First, President Trump and President Trump are close and coordinating. The major Policy Change of 25 years this week – where the USA drew a red line on money to North Korea and China stepped in with great standing ovation by the entire world to Prime Minister XI for the coordinated effort on their Red Line. Today they moved the red line and cut off oil gas and textiles. This is not minor. North Korea is not going to be able to pay a 1,000,000 standing army, pay the enormous cost for its weapon’s program, and support PEOPLE that reside in the nation with this new reality of a week of time.

Putin. So what does Putin have to do with all this? Easy. Putin did it. He does not get credit but these policies are only made with coordination with Russia whose borders are against all these nations and whose military is pro trolling all these geographies. Also today Russia’s leading voice stated what we – that is 100% of us BELIEVE – world wide by vast majority ….Russia restated what Putin implied in clear English….

…it is like two kindergrarten children getting into a real fight screaming and yelling at one another over who gets the kick ball….and none of the adults can stop them.

To be sure we have some issues. As I’ve written here – any leader who has hair worse than our own President and can’t find a DO-OVER IN NATION – and who is getting so fat he looks like his head will explode let alone his bombs – as a young over hormone insane oh leader – you really DO HAVE TO SPEAK THE KIDS LANGUAGE. The language is for his ruling wealthy elite who keep him in power. The military is in power in North Korea not the Kid. So now the language has changed to these elements – all last week – the largest global change in policy in decades and its 100% united and Global and we suggest PUTIN quiet diplomacy is supporting the 100% unity of nations and helping President Trump enormously. Despite the political rhetoric.


  1. If you continue we will destroy you in thirty minutes so there is burnt cinders versus North Korea.
  2. If you attack us in 30 minutes you will be vaporized by our worst four letter word the like of which humanity has no idea from 70 year old weapons what real modern nukes can do – the four letter word that rules world …AMERICAN ..”SUBS”
  3. Prosperity – we offer you full partnership in the world of nations – a real treaty – open trade – investment the like of which you can’t conceive of with assurance no regime change. As you have rejected prosperity for your nation in favor of war, we are now ready to GO TO WAR WITH YOU and we start with trade and hacking you. Back.
  4. Digital War is now our attack not our receipt and it is coordinated from RUSSIA CHINA AND THE USA and that part you are NOT SEEING but its gloves off and full court NSA Warfare and DOD cyber war fare on.
  5. The window for the elites to remove Kim or they go bankrupt in power and cash – is narrowing. The likely hood the elite will follow Kim to their own death is unlikely based on history. Kim did this to himself because the insane have a false reality and they act on their own false reality and that reality which is insane and not real is always their undoing. Hitler order a country attack on Berlin and it took some days for his remaining elites to explain to the insane leader that their military was destroyed and there were zero resources to make a counter attack. Hitler was insane and working decisions on his own false reality like Kim is.

For this reason historically I caution markets and planners and CEO’s to be cautions that the reality is – the insane seldom take action moving forward that is in their own best interest. Both Hitler and Mussolini and FAT BOY are paranoid insane brains. That they are in a position of power calls on all elites to use modern science testing to assure their leaders are sane and not insane. We have that capacity today. Why are we allowing insane to have power?

In my opinion in Russia and Putin are elevated in stature the past five years and have been reshaping the entire world. Our model by policy is to label Putin and Russia by our own standards. Russia is working. Their nation RUSSIA has risen in prestige in the EU in the GULF in Iran in Iraq in Syria in Africa in South America and in the world. The diplomacy of Putin has made a trillion dollars of deals for Russia trade in five years.

Their recession is due to oil prices being down and Russia commitment to rebalance oil over supply even at great short term cost now beginning to pay back. Though as you know I think this Saudi policy is economically silly actually. Due to soaring supplies from non Opec nation stealing the market share due to the failed policy.

Putin has been and remains influential with FAT BOY and is urging restraint noting under the table that if they go to war not only will Russia not support North Korea they may likely join the USA in removing North Korea. This collective 1+1 make 11 is a very strong resource for Trump.

What is fake news is everywhere.

What is spin news is the majority.

What is really happening out there is on this blog and it is not taking place in the press courts.

It is taking place in the adult courts of real diplomacy making sure the message gets through.

Is it in our best long term interest to approach Russia with a policy approach:

  1. We have far more interest in common – far more – than opposing.
  2. We can alliance on our common interest and make the world stronger together.
  3. We can over time find common ground on where we lack common interest.
  4. We can reduce the conflict interest area and grow the common interest area.
  5. We will always have cultural and differences in how we ARE which should be celebrated not punished.

Russia is complex evolving set of political unfolding.

President Putin enjoys the highest approval rating of his own people of any nation upon the earth.

Why would we not respect THAT?

Our press suggests Russia is mind controlling to its people.

Russian have open on line access. They can read the Washington Post and BBC and they do. Russia reported and aired Morgan Freeman’s film suggesting we are at war with Russia and that Russia stole the American election? Do you truly believe one Hillary voter who hates Donald Trump switched from voting for her – because of a face book fake news from any nation? Lots of nations influence elections including the USA. World wide.

Folks Hillary won the popular vote over Donald Trump – Trumps team played the math model of the electoral college and despite the Clinton’s best team effort they lost decisively in the final count of electoral college votes and that had zero to do with any nation especially RUSSIA. Folks we are wasting billions of time on this and it all hurts America. The USA MILITARY and the NSA have all that let them work on it and trust the super brains all over it – digital landscape is in SUPER CHANGE and we are elevating our issues to fair landscape that space rapidly. We are winning the war just tossing some battles is all. Its SUPER CHANGE FOLKS and nothing last more than 90 minutes today.’

Russia influenced our election. I state for the real record as to outcome versus any attempt – HUMBUG ON THAT ONE.

Our spin doctors creating endless fake news about Putin leaves us with his most famous 2017 saying.


….Russia loves and respects the American people and we wish to be closer not father apart but I must run our nation on the premise that Presidents come and go and change all the time….but US policy toward Russia never improves or changes……

You know I think we need a new approach. An enlightened one to bring our peoples together as a Super Power Collective triangle with China – where trust soars between us all. 

I think President Putin said it correctly as one of the great leaders – love him or hate him. of the century historically.