As an investment banker economist I have labored for decades with world leaders and the top of the super money pools to declare:

  1. The box top rules for Competitive capitalism are broken – create consolidations where 1% own more wealth than 99% and leads to system collapse and world war.
  2. That Communism and socialism are competitive and lead to 1% own more wealth than 99% and always collapse with both consumed with spirals of corruption and Greed into violence and war.

Nothing you read is the cause. It is always follow the MONEY. The economic box top rule set is the cause.

Can human organization and economic theory do better?

In the book REVOLUTIONARIES  I suggest you read to JOIN the global movement – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION your personal growth soars.

Data on how both systems are failed and WHY THE URGENCY for the global system model reform into COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM is imperative revolves around first and foremost human hunger data. The Earth can support unlimited billions of Human’s. I’ve written precisely how in COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM’s manifesto Redemption.

HUNGER is rising again for the first time in decades due to the world leadership of selfishness and shame within failures of economic box top rules in the ever increasing consolidation of wealth there is just not enough CIRCULATION financially for full partnership. The current system models are economic failures – no one wants to admit that.  So what are the real numbers of these failed systems knowing as you eat and enjoy your warm meals there is plenty of food ( for everyone on the earth right this minute )  – there is only an economic model that fails to place the food to relieve the pain and human suffering. So lets data roll as you all know I live for the data:



Almost one billion human beings – 815 million according to The World Health Organization are under nourished – 11% of all human’s – and that is the war crime of war crimes effected by the G 100 nations on failure to set priorities. The leadership of shame who will not admit the system is core failed and a new revolutionary approach – new economic box top rules are required to fix it all.

The number is up almost 50 million in 2017 from 2015.

38 million in 2016. And this years numbers may soar higher.

155 million children under the age of 5 are too short due to hunger.

The largest mortality for children under the age of 15 is starvation.

52 Million children under the age of 5 suffer from wasting – their weight is too low for the height due to Mal-nutrition both present systems ignore as wealth consolidation winds like a spring until the clock breaks. Insanity really when better box top rules are available for us all.

More than 50% of those starving to death reside in nations torn apart internally by failed system models, corruption and armed conflict – including in this half of a billion – South Sudan, Nigeria, Yemen and Syria. Securing secure and peaceful societies is prelude to food security. Cooperative Capitalism provides a zero corruption box top rule of economics where the rule of law prevails.

Now we face rising food challenges to 1 billion souls due to conflicts that never end and terrorism that never ends ( insanity in humans ) and climate change ( another human insanity for if we compete with the planet versus cooperate the planet will shrug os off like fleas into the wind – Mother Nature always wins ). So Climate change is effecting rising hunger world wide as well. No model is working to over come the rising human tragedy when enough food for all is on the planet.

Right now.

The natural disaster’s after math is a spiral to ever more conflict as poverty elevates.

As 1 billion starve the rest have a doubling of obesity. Over 41 million CHILDREN are now grossly overweight.

Often obesity resides with poverty as food resources are challenged the most unhealthy food options to survive are consumed.

The economic systems of the world are:

  1. Failed models and antique box top rules.
  2. A revolution of new box top rules is desired and required.
  3. Cooperative Capitalism outlined in Redemption the Cooperation Revolution is the Bible for those wishing to make a difference globally. A movement.
  4. CEO SPACE is the point of the spear of the Cooperative Revolution ranked # 1 by third party press and leading the world in 140 nations in this space specifically.
  5. The future is coming. The current outdated failed system models need revolutionary reform to adapt or humanity will world war and civilization as we know it will perish from the face of the earth.

The future will be nations issuing living wages as script to all its citizens. A new species of robots some self learning more advanced than we are ( and not competitive and insane ) will co create with us as we obtain longevity – and space discovers no movie can imagine – as human creatives pursue recreation – contributions – and pursuits that thrill them by intention. That future is coming and the wealth and prosperity of nations can not fail inside Cooperative Capitalism and equally no nation can prosper in a sustained manner using the present system model.

So as hunger for humanity is rising after decades of decline we sound the ALARM Bell. What can you DO?

You can read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION and make sure your entire circle reads it and you can under line a THINGS TO DO list suggested in the pages of this work to:

  1. Revolutionize your own home space.
  2. Revolutionize your own work space.
  3. Revolutionize your community in contribution space.
  4. Revolutionize your state and Nation as a movement revolutionary.
  5. Revolutionize your personal peace growth and joy in life instantly

Redemption will read you ….as you read Redemption.  

The peak of personal growth in this life – is REDEMPTION.

Trust me on that Super Change mantra to learn unlearn and relearn.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the meal deal up close and personal for us all