Abu Dhabi  has missed a 600 million dollar payment that may create issues in markets to track. They have given their creditor Maylasia ( accused of money laundering billions from the fund that lacks money to repay Abu Dhabi. Follow this one – they have FIVE DAYS.

Trump dictated the memo to his son that mislead the congress of the United States breaking reports are saying. If true is this a high crime and misdemeanor smoking gun to impeach a President over?

Japan’s Abe is sinking the economy and the nation in scandals that may sack him out of office. Tied with China for the number two spot in world economics this is a big item for world financial markets.

We’ll keep you up to date on all this and more.

We told you in June the SUMMER MARKET would roll around like a drunken sailor which all would not mean much when it was said and done. We said the real juice occurs when the big money returns after Labor Day and the fall trading begins to adjust balance sheets for year end.

Then we will see.

Is the economy weaker than anyone is reporting. We think yes. Is it stronger some say it is that. We’ll see. The EU numbers just came in soft.

Oil can’t get over 50 and stay there no matter what Saudi says and does because OPEC is a joke. Billions were put in this week to raise the price and those playing that card are loosing so much money. The oil down roller coaster will rise up as the Fall season has demand FALL OFF A CLIFF and stocks rise by year end – with a little fools rally due to summer seasonal demand is all. You’ll see.