1. Trump controls media since Spring of 2016. Think of the TRUMP TRAIN as the HOTTEST Media show in the world. Everyone is making record all time numbers – having record all time user eye balls – twitter – social – print – electronic – TV and NEWS. The HIGHEST RATED SHOW ON EARTH EVER – THE TRUMP TRAIN. Love him or hate him you ARE watching the show. If media try to control the agenda TRUMP TAKES IT BACK. He takes it back from Barcelona from any agenda. HE CONTROLS THE MEDIA and is winning like no one in the White House ever. Not since Kennedy has anyone owned media and hey that was the CUBAN CRISES HAIR TRIGGER TO ALL OUT ATOMIC WAR WITH RUSSIA. With only three channels. Not everyone had color.
  2. Wallstreet is uncoupled. The economy is doing well. Unemployment is lowest in 16 years. Consumer confidence remains high. Trump supporters are not generally in the STOCK MARKET and decouple the TRUMP TRAIN from the STREET TRAIN WRECK. The blame failed FED POLICY and Global events. They don’t couple Trump to Barcelona or North Korea.
  3. Polls are skewed by Trump enemies as his supporters back up and are super private from media they suspect is bias. They hate media. So polls today are undercounting TRUMP SUPPORT as everyone is likely to see as Republicans pick up SEATS again surprising all the polls and experts as the TRUMP TRAIN mows them down.
  4. Decoupled from Media. Media is owned almost entirely by TRUMP ENEMIES. The bias is massive. The voters who elected TRUMP love that he is poking a stick in the eye of the status quo and establishment every single day. Not predictable. Not normal. Not traditional. That is WHY they elected him. Trump is GAINING VOTERS not losing them – and MEDIA just helps him by bashing him. He doesn’t care WHAT the biased media reports as Trump Train VOTERS have filters and read news on line and get the truth. THEY LOVE the President and he is doing just what they voted him to do. THEY HATE CONGRESS. Congress Poll numbers are lower than the President and remain in the SINGLE DIGITS. All American’s all sides HATE CONGRESS for failing to govern – 530 brains in the beltway working against 350 million and our unborn billion to follow.
  5. DEMOCRATICE WEAKNESS IN LEADERSHIP: The only platform the Democrats have is DESTROY DESTROY TRUMP KEEP THE FOCUS ON HIS UTTER DESTRUCTION. If he has a hang nail REPORT THAT. If his hair moves in the wind REPORT THAT. Their team is so weak as Trump is vastly strengthening his leadership team. Trump has the White House. Trump is a leader who surprises everyone with results. Trump is a winner. The Democrats have no vote getting leader to oppose Trump in the critical mid year when they can lose influence not just house and senate controls they already LOST. They are raising up IMPEACHMENT which in a republican Congress has zero chance. Democrats are raising up the MOTHER OF ALL TORTS – illegal failure to govern – failure to pass a clean debt ceiling rise to protect the US CREDIT ranking in all markets and our dollar – failure to pass a budget – failure to appoint critical over 100 critical appointments to essential government posts since February, failure to come up with solutions for tax reform, health reform, social security and medicare fix, infrastructure, the wall legislation, and absolutely VITAL US INTEREST as we fail to govern by now CRIMINAL NEGLIGENCE AND LEGAL VIOLATION OF THE US CONSTITUTION. The right TORT firm can impeach the entire congress in federal court and get damages to the American people and we start with a fresh congress – Trumps – any impeaching TRUMP. Be careful Congress.

Trump is dead on arrival. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? No matter how many times he condemns extremes and hatred and bigotry they focus that he blames those in opposition. Those in opposition with aluminum base bats – rocks – and riot gear where prepared to raise the predictable outcome and share in the death blame. Why? If they had stayed home the march would have been NOTHING and a one day report on a bunch of clowns – an American joke and embarrassment. So when Trump shares the blame – it is not political it is not philosophy – it is the TRUTH and this President is telling you not the POLITICS but the TRUTH like it or not like it.

So Trump is a giant great colored Phoenix rising from the ashes of each media event that Trump himself is controlling. The Media has become a JOKE to Trump voters who are now growing and growing. Trump is not resilient he is brilliant.

Take Bannon. Steve Bannon declared this weekend he is going to WAR ON TRUMP opponents who fight so dirty low and involve Trumps wife children and family – including his children in alleged CRIMES. Trump is not known from taking IT. Trump is know for fire on me with a 22 and I fire back with a 50, fire on me with a 50 and I use a 2000 bunker buster – fire on my family and I use Nukes.

Trump is strategic with his head of strategy. NOW STEVE BANNON influencing a billion on line – is going after the real enemy. Steve Bannon is going to help Trump more NOW by far – by so far – than he did in the White House and there will be no delay. They ALL know this. In the MID YEAR ELECTION the largest weapon for the TRUMP TRAIN – Steve Bannon. This was not a firing this was a media RATING EVENT staged and planned with fake news all around it.

Steve Bannon is TRUMP’s NUKE and all his enemies KNOW its 2018 election in the mid year after Labor Day and Steve Baannon is back – nationally and state by state . Andrew Steve’s mentor was a dear friend.

Now years of building the DIGITAL WEAPON SYSTEM OF THE POLITICAL SYSTEM they are firing the WEAPONS OF TRUTH. The TRUTH will set you free and roll back lies.

President Trump is going to rise faster and control more media now. Bannon can pull advertisers by the 100’s of millions that wakes up media owned by a handful of agenda super wealthy.


There is wealthy super money spoon feeding the masses.


The TRUMP TRAIN has TWEETS which frankly do more than all the SUPER WEALTHY MEDIA ON EARTH no matter how much mud they throw Trump comes up like a fresh shower every single time. Is he appearing weak and wounded? Nope. He appears Presidential and always unlike prior leaders FIGHTING BACK like no one in media EVER.


The story of fake news Trump is dead on arrival – folks – Trump is rising like a PHOENIX and truly the Democrats are now starting to go past worry into PANIC. Obama attempted to destroy and marginalize the Republican Party which a Hillery Victory put in cement. Trump is now returning the favor and is destroying the credibility of the Democratic leadership – which is so weak on governance and the real issues – failing to govern and obstructing law making entirely – and now the secret weapon unleashed fully – STEVE BANNON – watch how much fire power this destroyer released upon the political ocean releases while his super money folks remain on vacation through Labor Day. As they return the heavy stuff flows directly to them.

You think you have seen the WAR between the old establishment and deep state and the SUPER WEALTH on the Trump Train for a revolution in the belt way – the war is never easy for this much change in one leader – but folks – it is war and the war is far far from over and TRUMP is leading out front and remaining fully not wounded by any of the old establishment tar and feather tools. THEY NO LONGER WORK and they are in PANIC over something that will. Make no mistake Obama and Hiller and Trump Train are at WAR today.

The old Guard is NOT WINNING and in the mid year election the battles they won may turn to Trump’s Train as he wins the entire WAR and free’s up congress to govern taking a bit longer than he hoped is all.

So without politics – I want you to hold in mind how much mud your getting that is not true – far from it to tar and feather one man as a demon – when he is not. You take positions not from truth but from fully fake news in full spin from the deep state Trump as Super Money is at war with their control and old way SUPER MONEY. SUPER MONEY AGAINST SUPER MONEY.

So read with new eyes and be a witness to the largest WAR in the history of the modern era of media governance.


BERNY DOHRMANN – Keeping the Truth about Trumps Dead – so your ahead


PS: Stay tuned the hit global entertainment show THE TRUMP TRAIN keeps setting new all time viewer ratings – love him or hate him. Keep watching folks are making billions because you DO.