Seeing it as a planet economic system, we review data.

The planet as we understand it all of which may be wrong is 4 thousand million years old – from it coming into existence as a sphere – to today. Over a shorter time frame of record from rocks – as we understand it today and we can be incorrect as always – we killed one another if we did not profess belief the world was FLAT for centuries – that – in 540 million recent history there have been FIVE complete planet wide extinction events. This is the last quarter of earth time folks – only that recent short last 1/4. of time. Extinction events are normal recurring earth cycles with or without life having any impact on such cycles. We are insane. If we were sane. We would terraform the planet and protect and protect all life from extinction events using our capacity. They occur when carbon balance is altered in the oceans. We finally  KNOW THE CAUSE Event.  Rather than fix the problem we humans  instead we prefer to  kill one another in endless wars because we are communist or capitalist or we are Christians Jews or Muslim’s . Against the sanity we are all going to be extinct and we have limited time to work it out – how insane it is to kill one another when we are all going to die. We should always celebrate one another’s diversity ( sane by education ) or punish diversity ( insane by education ) .

The last mass extinction event 250 million years ago known as THE GREAT DYING wiped out 95% of all species upon the earth marine and land life.

A growing science community at leading Universities world wide are coming together on the math model that EARTH has moved into the SIXTH – extinction event cycle which can not now be stopped. Or can it?

100% of extinction events the place in earth cycles when the carbon sustainable life balance is altered. In 2100 we pass 300 gigaton ( extinction threshold event seen in all five prior extinction including THE GREAT DYING ) in 2100. However that is the tipping point threshold to final extinction – which itself takes long time liens. The potential for 500 gigatones at ratios taking place now with human carbon dumping – is also equally possible and shortens extinction math time lines. Accelerating extinction cycle time. Why again would we in sanity kill ourselves off for sure?

Since the industrial revolution mankind has created a carbon dump into the seas that speeds up carbon trigger activity. The equivalent of a tower of coal to the moon and back has been our contribution since the industrial revolution. The rate of carbon contribution to the seas – the trigger event – and stability threshold event – now known – is accelerating.

BUT – I put a BUT up there.

If nations cooperated and used resources for peace versus war – would we engineer carbon removal faster than we put carbon in? Can we stop carbon flow into the seas by using clean energy and remove carbon we put in the seas using technology and geo-engineering? Extinction events when triggered take 1000’s of years to wipe out all specifies a flash bulb in time to a 4 billion year old living breathing intelligent earth.

It is my opinion earth is fostering a child intelligence specifies that:

  1. Appreciates the earth is a living entity with collective intelligence. Tribes always knew THAT.
  2. To a point like dandelion seeds to the wind we can taraform and transport our earth to the stars.
  3. If we are not THAT child then the earth will start fresh until she creates sane children.
  4. Insane children compete. With the earth. With one another.
  5. Sane Children cooperate. With the earth with one another.

So 2100 we contribute sufficient carbon to the oceans – 300 gigaton – that extinction is irreversible. Why knowing this math model would we expend our resources world wide to kill one another and punish one another over diversity issues that sanity would celebrate. Diversity is our highest human definition of pure excitement. Learning from one another. As all prejudice and punishment of diversity of humanity is a form of ignorance and a sign of insanity – also highly contagious as a virus of brains – education on cooperation and collaboration is the first human priority in my opinion.

To education all rising generations that:

  1. Coopration is sane
  2. Celebrating diversity is sane
  3. Brains that punish diversity are insane infected by the one virus on human consciousness – competition.
  4. Competition is a form of insanity and an expression of evil.
  5. Collaboration is the virus free brain in expression

Education can culturally develop world peace. Redemption the COOPERATION REVOLUTION on Amazon defines the truth and process to get the job done if you wish to join a global revolution of thinking – share the book.

So we humans have priorities. Today all of them are economic. We are creating faster than anytime in 500 million years a true life extinction event upon the earth. Endangered species? 100% of all planet and animal life. For sure. Even without an astroid stake which is 100% for sure if we don’t build a detect and deflect system versus killing Sunni and Shites which is insane lack of celebration in faith.

Priority # 1:

  1. Education our generations to be sane cooperative cultures upon the earth collaborating to resolve priorities.
  2. First priority – remove carbon from the earth like a Manhattan project. Avoid the 300 gigaton margin by 2100.
  3. Second  priority – build a detect and deflect system to keep earth life protected.
  4. Third priority – protect all earth life from extinction when and as possible to preserve DNA and body of life archives
  5. Last priority – reform economics into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM to sustain longevity and human discovery forever

Our priorities – bash Trump – celebrate our anthem or not – kill terrorists – threaten North Korea and Iran – and so forth and so on – seem to me – near sighted and a bit insane given the landscape.

Science has unlocked EXTINCTION EVENTS and the math models do not lie – they are earth economics.

WE ARE ALL going to DIE.

Mankind will cease to exist.

We can avoid that.

IF we don’t —- we won’t.

One priority set is mankind’s insanity.

The other is mankind sanity.

The economics are looking at short term profits which must by law be reported every four weeks. That itself is insane. All institutions should report every 180 days and plan longer term. Averaging data.

While we remain four weeks for bonus money and share price ( insane in competitive casino capitalism ) we rush along in our THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT mode – to our own human extinction.

Knowing that data  – why don’t we share this blog with the entire world and CHANGE OUR COLLECTIVE WILL AND MINDS?

We can you know.

Our extinction avoidance is a DECISION.

Just that- a choice.

About priorities.

The news reports the problems. Endlessly.

This blog presents SOLUTIONS endlessly.

As time passes the solutions may gain collective will economics.

If collective informed will choses solutions versus problems we can avoid an extinction event.

The first species to know extinction is coming, that extinction can be avoided, and that we the species can if we wake the fuck up – TAKE ACTION to PROTECT ALL LIFE AS WE KNOW IT.

If we don’t – we won’t.

From knowing in 2017 forward history and generations will hold us – ALL OF US – accountable.

Time is the extinction magic resource. If we squander the time we have today to fix the math model – mankind will perish from the earth without any trace whatsoever of anything we ever aspired to create. Our insanity will be unknown.