You are reading to know what is going ON OUT THERE.

Generally, Putin. Putin is flying around his legions and acting Globally as the World Leader. Calling for Dialogue with North Korea and suggesting the would EAT GRASS before they give up their nukes. He had his legions in Saudi today to impress them on dialogue with Qatar. Keep in mind you always follow the money. As I told you Hurricanes or know oil fell BACK to 47.00 dollars. All the trillions all the Kings Men and all the Kings Money can not manipulate OIL which the world is drowning in – as demand drops and supply soars for this renewing energy the Earth Shits and Farts oil coal and as – and it is making more than MAN COULD EVER USE – and fake news it is scarce is a legal theft – a hidden tax – on the cost of EVERYTHING to the elite wealthy now coming to a close. So Russia needs money> Its GNP is down its debt is soaring. It has declining income and rising costs. It is stuck. To cut off oil to North Korea and all trade is a big hit for Russia. Or to Qatar a trading partner. Russia wants trade. And they are out getting just that done for their agenda. The USA is marginalized in Putin’s world. President Trump has been fully marginalize in the EU, Gulf and Asia by President PUTIN the world leader of STATURE that has voice command and authority to the rest of the world. PUTIN has stepped into successfully fill the political vacuums of low Pressure created by the merry Go Round Team at the Wipe House the world see’s as a sit com versus a real government. The world see’s the grown ups running the USA till Trump is gone and in fact just ignoring TRUMP increasingly as a person to deal with only as required and never as desired. So the lowest approval rating President and Congress in history – can’t lead the entire world today and Putin with the highest approval ratings of any national leader in History consistently is leading commanding and with authority.

So in this time and historic period – Russia has won and is winning – and the USA is playing catch up and is not winning and is behind in everything especially hacking and digital warfare – the real World War III. One might ask – can Russia soon override our launch commands to strike back…..don’t say impossible . Just think – how can we jump over that potential in reality? Also if we lack MARS a Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION Policy how can MADD mutually assured destruction have any sane value to human kind as a thinking plan?

Russia and China wish to be the dominant COMMUNIST philosophy economy in the NEW WORLD ORDER. To get there they fight the old world order with asymmetrical war fare. This warfare is at an angle and is digital and financial. The war includes:

  1. Monetary wars from digital warfare and theft of IP to counterfeiting US dollars at a government fraud level.
  2. Manipulating prices to cause bubbles and price collapse.
  3. Borrowing as much as they can of the FREE MONEY while it lasts – they don’t intend to pay it back.
  4. Planting Trojans in all our data centers to push a button and erase all data which also can’t be re-installed. The world of trade and markets and circulation stops.
  5. To raise up North Korea and Muslim Radicals in Africa to consume oceans of resources from the WEST in an effort over time in the long game to BANKRUPT the West in oceans of debt that default contagion sinks the system and the Axis of evil rises to be the dominant economic salvation after the fact – precluding all out WAR if they can win virtually. The long game.

So you follow the money. You are in the FORCE FIVE HURRICANE of financial and economic war fare. The rip tides of one system and the other are ferocious. You have no clue how the DIGITAL WAR is being fought or the way the WEST IS FIGHTING BACK. We lost some battles. We will not lose the real war.

The IMF warned for the third time ( three stakes and economically you ARE ) OUT – on China debt. They reported in typical IMF – ese – that the China economic model:

  1. Was not sustainable
  2. Was a serious threat to the entire world system
  3. The Debt SUPER BUBBLE of bad unplayable debt was soaring
  4. The economy of CHINA was a Communist Ponzi scheme burning to the ground economically with zero fire escapes for their people.
  5. IMF demanded CHINA DEFLATE its economy from the all asset credit and debt SUPER BUBBLE or it will burst with a SUPER CRASH to the world. The next economic event is not North Korea it is China.

Do you think China wishes attention diverted to its 1.2 billion people that – its leadership is as sham – a fake – a mistake -that their economy is going to SUPER CRASH and set them back decades with no hope – their system is economically constructed on undrained swamp and has no future. Who says – THE IMF three times says. Not me. Though I’ve reported China is the WILD CARD of SUPER CRASH due to debt for ten years.

So the war goes on and you must follow the MONEY. To appreciate distraction in news from the truth in what is really taking place or you are reactive in your own game plan versus pro active and ahead of it all. Like being prepared to survive a Hurricane. We have FOUR TORNADO”s down all around Tampa and IRMA is ten hours out still. The Tornado is the IMF warning the main event is coming up as a leading edge.

Economically. Your living through the final economic war fare of failed competitive capitalism – fully wealth consolidating so that 1% own more wealth than 99% a great evil – a form of insanity for human organization theory – and communism fully competitive and same consolidation where 1% own more than 99% with a lack of full partnership and prosperity for all humans on the earth due to fake news from elites of scare resources and inabilities – to make profits from masses – like cattle. The people are not the problem. The systems are the problem. COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM engineers as. global financial system the G 100 create a first global ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION treaty for – is the solution. AN UPGRADE on economic modeling. A set of laws that provide a system that is:


  1. Circulation over consolidation of wealth
  2. Free enterprise and private ownership
  3. Entrepreneur laws to foster barrier removal to job creation world wide
  4. Prosperity fair trading rules that include all nations with no barriers to any nation
  5. Fully reporting – fully transparent – fully accountable and without secrets at all

Admitting organization economic modeling for Competitive Capitalism and communism are failed systems moving peoples into price manipulations – speculations – massive wealth consolidations – and like a Hurricane low pressure sucks capital from circulation into economic growth and investing – up into the eye of the elites until the storm falls apart and deflation hits the sea – it all falls back down.

Economic flooding occurs from DEFLATION. Nations have no tools to fight global deflation and the after storm dry up of capital circulations. War is the only way nations to date have re-inflated global economics using the still failed system models. Can we upgrade into a superior system model with all G 100 Cooperating?


To continue to compete across race – Faith – culture and political diversity lines – is fatal for humanity. Competition is a form of insanity and the one virus on human consciousness. Competitive thought is ground zero for evil – pure evil – FIRST COMPETITION with God is its unholy name – an impulse – a highly intelligent free will community that made first choice insanity. For anger blame and gossip hatred and prejudice between divine immortal creations – failing to celebrate the diversity of souls and creation is a form of insanity. The cause of all


  1. Relationship issues
  2. Parenting issues
  3. Organizational issues – home – work – community – state – nation

CAUSE is competitive thought. Cooperation and collaboration ( sanity over insanity ) produce virus free solutions to competitive induced problems. Insanity wishes to focus on the problems so they expand. The Holy Spirit wishes you to focus on God’s holy capital – INSPIRATION – and the solutions never the problems.

Paradise never moved. WE in our insanity moved out like fleeing the Hurricane.

I ponder this today as IRMA is ten hours from hitting my home with my wife and children. With all the work left to do inside the cooperation revolution. The virus can not survive ILLUMINATION. Illuminating humanity move from symptom to cause and reform THOUGHT and system modeling – cooperative organization of home work and government space.

Competition can not sustain integrity.

Cooperation can not sustain without integrity.

Competition is not of God and is insanity.

Cooperation is of the Holy Spirit and is sane.

Economically we need to evolve the final economic revolution to free human potential. It requires a three year G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS. Ideally I should be chairperson to direct cooperative solution to the rising competitive input dispelling the insanity for sanity to the participants. All of whom are carefully chosen next generation cooperative economists with the core competency to create the UPGRADED GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION.

Cooperative Capitalism will usher in a new age of Human Potential as we evolve ourselves into a peaceful – discovering – disease free – planet protecting – thriving booming space faring seed of the Earth bringing all of Earth Diversity to the stars.

Today we take our wealth and kill one another for being Hindu , Christian, Jewish, Sunni, Shite, Whabbi or Buddhist . Insanity is visible in the rip tides of consciousness.

Competition is alive. A living legion of what you would call demonic possession. Napoleon Hill of THINK & GROW RICH the most read book outside the Bible I grew up on his lap defining – wrote OUTWITTING THE DEVIL in 1937 and released it at CEO SPACE just a blip ago. Read OUTWITTING THE DEVIL and you see the living reality of thinking possession. THE ONE VIRUS OF YOUR MIND all the rest is symptom. Once you KNOW once you illuminate COMPETITION is the CAUSE you have freedom you can’t imagine. If you wish for advance tools and practices to reform your home or work space read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as a work book of the HOW TO take action box top rules to reform systems – including the world system – all in a single publication. REDEMPTION IS A BOOK that reads YOU as you read Redemption for the real REDEMPTION is your own higher consciousness and personal growth.

If you marker pen and keep a yellow pad THINGS TO DO LIST as you read Redemption your entire life will transform.

As you care you share Redemption with those awake enough to receive it. REDEMPTION IS THE VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL for the awake leadership and those waking up from the GREAT FOG of insanity.

Those who adore the virus and think Competition is good healthy sane and wholesome should not be given Redemption as you can not caste your pearl before swine too ignorant to understand the difference of a turd or a diamond. It is not their fault. Forgive that soul…for they know NOT what it is that they do…in the virus infection. Their gratification comes from BEATING another immortal soul – which in fact – is insane as it can not be achieved. ┬áThe Jay Abraham ( CEO SPACE legacy faculty ) – ultimate conundrum.

So that is all going on out there.



The rain has gone from gentle to never ever increasing. Soon to be ferocious.

The wind won’t pick up for hours. It is six hours from Naples. It is ten to 15 hours from Tampa where we live. There are FOUR TORNADO’s From the OUTTER BAND down surround Tampa right now on my weather radar.

We have our lawn funiture in the pool.

We have 200 plants some on roller boards large planeters stuff into our garage with all our outside stuff front to back. We reside in a Andrew post home that is:


  1. Hurricane Cat 4 constructed roof.
  2. Hurricane glass.
  3. Hurricane film tinted better than storm shutters they say.
  4. High ground no possibility of flooding here –
  5. Wind Damage – possible depending – we think it will be reduced by 10 tonight.

We have a cinder block home that can’t be blown away.

We have blankets and pillows into two interior hallways – no windows – surrounded by cinder block baring walls – one for the children and one for us – just in case we need 9 hours on one side – then the eye wall – then nine hours the worst nine hours on the other side. We’ll see.

90% of Hurricane deaths occur over 30 years of record review from AFTER STORM deaths due to lightening – drowning – critters – live power wires often submerged – collapse of buildings – etc. Survivors need to BE ALERT that the death % is after the storm as it remains super dangerous for days following big events in weather like this as death tolls soar.

So the Storm remains – better than it could have been coming direct assure as a CAT 5. Coming on line at Cat 3 diminishing – means – we dodged a huge bullet in two ways.

  1. The storm Track is a bullet that is nothing like it COULD HAVE been going up the spine of Florida. That is HUGE.
  2. The Storm is rapidly depreciating its strength now and still bad to be sure is nothing like 187 mile winds or 150 mile winds – a huge bullet dodged by prayer.

Thank you all for praying.

I’m back to Sunday in gratitude for the solution versus the problem.


Berny Dohrmann – Sunday Thinking about what IS REALLY going on OUT THERE