North Korea is a military dictator ship. The Cult Leader of the current age can be taken out with one bullet. The military keep the power while Fat Boy thinks he runs the show. The money is not run by Fat Boy. The Power is the military as in all such nations. Yes you can kill a general. But the surviving Generals will kill you if you keep threatening THEM that is for SURE sonny.

Now then. Failed policy on our end has resulted in North Korea being a fully engaged Super Power. Its 1,000,000 person army and its 4% GNP growth, define North Korea as a SUPER WORLD POWER and denying THAT is denying your own failed policy. Because North Korea and Pakistan will race to sell these weapons to Iran, to Saudi, to Jordon the world SUPER POWER Club is going to grow.

America has – what the North Korean military in control – well know.


This means that upon launch to the USA without waiting for a hit – while we try and blast it out – any and we mean ANY trajectory toward the USA mainland will result in North Korea being vaporized in fused glass. There will be only insects in North Korea. They all know this fact.

So their threats are silly. They want to make sure we don’t try and change their national government.

At 4% growth amid failed sanction policy that means nothing to nations – North Korea is booming and giving the finger to the USA. Taking OVER North Korea is easy – we just need to pay 1,000,000 lives to do it or first strike them and take unimaginable innocent lives away to save others. Being sane we won’t.

So North Korea won and the USA lost.

No one is going to give up their SUPER POWERS and thoughts they might or would is silly.

Today the USA needs to:

  1. Admit it lost and its policy is failed. Tell the truth for once.
  2. Engage with North Korea and find a respect in differences to move forward.
  3. Treaty up and tension down with Iran, Russia and North Korea.

Dealing with nations like we can dictate morality is a failed policy and has cost us untold lives and fortunes.

A far more efficient policy is to engage your worst enemy and find common ground. That is sane.

The line is drawn when dealing with ISIS and those without any rule of law.

We can not set the bar for human rights. We are a nation where inmates in the USA can not have conjugal visits every other nations provides, and our inmates wash their underwear in toilet bowls. We have a huge percentage of innocent parties locked up as DNA evidence is constantly providing. Our justice system is broken and needs reform. We have become like the KGB police state we most reared one where now we are afraid of our own government.  We can not preach from some lost moral high ground.

Tell the truth for once.

We need to CLEAN UP OUR OWN HOUSE from the laughing stock of the world. My model:


One term public service – one and your done – and the pack to money is broken.

But who am I to make such a simple suggestion?

I believe we need to engage and cooperate. I believe all diversity of culture and laws and thinking should be celebrated by all nations and diversity should never be punished. A global single UNITED FEDERATION should represent all cooperative nations on human rights abuse. We might retool and upgrade the United Nations to re-set funding process and systems to modern efficiencies from 100 year old antique systems leaving us with what the President of the UN told me some years back – IT IS A DEN OF VIPERS BERNY IT IS A DEN OF VIPERS.

Folks, North Korea?

There is no effect on your buying a head of lettuce. There is no effect on your movie rental or good life anywhere in the world. This tiny little Rhode Island size mini country has no real power. Yes they can use nuke to stop take over internally but use those weapons externally – truly they VAPORIZE the nation in 30 minutes they know THAT.

They have a first generation pop gun.

We have thousands of  hydrothermal next generation  hydrogen fusion bombs – so advanced  as weapons the world has never seen such weapons ever  fired at all – one of which takes out North Korea – seven vacate the nation of life. For 10,000 years. Less than 30 minutes. If there is any doubt MAD DOG would use our SUPER POWERS for any ally threat from the MINI NATION think again.

Your view of these awful weapons is from the 1950’s. These weapons have improved so much in yield and destruction capacity the world has no clue how our USA lead in SUPER WEAPONS is and Russia knows this as well. Everyone is SO FAR BEHIND the USA in this area. North Korea. Mini nation run by a fat boy? Yawm folks just yawn at the comic book of a country. It is a cartoon show. Truly.

In the end FAT BOY is entertainment and just plain silly. A powerless child surrounded by the grown ups who won’t let him out to play. Fat Boy is like the late comedian Rodney Dangerfield, who closed every line with …I DON’T GET NO RESPECT ! Thats fat boy – kind of hear him that way and enjoy the comedy of his personality. He is funny and silly he has no respect from anyone you see. How long the North Korean Leadership will allow a comic book figure to run their nation versus a serious adult who could make deals and build the nation into full potential is a leadership decision in nation. The military will exercise rightful control one day. We’ll see how FAT BOY handles the adults then.

Relax folks the grown ups have this. Lets watch a movie and tone down the press inflammation to sell mindless crap – good call?

There there – tell the truth faster.