Let me ask some of my members some questions. Such as:


  1. August 15 the Trump Chamber reports rising retail sales best in 9 months.
  2. Then we see – housing whobble on building supplies.
  3. We see Auto plunge just out.
  4. We see Wal Mart say they will MISS EARNINGS.
  5. Cisco plunges market with Barcelona today – of course – one day crash 250 points another trillion lopped off value in what less than a single WEEK.

So we have seen sector plunges like Cisco and Wal Mart.

We saw oil rise for 24 hours at highest seasonal month – only a million barrel draw down – and in the fall it all rises back up again on falling demand. We see China cut 500,000 million barrels – hey folks that is ONE NATION half todays inventory draw.

Short sellers are exhausted and bailed out which raises prices for what 48 hours.

The demand supply numbers look like 39.00 t0 45.00 trading ranges into 2018. We don’t see how we are off.

Deflation not inflation is SOARING is the Fed smoking legal POT while preventing a trillion dollars from entering their pipe dream institutions?

Its like everyone is on ACID out there having a great trip. Media included. I hate to say this but it seems only Crammer has a brain today.

So we are deep diving. We see – incurable reason for market volatility – sector wide swings – no stability – soaring VIC index and a trillion dollar Crash before the weekend.

Now then – China had soldiers standing off with India who is massively infusing troops into the boarder dispute – two NUKE NATIONS facing off in decade old dispute spiral up with Communist Party Conference coming up and 70 Year independent celebrations for Nuke Powered INDIA. Pakistan and India two nukes on the other side are DUKING IT OUT with Indian solider deaths this week.

Will Friday start a SUPER CRASH?

Who knows.

We are deep diving to find out what is really going on OUT THERE just for you. World wide but we had to stop and pray for Barcelona today as an act of pure sanity.

And we did all of us at CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – we ache for the victims and their family tonight.

What a day – remember we told you this month the market would weave and bop around like a drunken sailer. Look Ma no hands – and as whalers say – Der she blows lass – Der she blows. A trillion dollars of wealth up in digital smoke. Who won who lost follow the money. That is what we are doing in software ET world.

Watch for CASCADE because that is now unstoppable and no longer for the first time in 400 years – outside human hands altogether. I call it SI – stupid intelligence but geeks who win a chess game her and again and run all global markets call it ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. Today we think SI won and geeks need a spanking.

So my reader questions HOW DO YOU READ the news and todays largest of the year CRASH yet?

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping it real for you OUT THERE