1. MARITME INTERNATIONAL LAW. defines that a sovereign nation secures its 12 mile limit off its coasts as a rule of law.
  2. China a few years broke this law and claimed 1000 miles in all directions – seeking to secure under sea mineral rights in one of the most lucrative zones on the planet worth 100 trillion dollars – its always the MONEY folks.
  3. The claim violating 400 years of Maritime international law and treaties China signed itself – was brought to the fully impartial International COURT OF LAW. The Court of law ruled last year in 2016 in a UNANIMOUS DECISION OF LAW between nations that CHINA was a LAW BREAKER and had substantially violated in every regard global laws and their claim was invalid and held NO LEGAL CONSEQUENCE.
  4. China paid no attention. The USA is enforcing the courts law.
  5. Vietnam is drilling inside its own legal boundaries off shore with a Russian partner doing the drilling under contract. In 2017 China threatened to bomb the facility and go to war with Vietnam over one of its islands – and threatened by ordering the Russian FIRM to STOP ALL DRILLING or lose its on site assets – in effect ready to poke a Stick in Presidents PUTIN’s eye. Why? 100 TRILLION DOLLARS.

Rather than put a chilling effect on world markets ( which are down today with all the news substantially ) Philippines and Indonesia are PROCEEDING TO DRILL and are willing to GO TO WAR WITH CHINA supported by the ENTIRE WORLD and the USA against China in this dispute of law – which China Communist have been clearly defined as CRIMINAL LAW BREAKERS in the world today – grabbing wealth and assets that belong to other nations now using FORCE to exercise their ILLEGAL theft of national treasure belonging to others clearly under the law and treaty they signed themselves.

What is sad – is that China has enough assets inside its own base of influence. more wealth than the nations has today in total – but they want all the assets of countless neighbors to own all that wealth as if they were the Chinese Empire. The world is not going to let the CRIMINAL THEFT of these assets flow to China versus the legal right to peoples of countless nations who have a pure LEGAL RIGHT and entitlement for 400 years of law to possess these national natural treasures inside their zone of legal possession. So China is going to have WAR and their misplayed card is going to sink them if the USA and Donald Trump are taxed to this level – as all trade with China would stop and China would be the bankrupt loser in that TRADE WAR and almost over night. Their markets would crash and be beyond repair. Why? They tried to steal the wealth of nations illegally is why. Communist are setting up war to avoid Chinese debt defaults as their nation is truly economically bankrupt due to showing crap defaulting non paying bad loan assets – 100 trillion in losses – shown today as good assets when then are not assets at all. When the economics are justified as the MARKET will require of the COMMUNISTS their rule will be seen as lies, a failure, and the people will want a new model. Who would not? This step makes it all worse and speeds up their end game versus finding a real fix to the core problem.

This SOUTH CHINA SEA matter with Nuclear nations involved – India – Pakistan – and others – is going to be a RISK FACTOR to world markets. Why?

Because China is bankrupt and drowning in its own debt’s. IT is spending for too many years to count 300% over what it makes and this number is rising. Their fake news on economics fails to discuss the 100 trillion of bad non performing loans – debts that will never be paid held as good performing assets on China’s truly bankrupt financial statements if fully adjusted. Now China is taking its seven trillion dollar bad debt bond markets into the world markets sending all that crap into the world. Which will not be long fooled.

China is a failed communist economic system like 100% of financial constructions. Mobility and wealth sharing are impossible in elite driven wealth consolidations inside China the FEW AGAINST THE MANY. Rather than the MANY FOR THE MANY. A new set of economic box top rules – COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM versus CASINO CAPITALISM. Or the TRUTH from the LLES.

China economic reporting is all FAKE NEWS folks by state communist controlled central planners protecting the parties books from the market place. The real transparency and audits that show the bankruptcy are never going to be reported in China due to a breach of INTEGRITY in the system not the humans. The system is broke and needs repair. Integrity is the core problem.

Financial news is all lies under the present system. You invest in the casino at your own greatest risk. As we tell you.

China is now playing as Saudi plays its last card – which leads to WAR to secure their survival as a nation before their is a SPRING that revolutionizes their nation – their greatest fear as a government.

We watch the unfolding race to WAR which you heard first on our blog site, and we  have consistently had confirmation of how it is all unfolding. It is all economics folks follow THE MONEY and the TRUTH will set you free. It is heating up in the South China Sea.

Berny Dohrmann – Watching failed policy globally for you


PS: We are so sorry Vietnam bowed to the THREATS from China which including economic boycotts that would crush VIETNAM with its largest trading partner – economic as well as physical threats to win for China. They are laughing all the way to their communist bankers.