So, Israel bows culturally and removes the metal detectors from the Holy Sites. Jordon has returned their dead and the state thanked Jordon for the close cooperation. Jordon is in charge of the site not Israel which is an issue for the Muslim Community on authority and chain of command. They want no change.

Oil broke 50 and went over fell back and pinched over. Speculators are taking profits from the Saudi “nothing” announcement. Uganda oil production will exceed Saudi cut backs as will Lybia now in cease fire and Nigeria without the USA. If Venezuela has a coup and new leadership its production will roar over the top of any cut backs. At 50 or above American SHALE goes GREEN LIGHT full on. So we look at the glut rising sharply this fall when use and demand from the summer fall from peak and supply is still over demand. Jaw boning and Opec are and remain a joke in the market. Saudi is losing market share by too many billions they can’t count them and Saudi will never get that market share back. They are paying their enemies in the market to take it from them. Good Plan big thinkers.

Trump considers firing SESSION. WOW more dysfunction and more fuel for impeachment distraction. Can the US Congress get any more dysfunctional? You bet it can. Watch that dysfunction unfold more completely.

The real issue is the credit rating of the United States. Congress is about to raise our cost of borrowing – fail to pass the required budget and debt ceiling the nation by law requires – and in breaching their duties to govern, accelerate the decline of the USA in every possible way at home and abroad. The middle class has no chance inside this failed form of ZERO GOVERNANCE. Our enemies are embolden and no longer take the US seriously economically or in any context. The world thinks one thing – America is no longer RELIABLE. That is on Congress regardless of who is President. Congress represents the people. That job is no longer JOB # 1 in America. To the great distress of our republic.

Meanwhile as case in point today – IRAN fast attack boats coming to our own at sea military – at 450 yards – four foot ball fields – having high speed and zero answer to lights flags flares and radio had WARNING SHOTS FIRED TO THOSE VESSEL PATHS at which time they did slow down or they would have been blown out of the water. Do you see the paragraph and blogs on the US Congress in global context NOW?

China is warning today – all other nations – stop your plans to drill for minerals in your own waters as we claim them illegally and will go to war with you if you challenge our military might to enforce our law breaking nation.

China is launching a QUANTUM internet the NSA can not hack. This new internet will be tested and we’ll see about claims it can not be hacked. The NSA with quantum hacking may teach a lesson to those that think they are so far ahead. DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE the United States Military and Agencies who are beyond the DYSFUNCTION of the Congress as of yet. So far at least.

Russian police entered the CEASE FIRE cities in Syria. It is seeming more like occupation than help at this point. Putin has won and the USA has lost in Gulf policy and in Syria policy. That much is clear. Our failed policy elevated Putin globally. Admit when we lose or lost. You can’t win if you can’t see your own failures. One after the other.

Trump is preparing the nation to fire more than Sessions. We will have to wait to see how Mr. Apprentice the author of YOUR FIRED plays out his pink slip to his own team mates who fail to last long if they forget their is ONE BOSS that they work for – and it is the PRESIDENT in the Administration. Trump wants results and loyal team and performance he can see reports for and hold team mates accountable for. If you fail to deliver we cook your liver – thats my tweet. For today.


Berny Dohrmann – Keeping it real for my readers world wide


PS: Congress has brought the US dollar to its lowest level in 20 full months and its still falling. If the CREDIT RATING of this nation is not preserved – requiring debt ceiling increase and a budget passing – a SUPER CRASH in the world markets may follow.