The aging King of Saudi has appointed his SON 31 years young, the HEIR Apparent to the increasingly challenged Kingdom. The head of Defense and Security and related Saudi Homeland. The mature heir apparent by tradition was sacked from his job. The palace in fighting is now DIVIDED in the ROYAL family with more going on than any press could ever report.

The NEW KING coming into power, is on record as IRAN has had it and IRAN’s day is coming. So SAUDI the actual home of all the terror we can see including 911 is our friend – and Iran labeled as fostering Terror who as far as we can see is fighting Terror with more cost money troops and support than Saudi has ever provided or produced – is now approaching real war with Saudi. Which we believe Saudi would lose and Iran would become the largest OIL producer on earth while we are friends with the what – loser?

Saudi our friend has sought to artificially raise market prices on oil. The developing billions of humanity need lower energy price not higher to grow their own prosperity. Greed Machine monopolies making price rise artificially is a friendly idea for America again WHY? Or any nation again WHY?

Then we have the final last bad bet.

The Oil Policy largely set up by the 31 Year old new King – is to cut oil and make prices rise. Only the Kingdom in the RED INK has no way to operate its forward plans and budgets within a failed policy. The policy long reported here is insane economics. The policy:

  1. Cuts the OPEC suppliers revenue by untold billions of dollars.
  2. This cut back transfers MARKET SHARE and critical customers world wide away from OPEC sellers FOREVER. Permanent market share shift.
  3. Opec members pay untold BILLIONS in revenue they desperately required TODAY to their competitors.
  4. The Competitors protect OPEC customers for lower price and take untold MARKET SHARE away TODAY and Tomorrow.
  5. OPEC can NEVER not EVER get that market share back because their customers just HATE THEM for forcing artificial price rises upon them like the Saudi price raise to China this MONTH. For no reason at all.

So OPEC is in a death spiral financially. WAR would help. Only WAR will help. All the cards are played now. So the first volley for WAR is to force QATAR to reject the totally unreasonable demands SAUDI just placed upon QATAR this week – while Iran will make QATAR a protectorate. Then SAUDI loses yet AGAIN and comes into the move for WAR blaming QATAR.

Much like a shell game with the pea under it.

Where is the real PEA.

The PEA is in SAUDI POLITICS and that is so opaque like 1001 Arabian nights – no one but no one has been able to figure any of that out ( really ) for 1000 years and more.

The Story goes on as Oil may fall to the 30’s before bankrupt OPEC moves to the WAR CARD….keep your eye on the pea folks. Keep your eye on the pea.

You heard it all hear folks and the issue is SAUDI FAILED OIL POLICY since 2014. Utter disaster and failure.

Berny Dohrmann – Investment banker economists rubbing his head…now and again.