ETF’s have tilted to control market prices. The ETF market is a brand for so many forms of computer software managed assets that ETD’s and other designations run from equities to debt and bonds to currency to every commodity to every asset class on earth. Manipulated and controlled by AI ( which is not human intelligence so READ LEARN and STAY CURRENT ) on what IS going ON out THERE.

The markets are manipulated to moderated global risk by software. The web of software competition – one chaps software against another – with enormous sums invested in ever spiraling SOFTWARE WARS and AI WARS. The goal is to read all the news and place your BETS. The Bets include:


  1. Buying and selling equities
  2. Buying and selling debt and bonds
  3. Buying and selling side bets on if an asset will rise.
  4. Buying and selling side bets on if an asset price will fall.
  5. Buying structured asset and fraud insurance on all bets.

The result the people making all the big bonus bucks in the HAMTON’s believe – is there is now RISKLESS RISK. No matter where markets go they have protection on the Jump Rope all the way up and all the way down. They believe their ever smarter software will protect them from loss on averages. Like every gambler that is fully addicted they believe the Casino can’t loose.

What if there is a fire?

What if the casino has SWINE FLU?

So today in the slowest trading week since the Christmas Holidays – the last summer play week before the SUPER MONEY Tribe return to step on what is going on – override software and make shall we say – twerking investments – after Labor Day – today the market rises a bit. Why?


China had manufacturing orders go UP in August when experts thought they would go down again. NOT ME. I thought they would go UP this month and next month. Why?

72 % of all buying takes place in the last quarter. Why?

WE rise to the CHRISTMAS SHOPPING YEAR END SPENDING SEASON. Who makes all that crap. China. What is coming out pre holiday on September 12th. The 10th anniversary of the IPHONE with the Apple biggest event since Steve Jobs graduated with honors from among us all. Who makes all the new Apple Products and new iPhone that will set records in sales?


If the manufacturing in China had fallen in August as their ramp into the biggest driver for their manufacturing of any year – it would be disastrous for ASIA. Even so as we have reported there is a run out of China. What does this mean? China has had to evoke currency controls to stop capital flight out of China. Still in the corrupt – steal IP – no rule of law nation – with its communist government where 87% of the people are no longer members of the communist party ( You did not know THAT did you ) and their currency is a sham currency in reality – driven to economics by spending 300% more than they earn – year after year after year ( Greece can’t compare ) the economic end came is not a picnic table for the Communist – Communism as a an economic system consolidates wealth and is never as efficient as capitalism and always fails – always. The poverty in China is so massive it’s weight is not possible to convey to you – as the surging billion in poverty are forgotten by the 300 million 25 year temporary middle class until the super crash hits the world. China hardest.

Today we have the run:

  1. Run on investment down by % that Communist can not survive.
  2. Run on capital folks running out of China currency into dollars
  3. Run out of markets.
  4. Run out of nation – brain drains as wealthy do anything to get their children OUT
  5. Run out of manufacturing and trade to other Asian natons

The Sun also sets – and it is setting on the China ‘miracle”.

The peak was the 1980’s and mid 1990’s. Since 911 the sun has been setting on China. Economically.

So this Holiday the down turn in output reversed with an upturn that surprised the “experts” the press reports but it did not surprise this expert. We predicted it. However the uptick is small and so far below the manufacturing of some years ago. If you compare it is tragic for China even though China numbers drove markets ( with almost no trading all the Super Money is on a boat this weekend ) – up. Don’t be fooled.

We see an APPLE EFFECT – an anticipatory set.

All eyes are on inflation. Which may look up actually. As gas prices soar due to price gauging and manipulations. Houston Gulf is during up now. The Storm has moved out. The waters go down today from peak and drain to dry this weekend. After the Holiday the refineries will crank back up 1/3 of USA Fuel, and the pipe line will turn back on and the 72 hours deal will profit oil companies for MONTHS.

Then the price will slowly as they legally steal from all of us return to normal going down down DOWN DOWN like Alice in the Rabbit hole for reasons we have well reported here.

As the cost of everything – energy goes down – inflation will be wiped out. The Fed is dead. Their plan to stimulate inflation – is the end game of a 1917 to now string of absolute reactionary – FAILED and causing policies for:

  1. Two global depressions
  2. Two global world wars
  3. Countless boom bust cycles and bubble up and burst cycles
  4. The dot.bomb speculation bubble
  5. The Real Estate Super Bubble
  6. The SUPER CRASH Of 2007
  7. The Great Recession we are still in today

After spending 20 trillion dollars placing unborn American’s into impossible debt with no success to their policies at all – Janet Yellin being the worst historic fed chairperson EVER – making everything so much worse economically for the future – the question begs; when does the failed FED IDEA merge back into US TREASURY by a single emergency act of the US Congress to assure – no kidding – that AMERICA pays its bills – is in the black and stops the insanity of paying a private stock firm owned by banks it is supposed to regulate – profits for printing our money in the largest legal THEFT scheme of all time ever. No one at the FED GOES to jail for bankrupting America crashing our markets and wiping out our futures. No they collect profits and discuss future monopoly on money printing in their mansions.

If the PUBLIC had the economic literacy to appreciate the 80 page Act of Congress that created the private monopoly with rights to call the criminal gang and business – the FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD – a congressional act of permission for legal theft – with zero oversight or accountability – moving money printing from the US Treasury where founding fathers had it for hundreds of years – to private bankers who charge the people to do that service – print and control your currency.

The cause of our problems is the central bank illusion and laws world wide.

The solution is to by act of government merge central banks back into treasury.

This is a great idea for communist nations as well as capitalistic nations and for Kings.

But there I go again- anyway the markets went up today on China and disregarded Houston and North Korea as War Games begin in Russia that neighbors are certain is a real invasion to reclaim them into Russia …as we reported here. When the BIG MONEY RETURNS they may be paying attention to the REAL NEWS you get …well….you know …..kind of here and on line. Right?

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping it Real for my Readers today



OUR SALUTE TO LABOR – Labor Day 2017


My Position:


As the proud father of Corporal Ryan Dohrmann – United States Marine Sniper team leader- two tours in Iraq – Purple Heart recipient and four surgeries later – I simply ask that the NFL Protestors this Weekend – PUT ON AND WEAR THIS UNIFORM for one HOUR – to appreciate why it is WE ALL STAND OUR OF “RESPECT” –

And why we do not appreciate the disrespect in any context ….

On one item America needs to BE – as ONE.

On Labor Day we celebrate LABOR starting with our daughters and our sons who wear uniforms – any uniform ins service of their city – state or nation. You remain our HERO’s and I stand FOR YOU on Labor Day.

PS: All the rest of you performing labor as well and in equal measure.





Berny Dohrmann


# 1 Ranked Business Conference World Wide in 2017 Celebrating Labor

Trump – Tweeted THE DOLLAR “IS” TOO HIGH?


So what happen’s? Post Tweet?

The dollar which had strengthened to record high’s in 2017 plunged and has yet to recover. Today post HARVEY the dollar sinks again. What does this mean?

Well the world reserve currency after World War II went to the USA as the WINNER without whom the war could NOT have been WON. To the VICTOR goes the spoils. The largest spoil was that in post World War II NEW WORLD ORDER – all trades would settle globally only in US dollars. What did this mean?

This meant every country who did not print US dollars ( 100% of all the non USA nations ) had to turn their currency into dollars to pay for things like FOOD – Energy – Imports and so forth. The Printer – AMERICA – gets a premium in world wide trade. America does not convert its currency into anyone else currency.

Nations with Communist currency that is worth less ( we feel worthless ) want a basket of currencies like Russia, China, and nations spending 300% more than they earn. The USA is no where near that bad ( yet ). And remains BY FAR the strongest economic machine in the entire world but a great deal of that – of THAT – economic’s – is because of the Dollar BEING the World Reserve settlement currency.

Today there is no other circulation – of anything – not Bitcoin or Swiss Franks ( underwritten by 1.5 million knife and watch makers and a few criminal bankers ) or say the German Mark ( EU now ) or the EU itself riddled by 100 trillion in bad loans never to be repaid starting with Italy – or Gulf Currency, or any currency. There is only the US dollar with sufficient underwriting ( the full faith and credit of the most powerful economic engine the world has ever known past Rome past German past the UK past anything in history ) – that is trusted enough – circulated sufficiently – pregnant into the settlement digital trading world  sufficiently – to secure world trade for one single day in food or energy to name two or any commodity to name them all.

The investment markets now free of regulation via a casino capitalism made possible by digital trading – has secured a new Dark Pool fully outside nation regulation model of economics. We feel the leverage and speculation of the casino version of capitalism ( unregulated digital capitalism ) is developing a SUPER BUBBLE inside all asset classes within an economic experiment without controls or knowledge of outcome. We feel ECONOMICALLY that the outcome is SUPER CRASH and a termination of the WORLD ORDER after World War II when the global system melts down into a depression worse than 1929 due to digital leverage and speculative trading in all asset classes and currencies. The Super Bubble is soaring and without a G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress to re-think and re-frame the global digital trading world within a Planet Earth economic federation of new box top rules – the outcome we predict we feel is inevitable. Said another way the competitive structure of economic fabric is a form of insanity given its future fatal outcome. Sanity would dictate a cooperation such as the world has never known before but the insanity seems to be rising and the sanity seems like an ebb tide to be withdrawing. Save for my readers here.

Moving forward with the DOLLAR – we see this year the Fed tightening at the wrong time – with another failed policy. The Fed is the cause of all catastrophes and wars and should be merged into the US Treasury. The idea of a private stock firm controlling the people’s money for a free charge is insane in and of itself. This idea in 1917 was an error and in digital transparency world is a sin. The largest hidden criminal tax on the people of nations ( central banks are private wealth firms owned by the very institutions they seek to regulate – the wolves guarding the chickens – is always insane ). Merge central banks back into treasury – its a sane economic idea. With Central banks using names like FED versus Berny’s CRIMINAL BANK CONSPIRACY – which is more accurate if I owned the Fed – versus its bank investment bank shareholders – the public is fooled as they are economically and historically illiterate. The Fed is referred to as a bank – but the FED is a gang of well paid wrong minded economic insane people perpetuating THAT IS THE WAY WE HAVE ALWAYS DONE IT. The Fed: ( in all nations ):

  • Is a private firm like you and I started one up.
  • IS secret. No one knows who owns the shares of the Fed.
  • Can not be audited. No one can audit or review the Fed.
  • Has no authority oversight. It’s reporting to Congress is a sham.
  • Greenspan reported my favorite sound byte to 60 minutes post crash in 2008 – No agency of nation can override or modify a decision we at the Fed make.

The Fed act is an 80 page act of Congress. The Jobs Act of 2014 is over 800 pages I have it on my lap top. Obama Care is over 2000 pages. I think the Fed should have its 80 page act deal revolved by an EMERGENCY ACT OF CONGRESS and MERGE FED PROCESS INTO THE US TREASURY. What happens to the US dollar THEN?

  • We refinance our debt to the old Fed ( a legal corporation ) and the world Bond Holder with the issue of 100 year Super Bonds constructed by Hughes and Hubbard Washington DC and Roel Campos former SEC COMMISSIONER and the FATHER OF SUPER BOND THEORY.
  • The Treasury operates the data and beige book and processes of the Fed to a much more open transparent publicly accountable position.
  • The Treasury prints money as it did for 300 years with zero interest to print money to the tax payer.
  • The digital markets have M1 to M6 fully transparent and self regulating.
  • The Congress has transparent fully accountable reporting and no secrets in the financial system benefiting an elite super wealth group of insiders.
  • The USA is in the black versus in the Red.
  • The USA rebuilds rapidly and leads for 300 years.
  • The Dollar retains its status as World Reserve Currency and is the strongest ( by far ) currency in the world.

What if the Central Bankers ( in all nations ) stay in power? We move to world war ( where their shareholders profit mightily ) as they forge the NEW WORLD ORDER with ONE currency for the entire planet that they collectively over-ride and control.

The most important thing going on OUT THERE is not the next tweet in the global highest rated SIT COM on earth ever – the TRUMP TRAIN entertainment show – NO – the most important thing going on out there is WILL nations merge their failed policy making body that is the cause of all crashes and wars – the CENTRAL BANKERS which they are not at all bankers – as a process of money oversight -back into their NATIONAL TREASURIES for improved policy making and total transparency and truncate the hidden tax on all nations of CENTRAL BANK INTEREST and DEBT CHARGES.

Why would a secret – can not be audited – can not be held accountable – insidious private stock firm Congress can not even get a report on WHO OWNS THAT STOCK AT THE FED – pile up by borrowing from the US Treasury ( with zero oversight ) over 5 Trillion of CRAP BONDS the bankers bought from their shareholders to off load BAD BETS the banker investment banker shareholders made – so their books look great while the US books are depreciated as the FED a private elite super wealth first DARK POOL – raids the USA and bails out their own shareholders?

THAT IS WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON “OUT THERE”. Legal theft of nations that make Wells Fargo and VW look like snicker shop lifting at a 7/11 convenience store by comparison. Gain some financial literacy my readers. Scroll. Look at the VIDEO’s I’ve posted on this web site entitled the LARGEST SCAM IN HISTORY – yep – that is the Federal Reserve Board with all the data never taught in any US history class – not ever. All data proven and referenced.

So why do they not kill me?

Well there are too many others sharing the same data. Also I remain fringe with 100’s of thousands reading and 30,000 subscribed – but I don’t have 30 million reading and 10 million subscribed. If I did I’d be gone probably. As Senator Dirkson once said….folks when talking about the fed….a Billion here and a billion there – and pretty soon folks we are talking SERIOUS MONEY.

Today we are talking SERIOUS MONEY.

So the Dollar plunges after the TRUMP STUMP tweet.

And is still plunging after Harvey as oil and gas soar due to shut down of 1/3 of supply routing and refining due to WEATHER ( a third party event I keep writing about as the DICE rolling on the economic table ).

China withdrew troops from India and India withdrew troops from China as an agreement was reached between nations. A big item for the world went on today but who is noticing?

The dollar going down does what exactly as World Reserve Currency?

  • Everything sold from the US cost LESS In other nations
  • Everything in other nations COST MORE for us we import less
  • WE sell more and export more including energy
  • Every other country can sell more to one another as conversion into dollars stretches their money when the dollar is down
  • Trade soars world wide and other nations profit maximally
  • US trade rises and economics globally rise

Why is this bad?

Lots of reasons. First the DOLLAR is the backbone of the world. Artificial pricing is never desired.

Second, the economics of the world is fueled by failed fed central bank policy known as FREE MONEY. By placing the world on FREE MONEY super rich institutions could access FREE MONEY and then leverage the FREE MONEY with Dark Pool Structured ASSETS and new unregulated ETF trading platforms off shore and create SPECULATION inside a new casino digital capitalism the world has never known with zero regulatory oversight. Today crimes in financial institutions – like Wells Fargo bank are so common we don’t even think about the fact the bank is a criminal institution. The Bank management:

  • Create phony customer accounts
  • Steal from Vet’s returning from military service
  • Steal from their smallest accounts massively
  • Steal from their largest accounts massively

No one goes to PRISON. You and I would go to prison for stealing 87,000 dollars. Wells Fargo pays as a FED shareholder and member – 100 million dollar fines for stealing billions in profits. Legal theft. You factor in to the crimes  a cost of doing business for the crime today. No jail. Too big to jail. So you steal legally. VW. German and UK banks. They set LIBOR interest rates – lose fortunes on single trades like Jamie Diamonds WHITE WHALE.  Where is the oversight?

Have you noticed as the hotel industry is largely only two firms – as the on on line industry like Yahoo becomes a blur of a few firms left – where is the Federal Trade Commission on monopoly consolidation? Like the Fed government oversight is no longer operating.

Today they adopt a policy of broken windows. Go after the small guys the little fries and let press reports 100’s of broken window cases like we are doing our job while the fire storm burns down the city. That is what is going on out there.

The Crises in INTEGRITY – TRUMPS – the crises in LEADERSHIP.

So who is in charge?

Based on deregulation from the last unanimous act of Congress in the December three hour final session before adjourning for the Christmas break in 1999 under Bill Clinton – ( see 60 Minutes for that report ) – all financial regulation of 70 years was erased. The central criminal bank – the FED – shareholders – banks and investment banks were allowed to merge for the first time since the Great Depression – and while the FTC was playing Golf in the Bahama’s – they all did merge. As BANKS the investment banks now had access to the bank core deposits to trade at trade at up to 50 to 1 leverage – borrowing with free money over the last ten years ) consolidating money wealth to a level the world has never yet to experience. This spiral of Super Wealth consolidations made the Wall Street Criminal Gang as Fed shareholders – in a conspiracy to economically rape the nation clean:

  • Via largest lobby controlling congress 530 chaps
  • Via speculation in all asset classes controlling prices
  • Via merger acquisition where they own consolidated wealth in all super money classes of asset wealth
  • Where now 1% own in the casino capitalism more wealth than 99% own which is never sustainable but they who have the wealth do not see what they are doing to systemic circulation in their own consolidation.

At a given point it is no longer about money. Say George Soro’s. It becomes about only POWER. Advising economically to the Super Wealth for generations – I now can answer the question. When is enough power enough?

Power is the only commodity where in the hands of competitive insane humanity with software that is not cooperative ( sane ) using buggy bad and awful brain software ( competitive insanity ) – PLENTY IS NEVER ENOUGH. Not with power. Until the world snaps into war which Super Wealth plans for because they profit so greatly from the death and destruction as they are the rebuilding monopolists to the core system.

The World requires an Economic G 100 Economic Constitutional Convention. The first ever. To set up new BOX TOP RULES for World Trade in a global cooperative economic system model that is:

  • Fully reportable
  • Fully audited
  • Has no secrets
  • Is real time transparent

This fair and better model for full partnership for all nations will reform the abuse and the insanity of the old antique retiring criminal and horrifically damaging central bank ( Fed Fraud ) modeling that is the cause of all boom bust cycles and wars. FAILED FED POLICY.

If you do not appreciate this is far more important as data than the Houston passing energy of a few days of flooding which happens repeatedly. The Criminal flood of failed Fed Policy effects us all – the hurricane effects the few.

The Fed effects us all.

Is it time…to end the crime? Write 530 lawmakers to MERGE THE FED Into the US TREASURY for all the right reasons. Tell them it is TIME to STOP the CRIMES.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a FED light on just for you before Labor Day

PS: The big money is on holiday until Labor Day as I wrote you repeatedly sine May. the Super Money returns to the real market place in September. Then you will begin to see reality shifting – trust me. Wait for it………


San Francisco AND the Hurricane


So I fly through the Hurricane to move from Sacramento to Florida today. Wish me luck. I’m brave.

CEO SPACE had new Club’s popping up like POP CORN ( You an open one in your city ).  CEO SPACE is MAGIC. So business owners learned how to accelerate their growth and income. They received direction, mentorship, coaching and more. Clubs under the leadership of the best team of Northern California professionals are serving Business owners in the # 1 entrepreneur market in the world – the IDEA CAPITOL of the WORLD – from Silicon Valley to the State Capital where I am today in Sacramento California.

I have to pack to get chugging along next. The Blessing of CEO SPACE in lives all over the North Bay of California is like Main to Boca and Seattle to San Deigo – from Romania to Asia from Moscow to Iran our Clubs serving business owners and our lifetime members Professionals and CEO’s span the world today.

Legacy. When you have yours life is a miracle and every day is magic.

Mine is.

I wish yours to be next.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman and Founder CEO SPACE International – serving you