The only remaining good banks in the worst of the EU debt bomb nations – are being forced to weaken their already marginal futures by buying ( as a political solution ) failed – bankrupt – banks in Italy and the nation of Spain. The contagion is quietly growing. The runs on banks have not yet happened. But depositors are very nervous.

Money by the billions is moving around inside the EU to get to safe haven.

Where is the smart money going?

To AMERICAN BANKS and dollar based banking outside the EU that is where smart money is going. To SWISS BANKING both without an guarantee of privacy. To Bahama’s – inside treaty but still privacy secure – and outside treaty in Camion’s and ST Kitts to name a few. Billions upon billions moving right now.

This is problematic as the problem banks are experiencing a REAL RUN out of nation – not just banks – which is all digital versus standing in lines to get cash. The Bankruptcy pick up one major bank after another in Italy and Spain follow Greece showing – that – the contagion is spreading. No one wants panic. But today big money moves at a click.


  1. China First.
  2. Asia second.
  3. EU Second
  4. Africa Third
  5. South America last

The money is running into safe haven primarily the USA and for good reason.

I’m just reporting as it is heating up from low to simmer to medium as we reported earlier this year. What did we report to you?

  • The banks would fail when and where.
  • The number would rise.
  • The fréquence of failure would increase
  • The velocity acceleration and momentum would rise.
  • VAM

Keep watching the global news folks money ( huge money and small money ) is on the move. Click moves.

A billion here and a billion there folks and pretty soon we are talking about very serious totals.

Berny Dohrmann – Watching the EU at core in death spiral