I hate making predictions. Because I never have enough data.

My predictions since 1988 have been right. So they are sought.

I now make a prediction model best I can:

  1. I believe the markets in the final 100 days will for various reasons rise to record all time year end high stock portfolio values and end the year very high.
  2. I believe the low trading volume and low volatility traders profit from maximally will have some spikes and shocks along the way to year end but generally will recover and end higher.
  3. I believe the history of the Great Depression IS REPEATING. 1929 crash like 2009. Fed pumped oceans of money into the system to 1936 building up record balance sheet – like now only 90% less. The Fed tapered – raised interest and sold its portfolio just like NOW. This caused the depression to intensify to its worst point in American history hence the Great Depression – which hit from failed Fed policy in 1937. My article Janet Yellin is the worst Fed chairman in history is because past history is being repeated precisely by HER.
  4. China had its credit rating smashed by S*P – Moody’s in May – so the nation is downgraded and will be again because it has failed to take new direction when warned that the 300% debt SUPER BUBBLE in China is a false economy and in its crash that is pending the entire world system is at risk. IMF and World Bank confirmed as presented on this blog site.
  5. I believe conditions outside the USA will create a recession in 2018. I believe the Fed is the cause via failed policy. I believe the Fed President who said today – THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OUR 5 TRILLION DOLLAR QUANTUM EASING PROGRAM WORKED AS INTENDED. Not said though to avoid market panic is the truth. The truth is the 5 trillion dollar social capital experiment was an failure of such magnitude the entire system is at risk due to casino speculative capital – printed by the Fed’s around the world – that stimulated massive stock market bond market growth on free money – as a SUPER BUBBLE. Inflation was not restored. The cause of global depression and economic rebalancing which takes decades and decades and always has included world war – to rebalance economic accounts between nations – is DEFLATION SPIRALS. After 5 trillion the deflation – oil going down today as the core cost of everything else – as I said it would – from declining demand and rising production. America is back on line in production taking business away – taking market share away – from the Gulf who can’t survive at under 60 dollar oil in their present economic model – which requires downsizing.

Oil was decades about PEAK PRODUCTION and when did we reach peak production for oil and gas. The answer is NEVER. 3/4’s of our planet is under water. We have found a small % of the oil and gas on the 1/4. The under water oil and gas and minerals are endless. The Earth Factory is making more of all renewable materials. The only reason price for energy is higher than it should be is manipulation of price by cartel influences. This insane modeling agains market supply demand pure economics is declining now into insignificance. Portfolio managers dealing with ENTRENCHED DEFLATION will have to eventually assume protective strategies to avoid wealth attrition. We continue to think SUPER CRASH form an unforeseen contagion event could occur at anytime with a peak danger red zone period for markets in the new year of 2018 through the spring.

The Wild card is we believe the United States Congress is coming into cooperation versus dysfunction that is actually shocking. We believe the leadership will pass tax reform and pro business pathologies of legislation – reforming AMERICA’s competitiveness to the world. We believe present collective will will return massive jobs, immigration demographics ( legal desired immigration ) – youthjify and re-invent America as the one Disneyland on the planet for adults – and with legislative pre-emption the market could actually rise all year next year with some increase in volatility.

If failed fed policy ( their entire policy caused the crash and all crashes ) continues with aggressive rate rising and portfolio liquidation a recession is the only outcome – America will move to economic down bubble.

Which is why we lobby for the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD a private ( to merge back into the US  retaining its best and re-tooling its worst ) a privately owned   – secret – stock company owned by banks investment banks and shareholders that are never made public – with financials that are beyond audit and transparency – via a 80 page only act of congress in 1907 to strip the treasury of its constitutional mandate to treasury alone controlled our currency and our monetary policy for the people – and hire out like first out sourcing a private – NON GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATION. If you read the 80 page act as American’s today – its on line – you just can’t believe the idiocy of this elite super pool of money winning this lobby effort in 1907. ONE EMERGENCY ACT OF CONGRESS and the Fed 80 page law is revoked – the process of money management is merged back into the Treasury and we repay the fed their insane penalty interest on printing our money over 100 year bonds – in 2018 and they are paid off. Gone. This model globally would reframe 300 years of prosperity for nations and remove the LARGEST HIDDEN TAX ON NATIONS their own central bank models – which are economically insane. Class warfare sustain where elites consolidate wealth by design the evil few against the righteous many – it all starts at central bank policy – if you historically understand the data and the law.


Why does sanity not replace insanity?


Greed is a human core driver.

Greed is short term in thinking versus long term in actual outcome measured result.

Greed is blinded by conflicts a natural human flaw systems can protect us from.

Wealth consolidation is generational and Greed turns to power and influence.

The 10,000 Super Elites controlling the wealth of all nations are not seeking to make more money or consolidate more economics. They are blind and mindless under the influence of POWER GREED consolidating POWER and INFLUENCE. Economically the consolidation impacts circulation – prosperity for the many – shared prosperity and everything sane – and is inhuman in the illumination of economics.

It is insane.

So in summary all this is laid out and presented in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION at Amazon. For those who want a deep dive.

Competitive Capitalism is a toxic software buggy failed model for economic organization theoretically – presently taught as ideal in all major universities. It is false gospel in fact.

Communism is worse and is a more toxic God awful Buggy economic model with a 100% failure track record and a human miscarry index that is highest of all organizing models.

Cooperative Capitalism – slowly evolving to markets that CEO SPACE introduced thirty years ago to nations and leadership outperforms competitive organizational theory in any institution adopting the improved virus free box top rules for human organization. As Nations adopt cooperative capitalism we will transform humanity. The final revolution of all of us is the Box Top rules presented in REDEMPTION the publication on global reform .

My prediction is risk from unknown contagion events and  a potential failure of the US Congress to dysfunction versus lead – remains sufficiently high that now to the Spring of 2018 is a SUPER CRASH High risk zone to the entire world system. The cause if it occurs is the failure of 530 law makers receiving unlimited money from super money elites who own and control the share stock ownership of the CRIMINAL BANKERS the world cause by 80 page congressional law – the Federal Reserve Board which is not a government agency reporting our accountable to anyway – its all on line.

The HOPE AND PROMISE TRUMP TRAIN may carry the market to all time record high’s without a contagion event. October is the HIGH RISK MONTH. We get through OCTOBER without a Super Crash ( as 70% of all Super Crashes have taken place in October ) we get a new record high by year end is my prediction today.

Then I would really not hold into 2018 unless tax reform was passed and signed. I’d fold sell high and buy in the coming new lows.

So the best I can present to you is in the prior Blog on America and our Debt. I believe the only economic engine of the entire world is AMERICA and that our core valuations are and remain untapped. I believe the wealth of nations is in the mind field but we have both the leading mind fields and the leading mine fields of wealth.

Those who discuss America’s decline – are economically ridiculous in today’s world based on hard data. The 10,000. controlling 99% of all world wealth in the highest concentration of wealth from the many to the few in abject class warfare made possible by mass economic illiteracy by design – and plan – is 2017. Neve in human history has such wealth consolidated so tightly.

Economically such consolidations are never – not now not ever – sustainable

Eventually as I blog about – economic imbalances must rebalance.

My readers know why. You are gaining economic literacy. Now vote. Influence. Share your specialized knowledge. Reform nations from broken failed organization theory into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM. If you wish to join this revolution with me with nations get your head of state and leading law maker REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as the manifesto for the new rising WORLD ORDER that is economically sane – versus insane.

Berny Dohrmann – Its roaring with financial witch doctors this week on the Fed meeting.