The holy sites in the old temple of Jerusalem are controlled:

  1. IN all Christian and Jewish sites by Israel.
  2. IN all Muslim sites by Jordon in a joint agreement.

Israel faced with a growing terrorist gun and weapon attacks in these holy world heritage sites – installed Metal Detectors to move safe worship for everyone visiting the muslim sites where recent gun attacks took place a days ago. NEVER AGAIN is their motto for all of us the innocents who just want to celebrate and learn from each other. All of us celebrate diversity as sanity only the insane punish human diversity. Sane or insane.

The arabs as this was not undertaken by Jordon rose up to object. Why? They are all safer. IT is politics and religion driving economics rather than sanity driving economics.

Israel is not letting their billions of dollars in tourism be at risk to a tiny % of insane brains that harm children and mommies. Some one has to be in charge of public safety in the holiest sites in the entire world for all of us.

Israel is insuring public safety. Arabs need to do sensible acts to secure the public worshiping in their holiest sites and ours. We all come together on this. It is sane and does not preclude anyone save those who want knives and guns inside holy worship sites which are frankly SACRED to all of US.

The bombing in Jordon of the Israel embassy is two young crazy brains working in a furniture factory last week. Inspired by crazy brains. Insanity versus sanity. Nothing else is going on. Not politics. Not religion. Just public safety for all of us.

Arab’s rising up to assure safety at MECCA and everywhere is the right response because it is cheap sane and easy for all of us. Why complain that a process to prevent GUNS KNIVES AND UNWANT ED WEAPONS  CAN ( given days ago murders )  enter holy sites is finally and way too late in place why object to that ?  Jordon could take it over and keep it as Holy High Ground if ARABS prefer that but then protest for that not against Israel for trying to make sure NEVER AGAIN for all of us who worship on those sites – like me and my own children. Keep US all of us SAFER. Thats the process.

We send our sympathies to Israel for doing a good job in securing public safety for all of us. The sane and right thing.

This is not political or religious. This is common damn economic sense.

Berny Dohrmann – Having Offices in Jerusalem and in the GULF  from 1972 to now.