I’ve told you and I’ve told you that the GROW UP Super elite Super Wealth are all on vacation. They return after Labor Day. The Super Money is not playing right now like you suspect. It gets BALLS ON SERIOUS after Labor Day. If we get through October without a Super Crash we will see this market spike back to record highs by year end or close enough. We told you August would be the CRUEL month. August the volatility would swing wild. The Fear Index would swing wild. Oil would go DOWN. There is no inflation the Fed is lying to you.

WE told you the market would move around like a drunker sailor in August. Remember or scroll and read how many times we told you.

Pin Point right for our readers.

Now settle down. Earnings are coming in. Up from first quarter. I bought Apple in the DIP. I tell you to do it. I did it . You should do it. I anticipate soaring profits for Apple by March with the new introductions this fall going beyond any demand – like a sling shot pulled back for years from the largest most loyal customers on the planet just vibrating for the UPGRADES. Me too. They will be awesome.

I look at my non apple friends and how slow – how many freeze ups – lost data – lost productivity – reboots – how much pain in click use versus joy and I think – why does anyone not just move over to apple. You have so much fund and your personal productivity rises effortless with joy and smiles. You all wonder when you switch why didn’t I do that sooner. Apple. I bet on Apple but thats me.

Now then – settle down children. There there. Becalm. The Grown Ups world wide come back soon. Let them settle in. You’ll see huge changes than. Have a GREAT Labor Day.

If you are joining CEO SPACE for October 3rd – do not miss the sale over after Labor Day best of year for you. World wide. I’m just saying. Phone the number on the CEO SPACE WEB SITE To get service or email BAM.

Meanwhile the news will be a bit FAKE till next quarter. We’ll keep reporting to you. You’ll remain so far ahead.

AFTER Labor Day:

  1. We believe a fresh new White House will get deals done with congress.
  2. We believe the Debt Ceiling will be passed.
  3. We believe a budget will be passed.
  4. We believe tax reform will be passed.
  5. We believe health reform and more will be addressed.

We believe Congress is likely to reset the entire world. If they do that it frankly changes everything don’t you think. If not we’ll report the same dysfunction.

We think Trump Train Team are settling in. We think Congress will speed up Trump appointments to their job after breaking the law to delay for over half a year. I think CHANGE IS in the wind. I think Bannon will slaughter those who oppose governance at any price. Like bad salmon spoiling on a hot Seatle Street…I’m in the air flying to our San Francisco CEO SPACE communities in the Bay Area. Live from Delta.

A short time after Barcelona the crazy brains are dead. The van drive is dead. A + for Spanish law enforcement. Remember when I wrote you 72 hours ago to let the GROWN UPS have this. They have it. God Is Greatest the van driver screamed as he died – at age 20 – only he will never see God. He’ll see how he was fooled by crazy brains as he meets the FATHER OF CRAZY whom he worshiped. ISIS worships the Devil and reaps what all who DO receive. Sanity over insanity. We already know who wins.

The market is in August month end Holiday end – final period before the SUPER MONEY RETURNS. Then we will see as we believe SEPTEMBER trading will soar on dips and deals today. We’ll see. Its not over until the FAT MAN SINGS ( that’s the other bad kid in North Korea another Crazy brain. ). War Games are ON in North Korea. Trump is ON THAT. If Fat Boy belches Trump is going to fart.

Its not pretty folks but we have to see who has more gas.

May the winner take a deep breadth.

I’m thousands of miles from them all thinking – I drove my Chevy to the Levy but the Levy was dry – I stood while liking my American Pie and I sure knelt down and was ready to cry …the day the music DIED.

Only folks that is NOT TODAY.



PS: Celebrate Labor world wide – LABOR makes our world and everyone of us needs to respect and be grateful to proud labor every nation everywhere. Spanish Law enforcement labor especially today.