The aging King of Saudi has appointed his SON 31 years young, the HEIR Apparent to the increasingly challenged Kingdom. The head of Defense and Security and related Saudi Homeland. The mature heir apparent by tradition was sacked from his job. The palace in fighting is now DIVIDED in the ROYAL family with more going on than any press could ever report.

The NEW KING coming into power, is on record as IRAN has had it and IRAN’s day is coming. So SAUDI the actual home of all the terror we can see including 911 is our friend – and Iran labeled as fostering Terror who as far as we can see is fighting Terror with more cost money troops and support than Saudi has ever provided or produced – is now approaching real war with Saudi. Which we believe Saudi would lose and Iran would become the largest OIL producer on earth while we are friends with the what – loser?

Saudi our friend has sought to artificially raise market prices on oil. The developing billions of humanity need lower energy price not higher to grow their own prosperity. Greed Machine monopolies making price rise artificially is a friendly idea for America again WHY? Or any nation again WHY?

Then we have the final last bad bet.

The Oil Policy largely set up by the 31 Year old new King – is to cut oil and make prices rise. Only the Kingdom in the RED INK has no way to operate its forward plans and budgets within a failed policy. The policy long reported here is insane economics. The policy:

  1. Cuts the OPEC suppliers revenue by untold billions of dollars.
  2. This cut back transfers MARKET SHARE and critical customers world wide away from OPEC sellers FOREVER. Permanent market share shift.
  3. Opec members pay untold BILLIONS in revenue they desperately required TODAY to their competitors.
  4. The Competitors protect OPEC customers for lower price and take untold MARKET SHARE away TODAY and Tomorrow.
  5. OPEC can NEVER not EVER get that market share back because their customers just HATE THEM for forcing artificial price rises upon them like the Saudi price raise to China this MONTH. For no reason at all.

So OPEC is in a death spiral financially. WAR would help. Only WAR will help. All the cards are played now. So the first volley for WAR is to force QATAR to reject the totally unreasonable demands SAUDI just placed upon QATAR this week – while Iran will make QATAR a protectorate. Then SAUDI loses yet AGAIN and comes into the move for WAR blaming QATAR.

Much like a shell game with the pea under it.

Where is the real PEA.

The PEA is in SAUDI POLITICS and that is so opaque like 1001 Arabian nights – no one but no one has been able to figure any of that out ( really ) for 1000 years and more.

The Story goes on as Oil may fall to the 30’s before bankrupt OPEC moves to the WAR CARD….keep your eye on the pea folks. Keep your eye on the pea.

You heard it all hear folks and the issue is SAUDI FAILED OIL POLICY since 2014. Utter disaster and failure.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment banker economists rubbing his head…now and again.




So, Jeff head of Amazon buys Whole Food for a great price. The hole in their grocery and health portfolio just closed. Wal Mart stock tanked on Friday as a consequence. They can see the light at the end of the Tunnel from Arkansa is Jeff and Amazon – not the train their were hoping for.

Kodak lost their dominant Wal Mart like market failing to adapt to technology and digital photographic sea changes. Amazon and Jeff muse in 100 years will my customers say:

  • I sure wish Amazon delivered slower than that instant tele potation shit they instant deliver everything even my dryer.
  • I sure wish Amazon cost more.
  • I sure wish Amazon had less selection its so weird to buy everything from one too big to fail company.

I don’t think soooooooo……….

So Wal Mart was started by Sam. I went fishing with Sam in Alabama. Sam was obsessed with his customer experience. Today Wal Mart is obsessed with its shareholder earnings. As their stock fell apart today after Amazon bought Whole Foods….failing to obsess on your customers in todays WE market space of social capitalism is death no matter how big you are. No one is too big to be stupid.

Long on Wal Mart? Wal Mart has lost it in the board room and can’t adapt rapidly enough to get IT back. It is obsessed with SHAREHOLDER EARNINGS and no longer obsessed on founder CLIENT EXPERIENCE super focus and culture. Losing that a company is never too big to FAIL. How much of digital photography does Kodak have? Do you look to Kodak to knock your socks off the once Wal Mart of photography? Or do you look to this fall and IPHONE 8 like “I” do ? Never too big to be stupid.

Like a glacier you can’t stop from reaching the sea Amazon is going to re-write our grocery and central station rule book as a CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE>. Sam new we did not want to drive and park at the toy store, the appliance store, the grocery store, the pharmacy, the clothe store. If you could park once and get it all we said yes. If we could get it all for less we said yes. IF we could get it faster with less time and for less cost we said yes. 72% of consumers said yes.

I’ll live to see Amazon beam products to where it goes in your home. Promise. In fact that is all in my new book DIGITAL MANNERS coming out in 2018. This years its SUPER CHANGE which Amazon leads with Jeff Bezo’s.

Today Amazon is giving us the ability to NOT DRIVE AT ALL and get it all with LESS TIME for LESS COST and for LOWER PRICES why would we drive to Wal Mart and go through an experience that is “not so much”. Can Wal Mart as a brand value continue to dominate what Sam with new digital tools innovated as an obsessive like Jeff at Amazon did on his customers – only his customers? No I think that train left the station when Sam said good bye.

Today the Kodak is Wal Mart.

Target may profit from their better customer experience.

Amazon is going to take the market.

We’ll see …its my prediction – the down bubble in Wal Mart Stock – you an’t seen nothing yet. Wal Mart lost it all in the board room not in the store room.

Now consider just consider Amazon bought Whole Foods for FREE . Oh thats right you heard me. AMAZON ACQUIRED Whole Foods FOR FREE. How do “I” figure that one? Well lets do the math together.

Jeff is paying out 13.7 billion to buy Whole Food and it is a done deal as Target Wal Mart and the others rank completely today. Now the market so loves this deal, this right thinking, that the market rewarded Amazon just on Friday first peak, with a stock boast where Amazon stock at mid day trading Friday was up 32 dollars and change and still rising while I had to catch my San Francisco Plane to Hollywood on Friday. Writing you. There are lets see around 478 million shares of Amazon out there ( do you have some I hope ? ) – and that times todays bump would be a net gain in ONE DAY of 15.7 billion dollars in Amazon shareholder cap rate. Is that a FREE PURCHASE or is that a FREE PURCHASE? I tell you Jeff Bezo’s as Warren Buffet says is the # 1 brain on the street today and we agree.

So way to go Jeff Bezo you bought your Whole Food’s purchase basically for free but we are only in our first hours of reward for JOB WELL DONE as YOU alone make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN fighting the US CONGRESS rip tide against business and the Federal Reserve Board against us all. Standing ovation Jeff can I order my groceries by drone next week?

Berny Dohrmann – Sprinkling a little Friday TRUTH on your steak.

PS: If we had a Fed Board Jeff Bezo’s founder of Amazon set up and Jeff ran the FED like Amazon is run, why AMERICA WOULD BE GREAT AGAIN. With Janet Yellin historically the worst chairperson in 100 years at the Fed running it – ah hhhh….not so much.




ABS is a term of Asset Backed Securities. The unregulated market for these assets is global not just in China who is last in at the party. Basically you take assets, of various rankings ratings and classes, and you put them into an omelet pan and you scramble them up at high heat in a structured asset. A type of agreement. The new omelet of crap securities is then served to the market as a better class of security called many things, but ABS is a growing market class for trillions of dollars.

China got into this party late – a couple years back. They are now serving 150 billion of this security to internal and external investors sampling their risk demand tolerances.

For example, although this market just took off several years ago in China a first major default is taking place. These super high risk securities are thought to be beyond defaulting really when in fact the risk of market collapse in ABS is only beat by the ETF markets in general.

One Mongolia securitized by ABS bridge, could not collect enough toll revenue, to pay the investors holding the ABS and defaulted.

I caution the markets that an unknown percentage of securitized projects are based on over amplitudes of optimism in their projections to support the debt levels being achieve in China today. All this including ETF global markets represent an uncontrolled financial experiment, in the new digital age of tools, fully outside any old model of regulation, with no future outcome defined as to how this experiment will go. I have cautioned a world depression credit deleveraging worst than any depression known to civilization may be a reset that is looming.

Mongolia’s default on its bridge may be the canary singing and then falling over dead in the mind shaft.

Meanwhile the miners just increase their speed.

China is going to lower its regulatory oversight for ABS and give a green light signal to expand the shadow banking sector it was once stating it wished to reign in from excessive abuse in risk taking.

Personally I see ABS as a faster growing, new and terrifying digital tool to massive leverage risk and credit spirals that in the end always create collapse of their own weight. The Digital Market Space requires a new FRAME WORK OF G 100 COLLABORATIVE REGULATION and until we get just that nations are hostage to policies they have limited appreciation for real outcome when making.

ABS is one of many examples.

As always the public who will be most harmed by these unregulated new security classes has no clue what is taking place in their space. No clue at all.


PS: Janet Yellin the worst Fed Chairperson since 1900 – should have kept interest level – continued quantitive easing – and her cost for not doing so will become the historic pivot of when America failed systemically. It was this week – wait – you’ll forget – but I will not forget.

the Bible For Future Reading and Predictions




We reported bitter angry democrats where likely to use violence against republicans and we suspect Donald Trump before it is all over. The dysfunctional disunity in the United States is rising to levels unseen since I lived through both:

  • The Civil rights era
  • The Viet man era
  • Its becoming like that and fast

We saw elected republican officials safe in our national capitol, practicing for a friendly base ball game together, get shot by a crazy Brain democrats acting out firing over 100 high velocity high powered weapons before another democrat shot him and he died before he could say why. We know why. He is nuts. Thats why.

Now the special prosecutor is trying to indict the President for HIGH CRIMES and Misdemeanors. Read on .




We told you all the democrats are united in evicting Donald Trump from office. Their first path is impeachment by gaining evidence to convict him of “HIGH CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS.  The united Democrats will construct a frame that Donald Trump can never get out of ( unless he hires Dwight Chapin to get out of it ) just as they did for Richard Nixon. They are making WATERGATE like nothing when they construct the frame for President Trumps administration. As with President Nixon – The current President has no clue – none – how serious this all is – as it is politics he fails to appreciate lead or understand – and in the end it class war fare for the super rich against the system at core and the system these days crushes all who oppose it just for the principle of the fact THAT THEY “CAN” DO JUST THAT. We told you.

Today the SPECIAL PROSECUTOR was leaked by the united democrats at the FBI ( Just like the endless Deep Throat FBI leaks that sunk Nixon – exactly the same and the why – as we wrote to your repeatedly) assured the PRESIDENT GOT THE MESSAGE – the FBI you fired the head of is now united not to stop terror but to stop you FROM BEING THE PRESIDENT because you took “ON”  the SYSTEM at core – the lead agency and you messed with our sacred independence.From their internal inward looking point of view. They know they have done it before. It is matter of pride to bring the President down. The LEAKS will not stop from the top cop that now the FBI is the source of the LEAKS. Who will prove that in my humble opinion ? NO ONE AT ALL will ever prove it just like in Watergate and DEEP THROAT – where the leak WAS HE FBI. Being old enough to record and replay history is sometimes a curse versus a blessing. Because truly there is NOTHING NEW under the SUN.  We don’t work for YOU MR PRESIDENT we work for no accountability. Who reigns the FBI IN to the CONSTITUTION? As if we had the NAZIS in SUITS the answer is NO ONE at all. To think otherwise in this time, this climate, is well NAIVE. The FBI Is NOT A CORPORATION MR. PRESIDENT and you fatally error when you run the FBI as if it was one. The consequences for you may be enjoying your wealth at ag 75 in PRISON. We’ll see. The wheels of Justice will not derail will not slow will not change course. Mr. President. Congress makes the law which we don’t follow anyway as the FBI we are the LAW and we are above the law but you Mr. President are not. WHY? Because they are nuts is why. We told you. Use caution with the FBI Mr. President normal rules do not work over there. Its political. Ask NOT for whom the bell is tolling Mr. President….for this BELL “IS” TOLLING FOR THEE…and a great MAJORITY OF AMERICAN”S are happy as a tailgate party over this and Obama and Clinton are still calling all the shots and enjoying the powers they have and the limited power you don’t have. As you can now see with new glasses. What do you do? Why you retain Dwight Chapin Sir or you are doomed. But hey that is what I know and your entire team apparently ….does not. There there once upon time there was a fairy tale called Watergate let me tell you about the evil Deep Throat and the Washington Post owned today by WHO? And let me tell you the way the great King had to flea from his Great Castle at the peak of his great work in all the world………all because the great KING didn’t believe in fairy tales you see……now we’ll tell you more of the story after a time….as you fall fast to sleep and think of magic things like limousines and carousels and fairy tail wings.



So the Fed with crashing inflation, rising UNWANTED Deflation failed FED POLICY has aggravated – with inflation numbers that do not count OIL ( the cost of everything ) which bring real inflation to ZERO this year – ( they mess with the HOW the math model works to justify their insanity ) – are now moving in a crashing economy, crashing employment, crashing markets, crashing profits output all numbers auto’s to housing ( in the summer yet ) – they RAISE INTEREST RATES and tighten the money supply. Their bank members profits. This is supposed to raise the market rates. Stock prices should soar? We think its all a house of cards crashing down. Lets see.

They did just raise interest – agree to dump their crap 5 trillion of bank and gov bonds back into the market – their policy has failed to regrow the economy on solid foundation for ten years of failure. The FED needs to be merged into the US TREASURY to end a pre digital age of management of money that is way to costly.

So the Fed:

  1. Has run the nation into a NO RECOVERY REALLY.
  2. Allowed lies in everything. Stating we are at full employment with 34,000,000 long term able working unemployed not even counting any longer – by a stroke of Obama – and 40 million Able workers on food stamps in the wealthiest land in the world ( or are we ) .
  3. Is holding US unborn hostage to largest cost of nation – interest on national debt they ran to almost 20 trillion as a failed policy that demands they merge into the US TREASURY for over sight and accountability. They are not independent they are owned by the banks they are supposed to regulate in the largest fraud in 5000 years. Look at the FILM in my LAST BLOG on the FED FRAUD.

The truth is always hostage to the lies. You have to decide as a reader if you are acting on truth or patriotic to lies. Imagine if any nation ran upon its own constitution versus the lies the central banks have created in HOLDING THE CONSTITUTION OF NATINS HOSTAGE TO DEBT THEY ALONE AS PRIVATE COMPANIES – NON GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS OWNED BY THE SUPER MONEY RAPING YOUR NATION – IMAGINE if you googled and just read the truth about it all.

Or of course you could take a short cut.

Read and believe what you read on this blog as each prediction is boldly made true by the most odd evidence to lies possible – THE UNFOLDING FACTS WHICH ARE THE TRUTH.



Energy like Diamonds with Debeers is no more scare than Diamonds. Cartels control the price and make that which is common as sand on the beach – perceived to be rare to manipulate price. SO super wealthy miners can maximize their profits over time. Taxing the people’s of the world. With oil – the hidden COST OF EVERYTHING with over 11,000 products there are no replacement for – and of course power and transportation when we burn it up – is not rare – is fully renewable – as the planet earth is FARTING OIL AND GAS and renewing all wells.

Today technology has lowered the price to acquire oil.

There is MORE OIL to find under the oceans and waters of the world than man kind will need until mankind is extinct. The world is drowning in oil which should be 35 Cents at your pump America – and the world would be prosperous everywhere.

Only a cartel as evil as the FED almost – OPEC seeks to artificially manipulate prices of this very affluent oil – to its highest prossivel price ( recently $ 154.00 raping the world ) so there only asset as it runs out over time enriches them – alone – at the expense of the billions upon billions of all of us. That is not fair ethical or moral.

Today OPEC suppliers lack the control required. Non OPEC suppliers produce over 660,000 million barrels of oil and that number is soaring. UP.

Opec is cutting a bit over a million barrels a day which is not enough given America is producing that much itself MORE than it did last year. Alone.

Oil now clear that OPEC can not impact the outcome as American inventories set the world price as the glut grows and grows – has dropped to LOWER THAN 45.00 a barrel ( again ). OPEC as we told you the truth – has lost all control.

Their final desperate move is to hurt themselves more in the MARKET SHARE WARS and cut the supply to America – hoping market share will not shift where America will now buy from other non OPEC suppliers. Like say just Canada. AMERICA will offset the OPEC cut back however, with its own new Alaska Supply and with Canada and Lybia and we think IRAN.

Market share will shift from SAUDI to IRAN if the SAUDI’s try to manipulate prices by harming America in any way. TRUMP Will not be amused folks and there will be consequence for such immorality. Greed. China is furious. Asia is worse. The world is realigning away from SAUDI first and the GULF second. Saudi has done more to hurt its future economically, to harm is future for generations. in one season than all the Arab Springs combined.

Like the FED the matching FAILED POLICY OF NATIONS is OPEC led Saudi controlled OIL POLICY FAILURE of 2017. No strategy has more realigned the oil market share wars than OPEC FAILURE in 2017. Policy makers should be isolated forever for the trillion dollar error. NEW POLICY is needed and soon.


Oil Policy Makers forever have failed and left pure hatred by nations for the attempt to OVER CHARGE THEM for plentiful renewing oil. The notion is scare is now shattered. The notion oil is not renewing is forever shattered. The notion demand will rise as alternative energy soars and grows is SHATTERED as FAILED MATH MODELING. The demand IS plunging. The SUPPLY is rising continuously. THE cost of profitable supply is lower than $ 35.00 a barrel globally. Anything higher is enough. More than enough.

Those who challenged the world from OPEC are paying to loose market share forever and their customers just hate them.

This is FAILED POLICY FOLKS. How could it be otherwise.


PS: When BIT COIN and its later generations replace the US dollar globally and gold – what do you think BIT COIN will be worth THEN? A billion dollars a coin? Paper currency is used to make us warm? How long ? We just merged the FED into US treasury too late as the financial lobby bought off 600 law makers is why. Thats all. Thats HOW. WE can still fix it but we lack not the means but the will – only the will power to make America great again.



Tech stocks are plunging – losing 100 billion on Friday and more today. Gas is rising. Why?

Well, it is what we told you. The big boys are leaving for the summer right now – the entire summer. Their software is taking profits. They have bid leading tech stocks up to record all time high’s. They do not see any further room to grow price and they are taking profits during the summer doldrums or quiet time.

As the software see’s selling their crawlers trigger their own profit taking and a software to software avalanche begins – look ma no human involved in these trading AI new market spaces – all without any regulation or oversight. The regulators have no clue in real time what is going on or who is doing it from Friday to now. They have LOST ALL CONTROL OF THE WORLD DIGITAL MARKETS. There are no laws or regulations in the cloud. The laws are all local and the trades are all in the cloud.

So the software profit wars are GO TIME into the summer.

The highest peaks are the leading tech’s driving Nasdx. The software is taking profits. This triggers a larger sofware war. The software looks at all stock like a jump rope. The rope has a high peak wave and a love trough you jump over. The software makes BETS versus buy and hold investment – on the rope all along its up and its down. The software makes money no matter how the rope goes.

If your software is better than the other guy in the casino making side bets, you make higher profits than the other guy. Software against software in trade plays and volumes at speeds the world has never known before. Small investors with a broker human -too late – way too late – and not so much.


You loose.

The software will bid the market down before Apple release and perhaps after as has been the trend. Then after that Apple goes up for a year. That has been the trend. PROFIT TAKING IN THE CASINO CAPITALISM using SOFTWARE to MANIPULATE price and the market. The market as you know is unregulated today.

THE MARKETS ARE RIGGED. Play at your own risk. The house wins and you lose.

All markets all asset classes.

Oil goes up. Why? In a glut that is only getting worse. Saudi saying they feel supply will shrink inventory this summer? REALLY?

Saudi has been wrong in their jaw bone and forecasting for five years. Now we believe THEM? The self interested ultimate price manipulator.

Saudi has seen their cartel tax on the peoples of the world – billions of all of us – move from $ 154.00 a barrel to $ 45 a barrel – a fall of almost 70% while they said those falls could never happen. They led sovereign nation software speculation to manipulate prices higher.

Today the speculators have lost over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS and the software learns as AI and is not about to repeat old loss patterns. The speculator in OIL has lost control of THE Market.

Yes Oil moved up a smidgen to $ 48.00 as speculators re-entered the market globally ( software ) and bet long on oil forcing the price up. These trades are SPIT INTO THE WIND. Trillions are trading oil short and this will take a PLENTIFUL not scare product, with n America under Donald Trump rapidly moving to full self sufficiency – dropping imported oil from 64% to 27% and that ratio is moving DOWN today – so that OPEC is loosing market share forever.

Today America is selling ASIA oil in rising record numbers, rivaling OPEC output, rebalancing American trade, and opening flood gates of strength for the US dollar for 100 years to come.

So read the software tea leaves as PROFIT TAKING – temporary – of no real consequence to the overall market pattern yet. We will have a SUPER CRASH. Why? Because the FOOLS RALLY is not real or forged on real economic strength. The FOOLS RALLY is created by software and is a SPECULATION.

The software is smart and intelligent.

As it see’s price testing is at zero sum game in profits, the software begins to take profits on the downside as it is doing in technology stocks.

The markets are changing.

You saw WAL MART as in control of 72% of retail sales and consumers. Today a German chain is moving from 1100 stores in America to as many stores as Wal Mart spending in three years a billion a year – over 3 billion to develop the longest largest PRICE WAR in retail history. Wal Mart is slashing prices to its suppliers and forcing prices down to compete with the Germans. The GERMANS believe they are more efficient than Wal Mart and will end up buying them.

Now WAL MART is under pressure in the game Sam Walton wrote the rule book for ( and I Knew Sam ) but the rules have changed do to software. AI software.

No one can be safe or predictable in the new AI wars.

What is true is what I reported to you. The markets. all of them, will move up and down like a drunken sailor through this summer. Then at some point into 2018 when no one can predict or a third party event a SUPER CRASH world depression and world war will take place.


Because the G 100 refuses to COOPERATE at the level required to host a three year ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to re-regulated globally the CLOUD so that unwanted manipulation and speculations in market PRICING is removed from the market place by DIGITAL REGULATORY FRAME WORKS totally missing in 2017.

Because of that over a billion of us will die while billions of us suffer for no reason at all but government mal function. Today we cooperate and prosper or we compete and perish. If you want to master these principles READ REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION BY ME ON AMAZON.