Everyone is focused on Donal Trump UN speech. This brings spin from those who hate Donald Trump as well as those who ADORE the Super Star celebrity President. The focus of the social storms are:

  1. President Trumps gauntlet throwing that the Unity of Nation is the Righteous majority which must root out the EVIL FEW who would undermine civilization itself.
  2. The gauntlet that if ROCKET MAN in North Korea ( Fat Boy ) does not change course the entirety of North Korea will be destroyed by the USA. He said the UNITY Of nations was the last hope and to stay united and we’ll all see how you DO.
  3. Iran – he called for the people of Iran to overthrow an oppressive government model and to restore their greatness with democracy that free’s their spirit and potential.
  4. He threw the gauntlet it is every nation for itself and that national pride in solving the internal problems of nations was up to no outsider and not the USA it was the privilege of the community and self reliance.
  5. He restated that for decades America made trade deals within a one way street term agreement that returned nothing to the USA. 1,000’s of our leading factories translocated and millions of middle class jobs were lost. This model President Trump stated was over as long as he was President. USA first. And why.

He stressed alignment and fair ethical cooperation between like minded nations the RIGHTEOUS MAJORITY against the EVIL FEW. With all the spin and sides and manipulation of Trump today these five points are the talking points.



The bankruptcy of Toys are us fulfills our prediction on commercial property. The dominant toy seller has 5 billion in now due debt for 2018. The debt relates to its 1600 stores and 65,000 employees. This is commercial loan debt we have been talking about in large measure. The creditors of Private equity – hedge funds – banks and investment banks carry these loans as GOOD PERFORMING ASSETS on THEIR BALANCE SHEETS.

A CASCADE EFFECT OCCURS when they must realize loss – where a) the debt it not paid back on time and b) it may not be paid back in full by the time bankruptcy exits and if it exists and c) it may be worth zero and never be repaid.


Consider if we take debt service out – and view this years 2017 financial data on Toys R Us we see that they lost money – without any debt service or payment. When you add in the debt payment to the loss level they are totally bankrupt and may require liquidation. The Ripple effect is just starting as more TOYS R US will start to challenge financial markets due to the misplaced policy of the private stock bank the FED – raising interest rates and selling five trillion dollars of absolute crap back into the weak fragile markets still revering from the last frauds the Fed allowed in SUB PRIME. Commercial real estate defaults are about to CASCADE.




HOUSING has as a construction top five tier economic bell weather – sunk – the last two months in a row. Down bubble. The Harvey IRMA double storm effect has a huge weight on this sector. Although as the emergency money circulates as it will next year the expansion that follows may offset any short term down turn.




Following the Crash of 2007 and the Great Recession we have a deflation spiral. Deflation spirals are the cause of world depressions. They occur from system credit abuse. The Debt Super bubble is rocking the global financial system. There are so many unknowns in this new economic modeling unfolding no one can predict for sure the WHEN DATE that a real contagion event occurs, all markets move to sell and there are zero buyers. Liquidity freezes up and the system melts down completely . Runs on banks and bankrupt by so many millions it sets records. There will be no warning. It will be over in digital casino capitalism in 72 hours.

Normal Life.

The world order collapses from system abuse.

There are no saviors this time.

A new world order must be born.

Can that take place without world war? It never has not even once.

So ITS THE WORLD ECONOMY as the priority issue to preclude world war.

What is the media reporting on this item? World media is over whelmed with agendas from the EVIL FEW as they act out. As it is obvious no one is helping when 500,000 move to Bangladesh to flee immediate torture and death from racial cleansing – no one is doing anything. The result is more of the EVIL are embolden as they see no consequence.

Economically we are in a long weak fragile expansion that is unstable.

The volatility and movements of all markets is spiking and setting records and coming closer together in wave patterns as the instability of the system is spit glued together by software AI controlling money flows with automation and formula’s. If the trading range dynamic of these new market controllers is exceeded with have DIGITAL CASCADE or SUPER CRASH.

There simply IS no risk-less – risk.

The world has entered new economic theory and modeling.

The world is now going where no man or system has gone before.

If past history is to guide us at all the warning bells are ringing to protect yourself from Super Bubbles in all ASSET CLASSES fed by the SUPER BOND AND SUPER DEBT bubble making the financial system of the world in weak recovery reside on quick sand. If any single part of the interlinked digital global casino system sinks into the quick sand the entire system topples over in DIGITAL CASCADE a switch from overwhelming buying to overwhelming selling with no liquidity to offset the DIGITAL CASCADE in a new frontier we label CLICK CAPITAL.

So you heard some new truth here and some repeated reminders.

Berny Dohrmann – Read with new glasses to see the tea leaves – follow the MONEY