After the Crash in 2008 China resorted to jobs above anything else where communist policy and politics ran economics versus economics running politics. What happens:

  1. China prints so much of its currency the currency becomes worthless. Wait for it…….
  2. China keeps it GNP going by debt – spending over the past ten years 300% more than it earns – worse than Greece by far – each year – every year 300% and that chart is straight up like the space shuttle flying UP UP and away.
  3. All policies to control Real Estate – Shadow Banking – and the run away economic sector are failed policies. China was going downward to GNP of 5.7% but now they are exploding at 7% GNP and that chart is rising again driven by China’s SUPER BUBBLE in currency and real estate.
  4. China is about to have its communist party BIG EVENT. At this event the boss – politically – will cement dictator like powers. Powers to control the money – the weapons – the policy – consolidating more power into one man and one office than anyone since Mau. Only both followed utterly failed economic mantra’s.
  5. China has been selling its core industry products for under cost. Rare earths. Steal. Manufactured goods by the State Run Organizations SRO’s.

The anti corruption industry in China has become a side multi billion dollar new industry – of elites – legally stealing business of those they target. The anti corruption officials are not more wealthy and corrupt than the corrupt they go after and millions of innocent small business owner assets are being consolidated into the state as seizures of “they did nothing” business activities are common place today in China.

China will not let use use Face Book or normal use of WHAT APP Instantgram or SNAP CHAT. Why? China requires back doors with ability to listen to what your typing and arrest if you if they don’t like it. At 4 AM without warning or due process. It is big brother watching you. China manipulates what you read see and hear about their communist leadership. You see hear and know what they want you to know.

Yes you can get BBC ( and that is sometimes not easy ) but getting this BLOG… China…….NOT SO MUCH. Try you’ll see.

Freedom? Communist system models control what is freedom and how much YOU as a sovereign citizen get.

The USA is not one to preach though as we shoot innocent Australian woman who just report a crime and try to protect others. So WHO are WE to preach until we heal and fix our own dysfunction FIRST? I’m just telling the TRUTH here.

We are all citizens of the Planet Earth Federation and our national unity is ON LINE where we celebrate all diversity versus punish that sacred diversity of the human experience. Sanity ( cooperation ) versus INSANITY ( Competition ).

We are in control. All of us. to a level of rule of law, lack of corruption, a cooperative integrity revolutionized global economic system of full partnership versus elite class warfare – we have seen as a failed model for 5000 years always self destructive into war. WHO NEEDS THAT as a future insanity.

The world is rushing into war. Because wars are asset rebalancing and debt resolving, and demographic reforming. War is PROFITABLE to the elites. War kills off all of us who complain about their system. They live we die. Thats the economics.

We the people can unite on line – we if nations allow us to connect at all – can influence outcome and the cooperation capitalism box top rules we require to have global full partnership – wealth sharing and circulation – versus elite wealth consolidations. Which is what we have today. Ever tighter spirals of wealth consolidation which ever retard global circulations – in a casino capitalism driven at the end – by massive borrowing leverage to feed the manipulation and price control through rampant speculations globally – end up in contagion Super Crash and world war to rebalance the bankruptcies of currencies and nations. All insane. All preventable. We just need a NEW BOX TOP RULE BOOK for the digital economics of tomorrow versus the broken box top rules of the past century we adopt to the markets of today at the greatest peril – as the elites blindly spiral up their fantastic wealth to even more enormous wealth via consolidations which inside the system are not economically sustainable due to DEBT AND CIRCULATION consequences to which in economics there is no alternative outcome but Super Crash and World War.

Who is thinking of AVOIDING this historic pattern of outcome?

My tribe of sane economists and leaders all over the world are THINKING of the SOLUTIONS and spitting in the wind of the GREED MACHINE to accommodate those solutions.

For the USA we are advocating with Kevin Freeman MARS – Mutually Assured RECONSTRUCTION. The pennies for this new agency assure – as in GUARANTEE – the USA can rebuild and reconstruct in 90 to 120 days from any type of attack. WITHOUT MARS – Mutually assured RECONSTRUCTION – in a digital records world – MADD mutually assured destruction between nations – becomes the end of human civilization in less than an hour as does an incoming strike from a space event – all historic which always occur zero chance of no repetition. So why not be AHEAD OF IT?

Getting a SANE idea into the common insanity is never easy. We are five years in and working on it.


Then COOPERATIVE ECONOMICS GLOBALLY. Often set up and written about in these blogs if you scroll you’ll see that RULE BOOK and new BOX TOP RULES for the world economically expressed in clear and compelling concepts.

Legacy. Comes from understanding.

In China the future does not belong to communist rulers. Why? Because Socialism and Communism are failed economic models that historically and utterly fail to sustain prosperous middle class massive development. The impoverishment and elite wealth spiraling that occurs and the corruption in the system – are WORSE than the fatally and equally flawed COMPETITIVE CAPITALIST MODEL. America has 35 million American’s on food stamps and state subsidy. To be sure thy live far better in poverty IN AMERICA than the impoverished in South America Africa or Asia. Capitalism in any model is better and less corrupt than communism and socialism which economically are failed model systems for the masses of their people.

Still the future is the new COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM with social constructions that remove elite consolidations, maximize circulations, self correct, have integrity and no secrets in the system, and engineer economics for sustainable circulations versus debt driven unsustainable circulations. It is just an improved BOX TOP RULE to evolve the final society rule book that evolves with us – includes AI that is self aware – and has all the accommodations of economics to present the dawn of the new age of humanity. Sanity replaces insanity.

Competition is the source of all human misery as a thought form as competition is a thought impulse that is a form of insanity. Pure insanity. Spirits that are immortal do no compete.

Control by the state is not the answer. Society norms that are cooperative where Competition is not rewarded or acceptable to social interaction – isolates the insane and removes the insane from society norms. The cause is insanity every thing else is only symptom – in law – in politics. in governance – in economics. Competitive anything is insane. Cooperative everything is sane.

Nations need to RE-INVENT their INTEGRITY first as a culture and their Transparency second.

Nations serve the people by advancing cooperative laws, frame works and cultures, to foster every growing interaction between a government the people own and hold accountable to them, and who work cooperatively where competitive thinking and culture and action -FORCE versus real POWER – is culturally unacceptable via education on cooperation principles to children first and adult re-educaton second.

Those who flourish in insanity ( competitive thought ) become increasingly isolated from the new society that is sane and cooperative. Full partnership and general prosperity rises instantly from the reformation of the box top rules where economics always drives the politics versus the failed way it is now in China and much of the world where POLITICS drive ECONOMICS. This fails on the war on drugs, wasting fortunes to rise up the impoverished and heal the drug user – as it fails on debt ridden nations that are truly bankrupt save for fraud accounting where politics drives legal constructions that are competitive, insane, and fraud on real economics.

Increasingly China and all nations can no longer isolate their people from the TRUTH. There system of rules, nothing personal to individuals, is not sustainable and is failed as a model and only war now can manage the rising debt long term. China’s leaders know this so they are whipping their people up into war.

China is at war with the USA. They are digitally at war. They use North Korea and Iran as puppets in THEIR asymmetric warfare. See Kevin FREEMANS THE SECRET WEAPON AND GAME PLAN to read the data on this unfolding world war.

China has via its proxies with Russia in coordinated digital war:

  1. Tested a digital weapon on the west and made trillions on the crash. Read the books suggested.
  2. Hacked every secret of industry and government in the USA that is 100% of our future weapons – space and intelligence.
  3. Left trojans in our data centers and power grids to wipe all digital content to erase where backups can not be restore because of the trojans there and power never comes back on – and planes can’t fly and cars can’t drive and no gas to fill up anyway and 300 million weapons do WHAT when toilet paper is not going to reach LA in say three weeks everyone is OUT. Bam took one minute. Who wins that war folks?
  4. Three bombs go off in space – atomic from China say or their proxy North Korea – and China killer satellites ( oh they have all been tested and why do they have killer satellites again )? – Take out ours – we are blind – every digital item is gone – cars planes and trains and things – all trucks all data bases – all credit cards – all power – all everything and nothing is coming back on – takes 20 minutes and we are Stone Age without MARS Stone Age. BAM and its who wins that war?
  5. China super crashes on their economics due to massive debt defaults – cascading – when that happens do they go to war to get out or do they say I”m sorry folks – its ok as all global markets simply CRASH making 2008 look like a cake walk. That takes 72 hours in digital space its not the depression it is so much worse for so many digital reasons of world interconnected over leverage. When liquidity stops the system war pressures become impossible to control spiral for keeping in mind ELITES make FORTUNES in WAR.

So the old historic process repeats driven by new digital forces that are unknown as to future outcome that include all this and the option of a full nuclear exchange that takes less than 3 hours and the world is not the same for 5000 years. Civilization is destroyed and billions are dead. Who wins that war.

You can see the future is economic.

The symptoms are how China moves to control censorship and its people by information control – false news – and manipulation of peoples mind as CHINA controls the software on the people’s thinking. They can not easily get their own information and massively control their own thinking. If they do their brainwashed community reports them and consequence is horrible in such models and box top rules. Historic going on for thousands and thousands of years of human ignorance. Education is the key. More education more global more cooperative in general by self awareness of the truth.

Still the competitive education is bad software and massively applied to perpetuate the elite insanity systemically of the FEW AGAINST THE MANY?


NATONIONS that control eduction to divide humanity and to punish diversity of politics, faith, race, and culture, are perpetuating their own ELITE INSANITY and will not be sustainable long term. Such nations are themselves insane economically. In the end the economics falls.

So the world is now in a great rip tide of what my book features THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – and the old failed models of competition. The economics of failed competitive capitalism, destroyed by elite laws, rule books that consolidate wealth through leverage into unattainable 1% own more wealth than 99% with circulation reductions that lead to SUPER CRASH and WARS to reset debt and asset accounts globally. The economics of failed communism and socialism are worse and the same built upon competitive agencies of state. Both RULE BOOKS and BOX TOP RULES need to be REVOLUTIONIZED by COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM the final human economic improvement for the people ( us ) of the world PLANETARY EARTH FEDERATION.

My book tells law makers think tanks and social capital HOW to execute these improvements without war and instantly.

We love CHINA and the CHINESE PEOPLE. The system is now outside Communist leader control economically and headed for an enormous SUPER CRASH from the world’s largest uncrushed BUBBLE.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping the TRUTH on just for YOU