So as the second half of 2017 begins and half the year is gone what are the CENTRAL BANKS in the EU telling us all? Well they told us this weekend in their utter panic ( that is my take on central bank speak ) that:

  1. WE are not about to stop our 60 billion a month in crap bad member debt and investment buying to prop up bad bets inside the EU casino capitalism market space.
  2. We will not risk slowing down recovery or going backwards.
  3. We will keep stimulation up for the foreseeable future ( so the EU is toast without artificial life support to 100 trillion in bad debt no payment plan can ever not ever fix or resolve ).
  4. We will keep Central Bank interest at ZERO in the EU for an eternity of required.
  5. We are stimulating printing money and turning out a trillion here or there to prop up our failed member’s economies artificially.

Is that any way to run economics?

Is that real economics?

Is that artificial economics?

Does that lead to a currency that is worthless “once upon a time”?

Your all smart out there – you tell me.

What do YOU THINK?

Berny Dohrmann – keeping the truth on just for you


PS: What does utter panic really look like – ah – see – your looking right into its eyes folks.