ISIS remaining leaders less than 15 now – former SADAM GENERALS – are being hunted and bombed every single day. They must sleep in different hide holes every single night. Change locations being bombed several times a day. Attacks in Barcelona and Russia ( today ) were planned months ago by these insane thugs. In Russia their insane solo knifed seven and was shot deader than a rock. There is this issue I’ve raised about the insane. They kill one and so many of them die. 1000’s to one. Is this sane?

They gain nothing economically.

They gain nothing politically.

They gain nothing religiously. They to not defend SUNNi’s they enslave Sunni’s and rape them.

They gain nothing but death.

Today the real estate for the insane is being reduced to insane island from insane nation. Their main bases of operation financially MOSUL and RAPPA are being taken from them. Thousands left in RAPPA are surrounded and are being killed 100’s a week. Sometimes a day.

They now can’t feed their soldiers. They can not replace their ammo and weapons. They can not get new recruits to replace those dying. They are all dying. They are a small gang of LOSERS. Insane brains.

Now when the last of a insane gang is up in a dead end canyon surrounded – they lash out. Their internet solo contacts are being killed off captured and also destroyed. Yes it is horrific this war. But do the math.

Billions of sane WE THE PEOPLE are united against the insane.

A billion Muslim faithful are united sane against the insane.

Millions are hunting the insane to extinction.

Crazy insane losers.

They THINK as damaged brains. They are not fixable.

This insanity requires delete.

The Arab community is winning.

ISIS has already lost. There is no recovery. Not possible.

Terror may continue for a generation until sanity is cultural.

Insanity losers will get tired of losing and death with no future no life no life.

The idea of a CALIPH is opposed by all legal nations in the community. As insane.

The idea is dying out.

They have lost at every level.

Historically leaving a “it is not important” not to history – pimple popped in recent times moving forward with the puss now drying up.

Billions of us shop, play, raise our children, and pay them no attention at all.

Ideally media in the future would cease all reports about them. This isolation of media would as a conspiracy of sanity deprive them of the one item they require to survive – media sensational attention. To keep a trickle of recruits and a trickle of funding now a great river down to a creek now a stream and soon drying up altogether entirely as it is right now. They lost.

Media can put the nail in their coffin as G 100 public policy. The net takes them off – the media takes them off – bam they have no life remaining. The sane thing to do. Accelerate insanity perishing. Helping out teams of sane to do their work.

The only result of their insanity is:

  • We are more grateful than ever for our lives
  • We are NOT AFRAID of them – we have far more likely to effect from car wrecks flu and an accidental fall. Terror? Do the math. WE ARE NOT AFRIAD OF YOU.
  • We are grateful for our country our children our nation our life style.
  • We elevate gratitudes.
  • We are united world wide in gratitude together billions of us.
  • We just want peace cooperation and no competition

Russia – we are one with you today and sorry ISIS did their stab seven – and lose what – thousands upon thousands of insane brains in RAPPA? Russia you do the math so well keep it up we love you for it.

Barcelona you are ripping them and tearing them apart in the EU – keep it up we love you for it.

Billions send you prayers. We are ONE.

They are fighting internally in leadership and dying. They are a HOUSE DIVIDED THAT CAN NOT ANY LONGER STAND.

This is the very last of the losers last gasp.

THAT is what you are all seeing as we return next month from Vacation and they expire utterly by our own Holidays. They are LOST and dying.

We are the victorious and winners.

As it should be. Who is in charge. Their God or Our GOD?

The answer is AMEN.

Gratitude for God for defining divine timing in all things. Satan and evil as Satan is first insanity – is defeated – as always because Satan never could DO THE MATH.

God has a perfect game board – perfect score card – and massive victory always.

We are all grateful for our higher power today.

Victory is unto the LORD.

Berny Dohrmann – DO THE MATH for Russia today