The wealthiest people in the world BREAK FROM THE HERD. They buy low and they SELL HIGH. So lets look at these statistics as an tired antique old investment banker economist views the market space:

  1. The market is at an time peak high. Do you sell or hold?
  2. The market is in the longest boom in recorded record keeping ever – in June of next year – the second longest in 70 years NOW. Do you hold or sell as the cliff is getting longer and longer.
  3. There is always a fall off ratio to the longer the boom goes on and the higher the boom rises to the lower the correction goes and the longer the following recession goes on.
  4. There is the new factor of failed Fed policy with free money for ten years stimulating the highs through massive borrowing the world has never known or seen before – software trading that now makes the market a market of manipulated prices and greed with 50 to 1 leverage from SUPER MONEY POOLS and shadow banking manipulating market prices with software – all unseen in any prior market – and now FED is raising interest and selling trillions of crap back into a market that has no room to buy that crap.
  5. August is the worst stock price and buy month of any and of every year and September is the worst stock price month – in this enormous risk on market do you buy and hold and keep buying more this August against all the Hype. The hyper before the 1987 stock crash – the hyper before the dot.bomb crash of 2000 the hype before the 2008 super crash was all – DUH WHAT this IS the time to buy are you kidding me. Does that ring alarm bells for YOU.

Perhaps past history means nothing?

So buy high and hope it goes higher. Or sell HIGH and diversify into safe insurance super high return products with guaranteed principle no loss mommy – investing until the dust settles.

Thats my song and I”m sticking to it.