We also told you NOT TO LISTEN to the ‘experts’ predicting a market correction of 10% or more as far back in time as LAST WEEK – using the Hurricanes as one example. We told YOU that the FOOLS TRUMP RALLY based on “hope and promise” and without fundamentals – as the markets are trading at unsustainable profit to earning ratio levels that are over the top of all economics and history – we said – the parade of Champagne party would march over the cliff and a record 22,000 DOW would be reached. Remember that prediction to my readers way back in the past ten days three times?

Right again.

So here you are. Record DOW.

As we said the ‘experts’ are already coming out with Apple reasons for the earnings to be down saying Apple will miss year end earnings due to late IPHONE shipments. We say watch and see if they don’t move the shipments up and even if they do not watch – as their base upgrades to the IPHONE X ( Ten ) . Why? It is the most powerful computer in your hand on the market and it will create the ultimate of our ignoring the person standing right next to us. For movies – the new IPHONE X is a movie device – you can make full length feature films with studio quality content and sound from your IPHONE and you can watch 4k films on your full screen iPhone. It is the fastest most productive computer in your hand in the world and will be for years. So we say – again – the experts are wrong – they will push Apple Stock down between now and November when it will rise through March and set new records – depending on market correction issues in October.

The ‘experts’ are being paraded out by OPEC PR firms to note that demand for oil is rising – and that the over hang is dwindling now. How? The two storms did cut supply output. So does that not cause CRUDE to back up because:

  1. Storm folks have no power and millions are not using electricity or their cars or their gas water heaters or stoves?
  2. Millions have no jobs.
  3. Use of fuel will drop like a stone in two huge states Texas and Florida.
  4. Demand in the rest of the world is off not up.
  5. China down all year is up for Christmas but its horrible compared to growth through 2007 and now it falls back in October – use falls back – way back.

Also the ‘opec experts’ the band of marry highly payed spin doctors talking oil up over $ 50.00 today – fail to see the plunge coming as the market confirms what it knows – that the summer drive season is over – that the winter season is warm – that the use of fuel products from here to next summer is going down down down – the supply is higher and new supplies are greater than any global demand and the glut is on going – the rise in inventories will begin to return again and the market price will lock range between 37.00 and 47.00 dollars where everyone makes 100% profit over AVERAGING LIFTING COST to market of less than $ 15.00.  Prices higher than this range are legal theft and cartel induced. Not market induced and should be crimes against humanity . Price manipulation of any asset class is a crime. Or it was until 1999 December.

We believe a G 100 regulatory Economic Constitution should make it globally a crime once again.

So we see Apple up and down – buy in the dip and than soaring to all time records which is why we bought to hold it. Warren Buffet said – Apple is a stock I buy and never sell. He was asked why. He smiled and said – I LIKE APPLE is WHY.

The market may zoom to all time records into 2018 making the next SUPER CRASH greater in ratio than 2007 ever was and global.

The market may correct in October or the Spring of 2018. We are watching the issues beyond a global Debt Contagion Default event – the size or greater than Puerta Rico – as the world can only stand with its inter-linked system of risk sharing – so many debt defaults to the point the contagion and ripple effect – begins to reset balance sheets into panic as the real math the honest economics takes over from today’s fraud.

Jamie Diamond came out yesterday to say what we have told you that BITCOIN is a legal PONZI Fraud. Front Page – Head of CHASE BANK calls BITCOIN a fraud look it up on Google – it was yesterday. If your in BITCROIN and you stay in it – the blood bath you are going to experience is over the top of any bath you have taken financially in a long time. Remember we told you that over and over again.

We are part of a new global, honest, crypto currency based on COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM rule sets for the world. We will tell you when this new BITCOIN launches. We are not providing details on the secret sauce as the patent protections for this power next generation of security, global real currency, and its foundational valuation inventions, are racing around the world with the largest LAW FIRMS IN Washington DC who represent Jamie Diamond. The MAIN STREAM next generation BITCOIN is coming and the first generation products are toys by comparison and you invest in them at your own huge risk – which we have been telling you.

The enormous fund raiser for Florida and Texas took place last night. We ask all our readers to give 10 bucks to 1000 bucks ( or more if you can at year end tax time ) to the millions needing support – it is 100 Billion Dollars to rebuild these two states and it just takes all of US giving a little – HELPING HANDS on line or American Red Cross. They need blood and your donations for those with a mind set to help – it is not some one else problem when these events happen. We are so used to giving to Chile and to Bangladesh we think it is all handled in Texas and Florida – and for those with empty smashed homes no perishables surviving in refrigerators with no power by still more than 1,000,000 in Florida alone – the problem is AMERICA and those suffering are AMERICANS. The world needs to help them and I know my EU and huge Romanian following will share this in the EU and have our EU family we have helped so many times from Marshal plan after World War II to the Spanish Terror events when we sent in the FBI to help Spanish authorities to TAKE THEIR VICTORY FROM – we can use a little help from our friends right now – WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD are ONE – free of all beltways from the internet – we just love each other.

A footnote on North Korea Weds September 13th as a time check.

North Koreans do not care a bit if Donald Trump says he is going to bomb their capital. If North Korean’s hear China is going to cut off their oil and gas they freak out. The UN this week issued incremental sanctions far from the global oil gas boycott the USA and other allies wanted. Still the cut back is bankrupting North Korean Factories.

Fat Boy is insane. Who says?

I say.

Insanity has several attributes – one is – you can never rely on the fact that sanity will take responsibility for its own actions. Insanity ( say Hitler ) is always the victim ( of the Jews ) and insanity is always in rage over every consequence to its own actions for which it never not ever not once assumes responsibility for those consequences. Because that brain IS fully insane it does not see reality like sane brains and it see’s consequence as war and threat to it – versus outcome from its prior decisions and actions. Never apply ration sane criteria ( sanctions ) to insanity that has nuclear weapons. It is a failed policy model.

Second – Insanity can never be relied upon based on the forging – to take future actions that are indeed in its own best interest. Fat Boy wishes to honor his fathers dream to unify the North Korean land mass – under his own communist rule – winning the war finally. This thought it insane. However this is the insane thought driving FAT BOY actions. He is willing to sacrifice enormous people starving to death anyway – so that he can with nuclear powers now and using them – take over his land mass – show the USA as a Super Power is useless and unwilling to sacrifice its own folks given the horrors FAT BOY an now unleash not to mention he can sell NUCLEAR WEAPONS to ISIS and to Iran and to other nations to over power any sanctions we put onto him – spreading hydrogen bombs – another insane act to the world resulting from sanctions – which try to put sanity to insanity which will not work.


Sanity is narcissistic. What FAT BOY wants is to be Caesar with loral leaves. He is insane. So give him what he wants. Make him the huge winner – trade with him – welcome him in to global everything – and let him be a SUPER POWER – because we are sane and he IS a Super Power and no one can take that away from his sovereign nation – and as you let him have what he wants two things happen. First North Korea grows and becomes prosperous. Two North Korea deals and agrees’ to join other nations in preventing sale of Nukes as they get so wealthy they don’t need to. Which is all we want. The contest between nations goes down and the failed policy is replaced with a working successful policy – and stability is gained for everyone – versus – dealing with insanity – using insane policies that are proven over time to fail. Insanity on our end is DOING WHAT IS PROVEN NOT TO WORK THINKING IT MIGHT WORK THIS TIME? That is insane policy making.

So how do you force a SUPER POWER to give up your Super Powers.

Sane answer. You don’t.

None ever not ever has.

So – North Korea is failed policy and the future of that policy is bleak for economics unless the policy makers get smart and fast.