding edge way way out front technology and no one else is even close where it counts most:

  • Ease and fun of the user experience
  • Privacy
  • Enormous gains in performance and productivity

Apple is the smart device of our age and time.

The sales and profits will set records in our forecasts over the so called experts. We will see if we right in year ten as we have been in all nine former years. SO you decide. I would mimic Warren Buffet – why do you buy but never sell Apple not ever. He smiled and said…because I LIKE APPLE.

I like Apple as well.

Now then the NFL.

The NFL is a sport entertainment event. There is an owner responsibility via contracting to assure the few hero’s in sports, standing as example across generations and the leaders of tomorrow, the control of the entertainment product to the mass market IS important as a quality item.

I look to culture and history.

The NFL and American Baseball have always been a salute to what it means to BE American – that rooting for different teams we come together for our nation out of respect. We together send a SYMBOL past politics and any creed or race to the world – WE RESPECT OUR NATION ABOVE ALL ELSE.

That message diluted today and becoming a shallow political protest for black lives matter – is wrong minded. Sending the young a signal that we can disrespect AMERICA ITSELF is not OK say with ME.

I am a proud father of a two tour Sniper Team Leader as a United States Marine – wounded – four surfers and Purple Heart recipient. My family is a military family. My father was a highly decorated WORLD WAR II Commander in the United States Navy.

To see highly paid sports entertainers – creating a political DISRESPECT for those who are dying today in uniform – a first in America – is to me a YOUR FIRED EVENT. The NFL and American Base balls are symbols to the world. They are not political venues. Entertainers and athletes sign contracts. Contracts can indicate that broadcast contracts for entertainment to the masses are so valuable that the culture of respecting American values, as a symbol of the sport to the world – uniting not dividing America – is the rule versus the exception. YOUR FIRED Is ok with me.

The one hero who saluted our nation privately is now being attacked today by the team coaches. How could THAT BE. He must be forced to join what he does not believe in? Not in MY AMERICA. He is to praised not hazed.


Now there are enormous numbers that feel that RESPECT for AMERICA is a culture a tradition and a part of the history we can all rely on. Many of us parents wish our children to see RESPECT FOR THEIR COUNTRY in the GAMES. As a condition.

If this trust is breached – we will switch channels.

We will not attend.
We will boycott games.
We will rip 100’s of millions of dollars from the owners.

We will create a cost that is going to become staggering.

The notion that BLACK LIVES MATTER as a movement for justice reform, is worthy. I have been part of that movement since inception. I marched with Martin Luther King. I am all IN on Justice reform. The NFL and GAMES is not the space to send the political – right to protest – as the games are a sacred tradition and RESPECTING AMERICA is not something we send to the world. DISRESPECT AMERICA.

You disrespect my son.

You disrespect the mother who just lost her son or daughter.

It is not worthy.

It is not the venue.

It is not the venue in a contract entertainment space to advance brands within a tradition.

So now the world of children in America is told by their hero’s:

  • Disrespect AMERICA
  • Disrespect The Office of the President
  • Disrespect the tradition
  • Disrespect history
  • Disrespect the Flag the core of what it MEANS to BE American.

All American’s have a right to organize and protest and rally.

Firing Athletes that use entertainment and brands that have historically speaking to what it MEANS TO COME TOGETHER AND BE AMERICAN. Today the athletes cross a red line – a real one – and violate their mandate by making the games – the traditions – and rip us apart versus bring us together.

Athletic entertainers are not owning a right to politicize public entertainment branding and its tradition. Political activism has many venue’s.

The GAMES that example our athletic  hero’s to our young generation need to heal and and unite us all not divide us all.  A new first. An entertainment tradition American’s treasure has broken faith and trust. Some venue’s need to be POLITICAL FREE ZONES for the national good. And I support BLACK LIVES MATTER as our peeps will confirm since the birth of that movement with two mixed raced children to defend.

Folks – is every venue open now to DISRESPECT AMERICA ITSELF to disrespect office holders and to make it all so personal where nothing is sacred and a POLITICAL FREE ZONE.

Sorry NFL but I feel American’s will VOTE WITH THEIR WALLET and your absolute right to breach decades of political free zone traditions – and the cost of that vote will be telling.

I vote for a POLITICAL FREE ZONE to send a message of UNITY as AMERICANS as a feature of the games – a tradition – far too precious to lose or to see a TRUST in that tradition shattered by the breach of history faith and unity the games have always fostered in our American People.

Today…not so much.

While you may disagree with the way the President expressed these views the leader of the nation also has a right to express regard for venue and tradition of political right and protest. The entertainment sporting events have always brought us together.

Today…for the first time….the games  divide America – the games divide US.

For my so the US Marine and untold numbers who are on the watch towers of our rule of law and freedom – know – that what is wrong with America can always be remedied by what is RIGHT with America. For you – each of you who chose to wear a uniform – a first responder – military – national guard – law enforcement – and so many more….



PS: Buy Apple in the dip for the smart play. Do remember I told you so.