So as some of you know my father was a mentor to Walt Disney who visited our home and I sat on his knees and visited the studio with him in my teens.

The movie Aladdin was an entertainment product for the entire world to experience magic, good trumps over evil love triumph’s over everything and in a sweet fun musical.

Today the small group of minority arabs lobby Disney they stereo type Arabs in the meeting. It is not about Arabs. Its about entertainment. A timeless story from a long time ago remade by Disney into a classic film now being updated.

Write Disney and tell them – hey – we love you guys ignore those protests as the majority of us treasure and love your work for children. Just remake our classic for us.

That is the ticket for the vast majority over the small minority. Sometimes you have to DO SOMETHING you can all do THIS.

All of us need to write Disney and let them know – we love you guys. Can you believe making a movie with a private firm comes to this as they try to remain faithful to the BOSS that started it all? Come on folks. I mean come on really?

Berny Dohrmann – For my Uncle Walt

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