I say pray the storm EAST as it was moving East on all the smarty pant tracking charts 48 hours ago. Since I got millions praying it East – it turned WEST and never stopped. Its moving West NOW. If it keeps going west 90 miles out of Miami it misses Miami by 100 miles. If it keeps going WEST it will miss Tampa where I live by 300 miles 30 hours from right about now when Sunday night – BAM. My lawn furniture is I the pool in anticipation. 200 Plants are in my garage where my outside is now inside.

My neighbor dropped off a case of water. Go figure for neighbors go TIM.

He’s a builder and dropped by to inspect our preparedness level. He says we are good.

If it hugs the coast Tampa is going to be destroyed I suspect.

Still its a long way out yet really.

If my truly Dyslectic readership can continue to PRAY WEST and look at your hands – I don’t meant right when I say left or left when I say right like my wife Dyslectic maniac does while driving – I”m saying WEST NOT not EAST as if you turn it back it runs up my coast.

We defeated all the experts.

All five to tracking charts and computer models were absolutely wrong. 100%. Wrong.

Will the current track be any more accurate?


Are you kidding me?

Unless you were on the 40 hour drives to leave Florida with no gas no food along you way no hotels – you just can’t know how bad it has been with 1000 miles of highway bomber to bomber with no one moving at all – shoulders and emergency lanes open fully – for three full days trying to accommodate 6 million folks leaving a state of 22 million – third largest richest population in the USA. Better safe than sorry.

Last direct hit in Tampa Bay my home 1927.

90% property loss the place was destroyed.

10,000 -people lived in Tampa Bay I that last one.

Over 3 million live in Tampa Bay now – its grow a bit.

Watch the news – your about to see SUNDAY NIGHT our TIME it Hits Tampa.

Naples and southern towns along the coast are going to be destroyed as no storm in Florida in 25 years at least.

Wait for it……….( west my readers – pray the sucker WEST – your doing good your just dyslectic )

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping it real for you – ( hey nothing wrong with Dyslectia my wife nothing at all )