If the entire world financial system SUPER CRASHES it will be due to the failed polices year after year accumulating and mounting up that have created the worlds largest GIANT SUPER BUBBLE IN ALL ASSET CLASSES. Today Janet ( dead wrong again ) concludes with her nanny pack board and leadership THAT the economy is sufficiently robust and strong to accommodate the largest financial shift in world economic history EVER. What is that shift?

  1. Free money will stop and costly money with higher interest will rise to market rates historically.
  2. Stimulus to the markets ( buying bonds and putting liquidity into markets ) is stopping no.more liquidity.
  3. Liquidity sump – selling the 5 trillion dollar Fed crap portfolio back into the markets at a time that free money and stimulus stopping both hit at once – is not delay ( terrible policy ) but is RIGHT NOW IN OCTOBER.
  4. October is the month of 72% of all financial crashes in history.
  5. The time from October to Spring is a RED DANGER ZONE for the entire financial system.

Janet Yellin knows but does not inform you – that – 100% of moves at foot hill levels in the past for the five points above have created a serious long recession that followed. THE FED created the recession. Why would this be different? For one this is Mount Everest not foot hill. Never have financial oceans had rip tides like this insane abrupt immediate shifting that Jane is pulling off. Janet has secured assurances from market players all over the space including her threats and under the table implications. Trust me.

None of that assurance will hold water.

As the deal makers see their profit accounts crashing they will all abandon Janet and leave her in a sorry dust cloud of history and her fatal mistakes.

It is my opinion Janet Yellin will go down as the single worst Fed chairperson since the Fed was founded in 1907. I also believe Janet Yellin will have been more toxic to the world economic order than Sub Prime ever was. But I’m an island in this as everyone just marches along to the FED criminal banker dumb beat like they are special or have special knowledge. Folks JAMIE DIAMOND has special knowledge at CHASE that is two clicks ahead of all the markets as does BOND KING ( both my hero’s in the market ) BILL GOSS . The Fed is yesterday and always behind. Stop trusting THEM. Their credibility is so lost.

The Fed is desperate to shed its balance sheet of Mount Everest crap assets it bought when no one else would buy them. So you do the match:


  1. Stop free money and circulation world wide. Instantly.
  2. Sump liquidity by selling your crap back to the market say 50 billion a month of liquidity sump.
  3. Stop stimulus buying and the bond market remains stable HOW?

Bill Goss says today ( based on historic hard data ) that if the Fed follows the Janet FAILED POLICY PLAN and proceeds without rebooting – a recession IS the OUTCOME – the one and only OUTCOME. Economic contraction for the reasons set forth. IS THIS THE TIME with the world ravaged by weather costing a trillion dollars to manage within a terror from Spain to UK and rising war cost on terror as North Korea feeding babies to dogs threatens the rest of the world and does not care about consequence – is this the TIME Chairman Janet? Should it be more gradual Janet Yellin spread out over much longer time lines – and phased such as a 25 year reduction of the balance sheet? You know Janet to create market confidence versus Super Crash the bubble you created so your tribe with no profits left to make – will drive the world to war to make ungodly profits off that Janet. We all have your dial up real number clan of bankers. You profit as the evil few while the many are wiped out as you consolidate your own wealth in a. class warfare that must end badly for all of your small few numbers. Eventually the many against the few will take some real action don’t you believe ? They will become financially literate Janet and then the emperor has no clothes. Your just a naked exposed crook waiving your silly hands in the air while the money train on your side ends perhaps in a federal prison sentence.

Investigate Russia in the election? Please – no one switched from Trump to Hillary or Hillary to Trump because of any third nation. Investigate the FED CRIMINALS that is the crime and legal theft of all history and time once you research it fully. IT is not hard either. Google Fed Fraud. Just do some home work. Janet is The Godfather of the largest criminal organization in the history of the world. Today she shot directly in the eyes of the world to secure the wealth of her own shareholders first – with AMERICA NOT SECOND NOT THIRD but under the Fed plan AMERICA IS LAST.  Donald Trump put in a new Fed Chairman. We recommended our choice.

So here we go – into uncharged economic waters with high expertise suggesting what is truly going on OUT THERE and  coming next  from Janet Yellin cause ( and news )  today is actually quite simple.

CATASTROPHE of unintended consequences.

Please remember as events unfold how since last fall you read this one consistent measure. Today Janet Yellin pulled the PLUG on the world financial system in her fatal error on economics. I”m just so sure on this one.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL


PS: It will take a little time but the SUPER MONEY will not be FOOLED by the blame game – watch. It is every money pool for itself – protect yourself folks the musical chair came is again focused on the song – right now – Drove my Chevy to the Levy and I started to cry the DAY THE MUSIC DIED……( thats Janet Yellin Day folks ). Janet Yellin has undermined the entire world financial system but trashing the CONFIDENCE In the Federal Reserve Board as having any real expertise or value. Market intelligence now passes Fed policy as a sham. TRUST IS BROKEN with FED POLICY – more an amusement today – when you think of Janet Yellin’s Fed you say to yourself – CON CON CON CON CON CON CONFIDENCE ? I think you get the picture on the con. Broken TRUST in world markets is never repairable.