So Communist China’s way out of its 100 trillion in bad unplayable non performing loan debt – the Mount Everest of world bad debt – is to steal illegally the wealth of its neighbor nations. China has declared it owns 1000 square miles – of South China Sea – or basically all of it on the map. This open navigation water way has never been owned by China in more than 1000 years.

When the World court finally heard the case with a mile high of China brief on the matter under the law – the World Court ruled UNANIMOUSLY under 400 year old Maritime laws bound by treaty documents that China has signed again and again – THAT – China had acted ILLEGALLY that there was ZERO LEGAL BASIS to their CLAIMS and that they were ruled to be violating international law and treaty.

Japan, the USA, Philippines, Indonesia India and others, are acting according to law to harvest the enormous mineral wealth under these waters.

Vietnam drilling for gas in its waters was recently threatened by China to the point between threats to their drilling partners, to Vietnam with War, the drilling was stopped.

Others are going ahead. China told them all to stop going ahead today.

Also China has intercepted and forced USA SPY PLANES in international airspace not China airspace to diver directions with their fighter armed jets. THE USA IS NOT MESSING AROUND WITH CHINA. The Trump plan is IF we have to have WAR – trade war or real war with China better get it over with. Also Trump is not big on lying. China said we would manage North Korea. But North Korea is hell bent to develop first strike abilities to the USA. Imagine an arsenal as large as Russia’s 1900 ballistic missile capacity all aimed at USA cities.


Congress can be impeached with a simple Federal Tort – THE MOTHER OF ALL TORTS. We are hoping a law firm will rise to that occasion as immunity disappears with crime. The Crime against the American people is dereliction of constitutional prescribed required by law duties of congress. Congress may have passed the line of HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEAMENORS. Lets indict and impeach all of them as WE THE PEOPLE. Start fresh. That is something we can all do.

So China and the South China Sea are heating up. The USA either goes to war with Korea and ends the MOTHER OF ALL WARS once and for all – totally and absolutely. Or we face nuclear war in the shortest time frame you can possibly imagine. If you have SUPER POWERS should you use YOUR SUPER POWERS. You bet. Should we use our SUPER POWERS against North Korea before they use these powers they stole by cyber war from us against us?

Today Korea’s economy is soaring at 4% growth in GNP. Without Sanctions it would be much much better than that. Their largest trading partner creating all this growth is China. So China’s communist party is strategically:

  1. Stealing all our private sector and government secrets.
  2. All our citizen data bases.
  3. All our credit and related records.
  4. Planting trojans that can bring our records to dust stop all systems from power to water – and turn us to the Stone Age in a click. They have breached every critical system and left trojans on all of them. READ KEVEN FREEMAN’S THE SECRET WEAPON and GAME PLAN – both. DOD contractor and adviser to the Military leadership on cyberattacks and cyber warfare.
  5. Illegally stealing the wealth of nations to take attention off its failure as an economic system – Communism has never created prosperity anywhere it has been implemented. It has created cradle to grave car for citizens until it stops from internal revolution or bankrupt or war and defeat.

In the USA the small business community, hampered by taxes state and federal, the highest tax on business in the world, continues to keep the economy growing. The big firm results also strong are occurring because of the jobs the 34 million small business operations are providing. The big firms are using technology to downsize human capital exchanged for AI capital seeking to reduce labor cost.

Small business is picking up the difference but the process has removed 20 million high paying jobs from the USA economy at the top and driving the middle class for 25 years. The Middle Class in America is shrinking rapidly, and consumer buying power is shrinking. As inflation returns if the Fed every creates a policy that works – as they have only created failed policies since the crash of 1987, 2000, 2008 and now the mess today. We have advised the only fix for the Fed a totally out of synch and antique policy body is to MERGE this private stock corporation – and its duties and rights – into the USA Treasury by an emergency act of Congress.

As the Congress is controlled, bought and paid for by the Super Money the Wallstreet Financial Lobby and Pharms, there is no hope that the Congress will merge the FED which as a private corporation with a government contract – is owned and is controlled by the banks and investment bank shareholders The Who of which is never released to congress. The Fed is never audited nor can it be. No agency or oversight can reverse the FED decisions. They control the money supply without anyone check and balancing that oversight. As they have almost bankrupt the USA while their own members did the bankrupting only to have tax payers bail out their members with trillions to off load their shareholder member BAD SIDE BETS – the time has come. The FED is the cause of financial crash and wars where their members make fortunes while we are slaughtered financially and truly slaughtered in wars.

It is time to MERGE THE FED INTO THE USA TREASURY. Write your law markers in all nations to do that. Form action groups and PACKS and raise money to do just that. Unite those groups. Sponsor best selling books MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY. The US Treasury is the better body to control money supply. Our benefits from one emergency act of congress:

  1. We no longer pay the Fed and its secret shareholders interest to print money.
  2. We have improved monetary policy without the conflict of interest of the FED to protect its shareholders.
  3. We have USA oversight on the Fed process.
  4. We have regulatory supervision of banks and investment banks without conflict of the banks and investment banks owning control of the FED as a privately owned corporation in case your not clear on that – its all on line.
  5. The USA dollar becomes the strongest currency on earth for 300 years into the future and our middle class returns to our unborn generations.

The founder of the Fed stated – I care not for whom makes laws or who is head of state….I care only for control of the money supply of to where ultimate powers lie………

The dysfunction of Congress is now the largest risk to the USA related to financial SUPER CRASH including risk to the entire world system. The Dysfunction of Congress today includes the risks of:

  1. Budgets that hamstring the USA to allow other nations to rise as we fall financially short and very long term.
  2. Conflicted lack of financial regulation by antique laws that most modernize for digital trading globally. No upgraded legal frame work in sight. The financial lobby who buys and pays for Congress will not tolerate that.
  3. USA infrastructure decays will USA debt is not sustainable. Worse than Greeces.
  4. The USA in decline today, is speeding up the process by lack of anti trust enforcement where every monopoly on supply and from hotel to finance is consolidating and merging into TOO BIG TO JAIl a trend not seen in American History where SUPER MONEY monopolizes markets. The FTC needs to be BROKEN into multiple agencies to restore public trust.
  5. The Food & Drug Administration needs to be modernized into the Food Protection Agency FPA and the DRUG PROTECTING AGENCY DPA and stop the DRUG IN FOOD AGENCY we have today that is toxic and killing us what a bad idea to combine food and drugs into one regulatory industry conspiracy. To name a few.
  6. The Congress of the United States of America has failed to execute their required constitutional required duties to the liability risk of IMPEACHMENT in the largest tort in US history which we all as a class sign on to – in failing to execute a permanent budget for our nation – loosing our credit rating increasing our national borrow cost by this negligence – failing to rebuilt our infrastructure – failing to repair our broken health care system – failure to modernize our dysfunctional tax system driving jobs and business out of the United States and so much more.
  7. Congress is focused for eight years on destruction of the duly elected leadership versus coming together for the nation to govern AMERICA as IS required by law.

The middle class in America has been declining for the first time in 400 years – under the failed legal obstruction of the United States Congress now in break down and dysfunction to the people of our nation.

The wealth of the nation is being squandered by failed policy and no new policy to correct the break downs.

Hatred and Obstruction that never existed at the current digital levels as they do today.

Congress represents special and minority interests against the majority. Congress represents the FEW against the MANY in utter class warfare – versus the one voice our system has to moderate this model where congress always represents the MANY FOR THE MANY.

For these and countless other reasons law firms can digest we advocate a legal TORT the MOTHER OF TORTS filed in Federal Court to hold Congress responsible for legal breach of governance seeking to IMPEACH the entire Congress and start fresh.

Enough of a broken America.

We the People can if we rise up – together – all of us together – fix this. After all the entire WORLD is depending on us to do just that don’t you think?


PS: Global Policy is in total  disarray and the enemies we face are embolden by the US CONGRESS decline in executing legal function required by the US Constitution and law. The failure of the US Congress is placing the REPUBLIC at risk for the first time in history. That is an impeachable offense.