So today the liberal communist news network – CNN fake news the world by mis stating Bannon’s own words. Bannon is going to WAR WITH TRUMP ENEMIES. Bannon is NOT as CNN reports this weekend going to war with the White House. Or as they reported is Cohn leaving the Trump Train . The false news FROM CNN sunk the markets by a trillion dollars and no tort against them ? Hey law firms your missing the gold egg here.

Cnn falsely ( again like always ) spun this story to suggest BANNON is going after the White House.

Really? Seriously? The two are connected beyond blood and bones to a REVOLUTION against the SUPER MONEY ELITE DEEP STATE  and old establishment. You KNOW that war is the only real story?

The strategy is that Free of politics and the confinement of the White House where Steve Bannon “IS” the story – now Steve Bannon free of such confinement –  thanks to his mentor my friend Andrew – last name Steve’s web site – is going to use NUKES on Trump Enemies and the DEEP STATE including CNN for sure. He is going to change the house and senate at the mid year. He is going to surprise the polls and spin doctors and fake news. He is going to control the news the media and the agenda FOR TRUMP. He is going to destroy democratic old guard old establishment in 2018. He is so excited to be unleashed. Again. He built the TRUMP TRAIN he is never derailing his own victories.

He is going to attack CNN as they have never not ever been attacked before. Watch this war. Remember you heard that here. FOX this is YOUR story actually.

Again I’m not taking sides.

I’m reporting the TRUTH so you can see so clearly how to read news and the rule is almost to a story:

  1. Read the story.
  2. Pretend the story was the opposite.
  3. Get on line the opposite agenda.

Far Left CNN. Establishment SUPER MONEY elite and deep state voice.

Right Fox News.Revolution SUPER MONEY ELITE against deep state voice.

Liberal all the rest. DEEP STATE World wide anti trump progranda coordinated in war.

More in middle but still with anti trump agenda BBC. Also in the war.

Israeli news not so much against Trump. A worthy check up.

And see the REVERSE OF THE STORY always closer to the truth before your mind buys in or makes any decision. SAY I AM I “AM” BEING MANIPULATED BY SUPER MONEY WHERE IS THE REVERSE AND TRUTH IN THE WAR SPIN? Now you have it folks.

Swallow the video and printed word as SET UPS and SPIN by SUPER MONEY AGENDA’s and they control YOU which is their agenda. Our news has been hi jacked from the days of Walter Cronkite and real news hero’s of two decades ago in unfolding ELITE WAR FARE in digital SUPER CHANGE.

Today it is all about five minute PACKET RATINGS to the BREAK to elevate next FIVE MINUTE PACKET VIEWER STATS to assure ratings bring in maximum billable ad dollars. News exists to hypnotize us and revert us with sensation true or not to assure MINDLESS CONSUMER CRAP is sold successfully. That is what NEWS is today.

So put on your blog glasses.

Read with new 20/20 truth vision restored to you.

When you read – your mind should go:


  1. Consider the source.
  2. Consider it is fake news again.
  3. Consider I have to get other views.
  4. Consider it is SUPER MONEY elites against SUPER MONEY Elites.
  5. Consider is the old establishment deep state against a REVOLUTION.

Tell your mind to read – this is pure entertainment it is not real nor is it true or honest.

Steve Bennet is NOT at war with the White House Communist News Network CNN.

Steve Bannon is at war with YOU UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL CNN. Now without being the story he will assure your lies and deceits and fake news your brand your credibility so seven months without real challenge are NOW THE STORY itself.

I’m not taking sides.

I’m journalistic telling you the truth as an economist.

The REVOLUTION against the establishment just sent out its greatest high tech battle ship.

My last call with Andrew in Southern California – was about Press he was about to host ( after he destroyed Acorn as a Obama vote # 1 gathering machine years in development – billions in their donations driven up – long time supporting major brands left in droves ) —- Berny I’ve got what will now destroy the administration itself. Hours later he died walking on the streets in perfect health – no heart problems ever – of a heart attack. I never thought that was a coincidence as the war of the REVOLUTION against the DEEP STATE to return America to constitutional law is a real WAR. People die in the real war.

Steve Bannon is now commander in Chief of the largest REVOLUTIONARY Battle ship ever created and he is about to unleash next week actually – the heaviest ammunition ever unleashed against Trump enemies and the SUPER MONEY establishment elite.

I’m helping my readers to see with new prescription lenses what is going on out there. Read CNN today and you see Steve Bannon is at war with the White House. As true as CNN lies about Cohn leaving the White House that did more to drop a trillion dollars out of the stock market – than anything ever. I bought Apple in the Dip Friday you? I DO what I tell you.

If you read Fox News you got the story on CNN inside out. The MEDIA wars of SUPER MONEY ELITE AGAINST SUPER MONEY ELITE is on. Only now the TRUTH is going to be Steve Bannon’s weapon along with the breaking of laws to destroy President Trump. The enemy for Trump – knows the real story.

They are meeting all over America before Labor Day to figure out how to get ahead of it – manage it – and build bomb shelters to protect themselves. My recommendation to Steve as it was to Andrew – Andrew why are you sharing this on open lines you know where it goes in 60 minute loops? I say to Steve – hire private security in sufficiency to survive in the war you chose to lead out front in son. IT is not safe out there at this level of SUPER MONEY and a REVOLUTION of establishment.

The new world order is not the issue today not just yet.

The NEW BELTWAY ORDER is the issue RIGHT NOW into 2018 which effects the world …the AMERICAN SPRING IS ON.

By Labor Day the street stuff you see will all die down.

The story will shift as Congress returns.

They can’t keep alive two minority views bashing it out with one another alive lone nor is that issue a TRUMP Issue at all. SUPER MONEY is financing it all. FOLLOW THE MONEY. This is WAR. Media war. Political war. Deep State against the REVOLUTIONARIES. Nothing is what it seems. Its all war propaganda for an entirely NEW BELT WAY ORDER or preservation of the old SUPER MONEY order which legally stole the constitution the United States.

So the WAR IS ONE.

STEVE BANNON the Giant most technically advanced war fare destroyer for the REVOLUTION is released upon the great political sea tracking targets this weekend. The destroyer will fire week after week. With the most massive Super Money financed weapon systems ever created.

CNN will be in the sites of these massive weapons as they have no shielding and Steve Bannon is out of their range to strike. They are defenseless in this new warfare adrift upon the political sea thinking they have power.


In our opinion – watch for this warfare today and read the news now with far more intelligence and discernment of what is REALLY GOING ON OUT THERE. Believe nothing until you have sufficient information to assure the truth rises up by THINKING YOURSELF. If THEY control your emotions and conclusions which is their spoon feeding science of hypnotic design for you marching off the plank to their agenda. So be it. If you THINK and control your own CHOICE AND DECISION by THINKING this is war.

Which side are you on.

The old SUPER MONEY establishment? And think that Trump is set up by them in war fare propaganda and nothing on that tidal wave of war progranda is the TRUTH.

Or the REVOLUTIONARY SIDE working to bring back the US CONSTITUTION.

Seen that way this is the most important time of the past 200 years in the world and in place called AMERICA.

You know which side you want to play on and it is your right to chose and make the nation you wish for the future. The WAR will be bloody and awful. Don’t sit it out. Chose and work hard for your side of choice.


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the truth on the REAL WAR for you today


PS: My son from Bagdad Iraq – two tour United States Marine Sniper Team Leader. purple heart awarded and more – said on sat phone not that many years back – Dad CNN is called the Communist News Network for their untrue reports of what is going on in Iraq – by USMC’s. How can a news outlet present lies versus truth in their story always lying over time as I’m here and we all see? I said to my 23 year old young Ltd leader – son welcome to your adulthood. You don’t have to go to Iraq to read with higher perspective for what is TRUE and going in in political outright warfare. You know this all sides – you know this. I am just reminding you – share my blog will you – truth is refreshing and empowering.