Not reported daily but ISIS is having its;


  1. Leadership
  2. Brains
  3. Communication systems
  4. Money
  5. Manpower
  6. Technology
  7. Equiptment

De-boweled. The guts are all over the  floor which is only sand anyway. The patient is dead dead dead looking around in surprise.

Insanity never even knows when its dead.

So the temporary few years of a historic blip called ISIS will not be a bit item in history. It will be a gang of insane brains that had a run for a few years then was destroyed. They failed in their everything. They failed in their message calling to only insane brains they failed in their economics they failed in their failed planning they failed their everything. ISIS is a failed idea. The only floor trash is the mopping up the remaining insane brains increasing running for the mountains and a new life outside ISIS. Or they are dead.

So this month ISIS died. In every possible way especially as a compelling idea. ISIS is sewer of an idea – a pimple on the face of an insane brain. Pop goes the weasel.

ISIS is dead folks it is all mopping up today. Will there be some terror lone attacks. You bet. Will that matter. No. We lose more to flu and swine flu we lose more to car wrecks and pedestrian accidents we lose more to rock climbing accidents. ISIS just makes us mad they fail to terrorize any of us. They are just weak cowardly failures. Sub Human thought forms. There is no importance to ISIS.

They will not even be remembered.

They have met horrible endings as insane folks do when they act out violently.

By By Isis – nice try.

Failed madness.

Meanwhile the markets are hostage to the CONGRESS Of the United States. Until the constitutional job – the congress has broken the law to not perform- namely:

  1. Pass the United States budget annually without delays.
  2. Raise the debt ceiling on spending Congress approved – and clean.

Clean means no punishing riders are inserted by hundreds of pages into a clean short bill to increase the US Debt Ceiling to the levels that accommodate the spending the congress already approved. Creating market pain and loss and suffering for the American People while Congress fails to discharge their duties is a CRIME.

One TORT LAW FIRM can filed the MOTHER OF ALL TORTS in the District of Columbia for all 300 million of US as a certified class – and impeach the congress who has lost immunity due to their crimes – and failure to discharge the cosntitution – and start fresh with special elections and a new congress.

If Congress is broken revolutionize Congress and start fresh.

530 people are not in charge WE ARE IN CHARGE.

US readers write your congress person on line this week – and state – PASS THE BUDBET AND A CLEAN DEBT CEILING BILL – numbers matter. Don’t read and do nothing . Read and BE SOMETHING.

Berny Dohrmann – Following the Congress as we reach deadlines in September




So Trump is NOT going to scrap NAFTA. He is going to seek negotiating concessions.

Trump is not going to SHUT DOWN THE GOV if congress sends him a clean debt ceiling bill.

Or a Budget.

He will negotiate and empower his Republican team.

He controls agenda’s in media. In 18 months there has not been ONE SINGLE TWO WEEK SPAN in which agenda shifting did not flow from media – say on Trump’s indictment and impeachment – into – another story Trump took over GLOBAL MEDIA with a. single sound byte.

He cares less if YOU love him or HATE HIM.

There are two levels of TRUMP.

One – Public – his base – and media. He manages that with least time least tweets and controls agendas with less than an hour expended to do it. No Media President since John Kennedy has controlled media agenda and global media entirely like TRUMP – not even close. It is a phenomenon.

Two – Trump behind the scenes is not the guy you see in public. He is respected and better liked than you might consider. 100 hour weeks Trump is making deals, working globally, and doing the agenda of his nation. He has issues with Congress who for the first time in history has not performed their legal obligation with 1000 unfilled government jobs because they won’t do their required constitutional job of approving appointee’s who then hire and fill vacancies. It is more limbo for doing governance than any administration in history. Congress is now breaking the law. But Trump doesn’t care and is managing around it. Democrats think they have a shoe in for the mid year election. Trump plans to surprise them and increase Republican controls of the Congress and slam dunk the remainder of his administration. It is the biggest war in history of revolutionary outsiders against the establishment insider deep state. Behind the scenes that REVOLUTION is taking place with all the spin blow back on trump as Super Money Revolutionary’s are at war with insider establishment.  The future of HOW AMERICA WILL TRULY BE RUN is unfolding. The united blow back of the establishment to destroy Trump is under way. He cares less about that as he works to tear their foundation apart. We all are watching the outside without seeing the real inside.

Bannon – a revolutionary far right ring thinker – is basically diminished. His core following always will be present. His base has fled to other’s. Bannon is marginalized. His capacity his outreach reached a peak during the election and will wane fast today. Bannon is not Andrew Brietbrat his mentor and my dear friend. Remember the line in a long ago Presidential debate – …and Sir you are NO JACK KENNEDY. I knew jack Kennedy.

I say to Mr. Bannon with all due respect sir, you are NO ANDREW BRIETBART and I knew Andrew sir. He had his day in the sun. The eclipse happened last week for him. He will never return to the apogee of his power. He will aging into his 70’s – play BLOG and do his thing but his media control powers – his influence – his CORE RESPECT – has fractured by frankly unrequited contests that did not help the first months of Donald Trump’s President. Bannon hurt the Presidency he helped elect and like all mildly mentally extreme thinkers he ability as a definition of brains not totally in sanity attributes they never not ever take responsibility for their own actions or their consequence.

Where does that leave us with Donald Trump?

I would feel less on quick sand if one President from any party would apologize to the American People for the pain they cause THEM. President Clinton. President Trump. Any of them. Just say your sorry as say in Iraq – no mission WAS ACCOMPLISHED. A nightmare was accomplished at the greatest cost in debt to use and blood and guts. I’m sorry for not letting Sadam just leave – would have gone a long way. But they in power never say they are sorry. Sanity dictates responsibility in extreme for actions and an apology here and there is display of that mental hardware or its lack of.

But then the world has that problem with leadership. The crises I have been preaching now is not the crises of LEADERSHIP. It is a crises of integrity. The world knows integrity and its compromises. We respect even in disagreement integrity. When we see its absence we all simply turn our backs and mentally state – there we go again.

Today the market went down on what. They media reports Trump’s remarks. I state housing fell 9% more than anytime in 7 months in the middle of the summer housing peak season. If housing sales dropped in the summer peak – what is looking forward like? Has the US ECONOMY Peaked with the ERROR ( they will never apologize for ) of taking a totally weak fragile economy and raising interest – stopping stimulation and bond buying – and beginning next month to sell crap bonds by trillions back into world markets – before the bond bubble burst and they can’t get their price – is the fed insane? They are causing the weak economy to crack and fall apart. The fall as we told you will be abrupt and massive. We are not out of any woods yet.

Today the Fed has no more cards to play. No one trusts them. The crises of integrity has caught up to poker player Janet Yellin and her FAILED utterly FAILED POLICIES. Now economically the piper in the worlds largest SUPER BUBBLE in every and all asset classes starting with the Mount Everest of super bubble in BONDS – and ETF trading – ( short ETF’s as I’ve said for some time ) – will burst. When it truly bursts it is going to be a massive blood bath. It can be worse than the Great Depression globally far worse as trade and globalization stop and every nation is circling wagons for itself. The USA always the best place to be in such cases.

The solution – own your own business and join CEO SPACE Oct 3rd Disney World to build SAFE HARBOR for the financial storms and your own life style – a sea wall from the waves – or not. Go it alone or join an army and protect yourself. Check out http://www.ceospace.net. 

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Or go it alone. Share this item so everyone can learn to Speak Trump a bit more fluently .

Either way I’m hear for you as you share this blog site with your tribe who really want to keep up with WHAT IS GOING ON OUT THERE.



PS: We see a dip in markets coming with a run back up by super money with a Super Crash after Apple runs it all up this fall – but lets wait and see its early yet and SUPER CRASH is not here YET !




I’ve told you and I’ve told you that the GROW UP Super elite Super Wealth are all on vacation. They return after Labor Day. The Super Money is not playing right now like you suspect. It gets BALLS ON SERIOUS after Labor Day. If we get through October without a Super Crash we will see this market spike back to record highs by year end or close enough. We told you August would be the CRUEL month. August the volatility would swing wild. The Fear Index would swing wild. Oil would go DOWN. There is no inflation the Fed is lying to you.

WE told you the market would move around like a drunker sailor in August. Remember or scroll and read how many times we told you.

Pin Point right for our readers.

Now settle down. Earnings are coming in. Up from first quarter. I bought Apple in the DIP. I tell you to do it. I did it . You should do it. I anticipate soaring profits for Apple by March with the new introductions this fall going beyond any demand – like a sling shot pulled back for years from the largest most loyal customers on the planet just vibrating for the UPGRADES. Me too. They will be awesome.

I look at my non apple friends and how slow – how many freeze ups – lost data – lost productivity – reboots – how much pain in click use versus joy and I think – why does anyone not just move over to apple. You have so much fund and your personal productivity rises effortless with joy and smiles. You all wonder when you switch why didn’t I do that sooner. Apple. I bet on Apple but thats me.

Now then – settle down children. There there. Becalm. The Grown Ups world wide come back soon. Let them settle in. You’ll see huge changes than. Have a GREAT Labor Day.

If you are joining CEO SPACE for October 3rd – do not miss the sale over after Labor Day best of year for you. World wide. I’m just saying. Phone the number on the CEO SPACE WEB SITE To get service or email emorgan@ceospaceinternational.com. BAM.

Meanwhile the news will be a bit FAKE till next quarter. We’ll keep reporting to you. You’ll remain so far ahead.

AFTER Labor Day:

  1. We believe a fresh new White House will get deals done with congress.
  2. We believe the Debt Ceiling will be passed.
  3. We believe a budget will be passed.
  4. We believe tax reform will be passed.
  5. We believe health reform and more will be addressed.

We believe Congress is likely to reset the entire world. If they do that it frankly changes everything don’t you think. If not we’ll report the same dysfunction.

We think Trump Train Team are settling in. We think Congress will speed up Trump appointments to their job after breaking the law to delay for over half a year. I think CHANGE IS in the wind. I think Bannon will slaughter those who oppose governance at any price. Like bad salmon spoiling on a hot Seatle Street…I’m in the air flying to our San Francisco CEO SPACE communities in the Bay Area. Live from Delta.

A short time after Barcelona the crazy brains are dead. The van drive is dead. A + for Spanish law enforcement. Remember when I wrote you 72 hours ago to let the GROWN UPS have this. They have it. God Is Greatest the van driver screamed as he died – at age 20 – only he will never see God. He’ll see how he was fooled by crazy brains as he meets the FATHER OF CRAZY whom he worshiped. ISIS worships the Devil and reaps what all who DO receive. Sanity over insanity. We already know who wins.

The market is in August month end Holiday end – final period before the SUPER MONEY RETURNS. Then we will see as we believe SEPTEMBER trading will soar on dips and deals today. We’ll see. Its not over until the FAT MAN SINGS ( that’s the other bad kid in North Korea another Crazy brain. ). War Games are ON in North Korea. Trump is ON THAT. If Fat Boy belches Trump is going to fart.

Its not pretty folks but we have to see who has more gas.

May the winner take a deep breadth.

I’m thousands of miles from them all thinking – I drove my Chevy to the Levy but the Levy was dry – I stood while liking my American Pie and I sure knelt down and was ready to cry …the day the music DIED.

Only folks that is NOT TODAY.



PS: Celebrate Labor world wide – LABOR makes our world and everyone of us needs to respect and be grateful to proud labor every nation everywhere. Spanish Law enforcement labor especially today.


Barcalona Spain THEY GOT HIM


The 20 year old Kid that loved running to death a third of a mile of on vacation mothers seniors and children !


Monday they GOT HIM . Some reports say alive . Others they shot him .  Still coming in as I take off today . For West Coast speaking tour . He cried out as they DO GOD IS GREAT . Unclear if driver is caught or dead  .


Now HE discovers this is not a video game .

His 20 something life is NOT going to level 14 on some digital reality .

Adult consequence .

Math . They pay costs that are 1000 lives to one . Do the crazy math .

Such life losers . A dying breed these insane brains .

The Amman who radicalized this boy was blown up in the space over 100 gas bombs were waiting for deployment . If you blaspheme the word of God and Allah with your crazy brain Allah if you corrupt his innocent children deletes you into eternal insane asylum .

Of God are victors not so much the crazy Brain LOSERS !

End Game crazy Isis we are coming to delete your crazy Brains . Pass this around and defect to the winning side !

Runnnnn !

Berny Dohrmann HAPPY DANCING on Eclipse flight for Spanish law enforcement and people …













A criminal organization of a small gang of thugs runs North Korea a small national cult nation. China has sub contracted MADE IN CHINA to North Korea supporting its 3.5 % growth in annual 2017 GNP after sanctions. How bad is it?

Its bad. As China is not cutting all that back. Why? Prices rise and they lose even more business and they are loosing a ton to other Asia nations yearly – run on CHINA continues. Only communist currency controls pause the flight of capital in recent years.  China borrows 300% more than it makes year after year – making the USA look like a solid granite economy by comparison. How sustainable is THAT folks as the communist plan for economics? DO I have to CHART This item for YOU. With 100 trillion in NON REPORTING bad debt. China is an illusion. Economically.

Fat Boy runs one of the largest illegal drug carets ( A NATION IN ILLEGAL DRUGS ) flooding the EU and America with pills – heroin – meth – and every possible drug. Home delivery on line assured.

This multi billion dollar INDUSTRY floods Asia with opium dens and traditional illegal drugs. We know of no multi dimensional full service unlimited global supply equal to North Korea. North Korea warfare consists of addicting its enemies.

North Korea is the largest counterfeiter of US Currency minting untold billions in illegal forged US currency flooding the market for forgery. The majority of EU and USA currency forgery ( used by China and Russia we suspect ) in trade settlements is laundered by the AXIS of EVIL within a coordinated economic warfare. We in turn are sinking their currency with latest serious sanctions a 1/3 lop off their legal trading. However the gang of thieves the criminal mob doesn’t care all that much as the majority of their income is from illegal commerce.

The SANCTION just make North Korea get paid less while ti black markets its coal and output to the world. Lowest bid you know.

Tony doesn’t care. About laws and sanctions they are criminal master minds.

Fat Boy is a criminal master mind Chairman of the largest criminal organization next to Putin in the world today.

Fat Boy and his criminals are the largest illegal hackers in the world selling the stolen IP for billions in black markets.

Increasingly Fat Boy and the NK GANG is selling illegal weapons soon to include untold billions in black market selling of nukes of all sizes – and chemical and germ weapons. Legally proving North Korea is selling them waits to FIRST STRIKE when the signature becomes clear especially with Nukes. Instant consequence then begins and the gang is gone.

The Gang does not wish to see FAT BOY removed because they are all making far too much money and having way too much fun doing it. Their threats and politics keep North Korea in the news and keeps the news off reporting consistently on the largest criminal organization outside of Russia in the world today. Nations that have been hijacked and no longer enjoy rule of law but operate with rule of dictator.

The criminals control all news to their brain washed people so they can’t THINK it all through because they lack the truth.

North Korea is the most corrupt and the least rule of law.

Fat Boy has as a criminal master mind risen to the top of CRIME in the world today.

Are the criminals insane?

Yes. Always.

Sanity would let the make profits inside the rule of law and enjoy enormous prosperity for their people the MANY FOR THE MANY is sane.

The FEW AGAINST THE MANY is never sustainable long term – always leads to war – always which is insanity in its top form – and yes the criminal gang at the top is psychotic.

If you take your relatives and leaders who raised you from birth out in the AM and in front of all the leaders under your gang of criminal leadership – kill one man with multiple anti aircraft batteries leaving a lesson for all to see – you are not sane. You are fully inane.

A criminal insanity.

Well understood in the world today.

We have dealt with the Criminals as a legitimate nation.

No longer.

Today  they must remain in double lines increasingly isolated or they will be removed.

Next WEEK the war games our largest yet in South Korea commence. Will North Korea criminals as they always do light of a nuke or a missile. We think yes. Will we shoot it down. We think yes. But maybe not.

Will they send off missiles to Guam. If they do the immediate response while they are in the air shows insanity committing suicide. BAM.

So tensions will remain high because President Trump is serious as a cat on a hot tin roof and Fat Boy well knows it. Trump speaks Fat Boys only language – poke a stick in his eye.

But with the insane as I’ve written over and over there is one rule of the sane:


SO what do WE DO.

We trust the EU and Asia and American allies and GROWN UPS World wide . And we live our life.

The solo ISIS dying brand – is soon going to dye off.

The North Korea issue will come to the deal table or commit suicide in a POWER HOUR.


That is what Mathis means when he says OVERWHELMING POWER against minimal force.

But they are INSANE.

The sane have North Korea surrounded and their crimes are being now moved upon seriously by law enforcement as never before watch that take place. As the US moves to FED BIT COIN and the dollar is replaced – look – universal income in the future and look no counterfeiting at all. The DIGITAL DOLLAR becomes the leading reserve currency for 100’s of years if its pulled off well. Always moving forward America.

Keep in mind you heard all this FIRST right here as you share this blog truth world wide.