Warren Buffet Said today – irrespective of world financial system risks – the USA is the only PLAY. He said when he hears folks talk about the USA negatively he thinks – they are freaking out of their minds. He suggested based on charts and data he gave in a New York Speech this week – that – the dow will be at 1,000,000 up from 22,000 in today’s terms.

The 20 Trillion Dollar USA Debt is a 12% home loan. THE USA is the most trusted most secure and eye of the economy of the world – around which all other gravity both depends and flows. The entire world is co dependent on the USA. The USA IS the one and only nation that can feed all its people – without oil or imports and manage health care and food for its entire population without any outside trade whatsoever. No other nation can sustain the resource wealth.




  1. Land Assets – THE USA owns 28% of all land on the American continent. It is 47% of all surface area and mineral wealth in the west. It is 640 million acres of rich land for agriculture mining and untold mineral wealth. What is the appraised value? At two to three thousand an acre you do the math for the trillions that alone represents as security for the loans.
  2. Current estimates all experts agree are as many times under stated for what is not yet discovered by 100 and 100% – but today what is known estimates putout wealth in the USA Today at 111 trillion to secure our debts as assets and 22 trillion in coal assets, and more than 8 trillion and soaring with recent discoveries by the quarter in natural gas. This does not include any other of our gold sliver – rare metals and earths and unlimited everything from lime quarries to uranium. 100’s of trillions more for security of the debt.
  3. Military assets are estimated at replacement market value to be presently 20 trillion itself full security for the debt today.
  4. Present value of FUTURE TAXES – folks the USA collects tax revenue equal to 17% of the gross domestic product which is rising yearly. Using the most conservative math the USA without immigration assets as a resource will collect 22 TRILLION a year in tax revenue alone in 2066. We can manage our debt folks we make yearly what the debt is soon enough – and we have many other income resources besides core taxes.

In summary the ASSETS and TAX POWERS of the United States of America make it stand alone as the strongest economic engine that the world has ever created. It has zero risk of its own debt compared to other nations that lack these ratios.

Off Shore investors will dump US dollars? And go where? Into pure crap? Phony money? Communist money? Are you kidding me. Read all this again. We are not borrowing 300% more than we make – CHINA IS and has been for then years.

Offshore folks own 40% of our debt. The 60% is internal to ourselves.

The offshore folks need to own this asset to have dollars to pay for world trade as all large trading uses the one trusted world reserve currency the US dollars for reasons set forth here. Nothing else offers equal security in real economics. Not even close.

China peaked owning our Debt in 2013. They owned 1.3 trillion. They sold off 300 million. They can sell it all and it will hurt them fatally so they will not of course. Their only purchasing power remaining is not their currency it is our 1 trillion they earn by selling us more than they allow us to sell to them – a trade imbalance the nation is working to correct.

All of USA debt is in US dollars.

Much and most of other nation debt is in other nation currencies – bad for them.

If you review deficit spending you see the US spends on interest on the debt and entitlement programs from social security unemployment to food stamps 87% of its budget on social benefiting insurance to the national population and welfare supported by the world’s largest standing defense military as the final option for all nations seeking peace.

The idea that interest rate rises from say 2% to 4.7% as nominal rate will be a tipping point or that the USA has a 100 trillion in underfunded liealbities. All of which are not true. In fact looking ahead many policies made in this time can reduce any forward under funded liabilities. These numbers are projected as hypothetical models – always wrong in real time – for 100 years ahead in worst case thinking – for populations not even born yet. The adjustments to system modeling can remove all short falls and the growth expansion of the USA economic machine has always exceeded the liability issues which are lower than expected as in the Bill Clinton administration we had back to back SURPLUS in the BLACK revenues over deficits – there were no deficits.

The economist of USA pessimism is misspent energy. The focus should be non political for all parties. MAKE AMERICA GREATER. We are the leading force for good and peace on earth. We are far from perfect. We have lots of work to do to RE-INVENT AMERICA.

Very smart people – way smarter than I am – are at the tiller steering our ship of state as master mind teams who have the powers to protect us. They deeply care about us all. They are protecting AMERICA. Never doubt THAT. The righteous many overwhelm the evil few in this space called AMERICA and that is not true in many nations. What is WRONG WITH AMERICA IS AND WILL BE FIXED BY THE EVER RENEWING ¬†GENERATIONAL MIRACLE OF WHAT IS “CORE RIGHT” WITH AMERICA – the HOPE AND THE PROMISE OF THE ENTIRE WORLD.

So dispelling the global financial issues we face as passing temporary energies we all have to rebalance through – America? Why America is the GOD BLESS I AM HERE for the safe harbor upon the earth – why folks – that simply IS AMERICA.

So perk up and renew confidence.

Whose your daddy?


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a LIGHT ON JUST FOR YOU TODAY