Not reported daily but ISIS is having its;


  1. Leadership
  2. Brains
  3. Communication systems
  4. Money
  5. Manpower
  6. Technology
  7. Equiptment

De-boweled. The guts are all over the  floor which is only sand anyway. The patient is dead dead dead looking around in surprise.

Insanity never even knows when its dead.

So the temporary few years of a historic blip called ISIS will not be a bit item in history. It will be a gang of insane brains that had a run for a few years then was destroyed. They failed in their everything. They failed in their message calling to only insane brains they failed in their economics they failed in their failed planning they failed their everything. ISIS is a failed idea. The only floor trash is the mopping up the remaining insane brains increasing running for the mountains and a new life outside ISIS. Or they are dead.

So this month ISIS died. In every possible way especially as a compelling idea. ISIS is sewer of an idea – a pimple on the face of an insane brain. Pop goes the weasel.

ISIS is dead folks it is all mopping up today. Will there be some terror lone attacks. You bet. Will that matter. No. We lose more to flu and swine flu we lose more to car wrecks and pedestrian accidents we lose more to rock climbing accidents. ISIS just makes us mad they fail to terrorize any of us. They are just weak cowardly failures. Sub Human thought forms. There is no importance to ISIS.

They will not even be remembered.

They have met horrible endings as insane folks do when they act out violently.

By By Isis – nice try.

Failed madness.

Meanwhile the markets are hostage to the CONGRESS Of the United States. Until the constitutional job – the congress has broken the law to not perform- namely:

  1. Pass the United States budget annually without delays.
  2. Raise the debt ceiling on spending Congress approved – and clean.

Clean means no punishing riders are inserted by hundreds of pages into a clean short bill to increase the US Debt Ceiling to the levels that accommodate the spending the congress already approved. Creating market pain and loss and suffering for the American People while Congress fails to discharge their duties is a CRIME.

One TORT LAW FIRM can filed the MOTHER OF ALL TORTS in the District of Columbia for all 300 million of US as a certified class – and impeach the congress who has lost immunity due to their crimes – and failure to discharge the cosntitution – and start fresh with special elections and a new congress.

If Congress is broken revolutionize Congress and start fresh.

530 people are not in charge WE ARE IN CHARGE.

US readers write your congress person on line this week – and state – PASS THE BUDBET AND A CLEAN DEBT CEILING BILL – numbers matter. Don’t read and do nothing . Read and BE SOMETHING.

Berny Dohrmann – Following the Congress as we reach deadlines in September