THE ONLY THING THAT WORKS between nations is talking and cooperation. Competition never not ever works. Competitive process does not work.

The BLOOD BATH of a million lives and total destruction of South Korea, in a war North Korea would lose – is not worth it.

North Korea is a world Super Power.

North Korea has an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Bio as well as Atomic.

North Korea has the WILL TO USE THEM if threatened.

North Korea is secure and here to stay.

We can’t stop North Korea with a sanction driven economy doing twice the GNP growth of the USA from developing its sovereign nation weapons. We can deal with them – remove sanctions – and begin to have a relationship with them that rebalances the agendas. New common ground.

The disrespect and bully pit policy of 25 years has failed.

Failed in Iran.

Failed in Russia.

Failed in Lybia.

Failed in Iraq.

Failed everywhere.

Cost more trillions – more waste – more death – on what?

Failed POLICY of the WORLD.

Why are we using the same policy makers?

What do we need in POLICY CHANGE:

  1. First threatened with Nuclear War from so many fronts and the threats are growing – the USA needs MARS – a bureau of government charged with MUTUALLY ASSURED RECONSTRUCTION. Mars operates hardened sites protected from EMP pulse that back up the critical data and infrastructure in real time – in layered infrastructure off line at core free of all hacking. Ideally with quantum computers. We can do all that now. Its low cost. Mars has a city under ground in Yuka Mountain in Nevada all ready site prepared – to accommodate massive chip manufacturing to assure inventory – cell towers – and fried replacements for transportation communication go back on line first for the government than for essential industry than the rest of us. MARS. That is the first POLICY and it defeats use of nuclear weapons because we rebound and we destroy those without MARS.
  2. Second – we can’t stop the spread in tech digital Information Age of weapons of mass destruction. We can moon base and deep space base weapons of total retaliation – WTR’s. We can protect our people by TOTAL RETALIATION impossible to stop impossible to recover from and matched with MARS stop the USA from being a target as a zero sum game. We actually with MARS do win the unwindable even with the loss to environment and our nation.

So the real issue with North Korea firing its weapon 200 miles off Japan shores – flipping a giant middle finger to the Asia leadership to China to the EU and to the USA and to Donald Trump as President stating to the US Joint Chief’s of staff and MAD DOG as General in Chief – FUCK YOU BOYS – JUST FUCK YOU.

To put that finger up their ass – ( I’m sorry but politically its real ) they are going to on the coming holiday this month fire a more advanced intercontinental missile that can reach the USA for sure. It will be tipped with atomic war heads THIS MONTH and those babies will now be in PRODUCTION and ready to launch to Hawaii to Hollywood to silicon Valley – recover from THAT USA. Challenge us and we assure and we WILL challenge you back ready to launch 100’s if you escalate to us.

Now then to be sure FIRST STRIKE is always an option. The world has forgotten what a SUPER POWER IS. North Korea has fire crackers.

The USA has the most advanced hydrogen yield weapons and neutron bombs the world has forgotten all about. Thats right. The USA can bomb with two strikes North Korea and they are back to the Stone Age. No electronics. No firing anything. Nothing works. Further all the people are dead. Millions. But there is no lasting radiation. All the buildings and technology still stand for immediate use on infrastructure. No damns highways or infrastructure destroyed whatsoever. We also have weapons the world has never seen before.

These weapons are insane.

The leaders of the world are for the most part sane.

Some leaders of the world are insane.

The problem is dealing sanity to insanity.

The sane do not wish to act in insane ways.

However one can never rely upon the sane doing what is in their own best interest because they are truly nuts.

So if it comes down to millions of US or millions of them in that final decision North Korea ceases to exist in less than half an hour. The USA will come out just fine even without MARS yet.

We are trying to get MARS FUNDED with Kevin Freeman of Dallas to be its founding agency director as the most knowledgable player with networks to all the required resources. One step at a time.

Meanwhile, Russia and China fight proxy wars to bleed the USA dry of financial resources, political capital, and focus of attention on the real war. Digital war world III is already here from 2008 and the west is loosing badly. Our experts state in 24 months or less all infrastructure can be brought to a halt to never come back by digital weapons now planted on all our technology private and government. The digital outlook is bleak as no one is IN CHARGE there is NO CENTRAL policy in this new developing war space. READ Kevin Freeman’s DOD CONTRACTOR two books GAME PLAN and THE SECRET WEAPON and you will have trouble sleeping at night as our agency heads all are who have read these works. You must read them if you want to remain CURRENT in SUPER CHANGE.

My advice to move to safe haven investments after eight years of up bubble on assets – is smart and well timed. Diversified insurance investing is your smart smart alternative. Do it soon folks.

The landscape is going to heat up. Impossibly smart brains know what we report to you here – a growing agency and belt way community read this blog.

We advent for:

  1. A Digital War Command Center and CZAR commander under General Mathis direct to Potus.
  2. MARS AGENCY be created by Presidential finding then act of Congress for budget long term.
  3. The DEEP SPACE WEAPONS OF TOTAL RETALIATION be created and funded to assure no aggressor to the USA or its allies can every over come the instant reply they would receive from unshakable quantum controlled by humans not AI final POLICY.

The old model in the new developing war fare is not going to work like anyone expected. The ramp to use atomic weapons in the Gulf, in Asia, in India, in a growing roque nation group – as these weapons also become FOR SALE – is growing and immediate. Do you believe North Korea will not sell weapons to Somalia to Iran to Lebanon to Saudi to Jordon to other nations? DO YOU? Do you believe THAT?

We are entering the END OF THE POST WAR ERA Of SUPER POWERS balanced between Russia and China. Now we enter the NEW EAR Of endless Super Powers where cooperation is required to survive at all.

Insanity may not care about survival. At all. Insanity never does.

The USA has 24 months to get it right or decline:

  1. New Policy for the NEW ENDLESS SUPER POWER ERA
  2. NEW POLICY of cooperation as competition does not work.
  3. New MARS policy as a first emergency finding of our President followed by act of congress – unanimous.
  4. New WTR agency.
  5. New Digital Silo Agency for Digital Warfare and Quauntum computers.
  6. Policy on AI as a new specifics that self learns to engage rule of law AI follows to protect and nurture wetware – us. Before this magic lantern is too far down the hall way.
  7. A Constitutional Economic Congress over three years of national leading economists to get a majority consensus for a PLANETARY ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION for inclusion fair trading and regulations for markets world wide to usher in global prosperity impossible under the old nation by nation rule model now in place and bankrupting the entire system into world war again. Sane or insane?

The thinkers are in silo’s. Your right. Not my job man.

So the future is NO ONE’s JOB?

That is the way we have always done it is going to kill us all.

Mankind flourishes or goes extinct based on sanity or insanity.

The doomsday clock from scientists – look it up on google – is running to its last few minutes of time for mankind.

WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD had better wake up our policy makers.

Don’t you think on Friday the time has come?

Berny Dohrmann – North Korea is symptom to the competitive thought form the cancer on human mind sets – COMPETITION itself. Cooperation is the virus removal tool. Celebrate diversity of thought versus punish it…the cure the only cure