So, Jeff head of Amazon buys Whole Food for a great price. The hole in their grocery and health portfolio just closed. Wal Mart stock tanked on Friday as a consequence. They can see the light at the end of the Tunnel from Arkansa is Jeff and Amazon – not the train their were hoping for.

Kodak lost their dominant Wal Mart like market failing to adapt to technology and digital photographic sea changes. Amazon and Jeff muse in 100 years will my customers say:

  • I sure wish Amazon delivered slower than that instant tele potation shit they instant deliver everything even my dryer.
  • I sure wish Amazon cost more.
  • I sure wish Amazon had less selection its so weird to buy everything from one too big to fail company.

I don’t think soooooooo……….

So Wal Mart was started by Sam. I went fishing with Sam in Alabama. Sam was obsessed with his customer experience. Today Wal Mart is obsessed with its shareholder earnings. As their stock fell apart today after Amazon bought Whole Foods….failing to obsess on your customers in todays WE market space of social capitalism is death no matter how big you are. No one is too big to be stupid.

Long on Wal Mart? Wal Mart has lost it in the board room and can’t adapt rapidly enough to get IT back. It is obsessed with SHAREHOLDER EARNINGS and no longer obsessed on founder CLIENT EXPERIENCE super focus and culture. Losing that a company is never too big to FAIL. How much of digital photography does Kodak have? Do you look to Kodak to knock your socks off the once Wal Mart of photography? Or do you look to this fall and IPHONE 8 like “I” do ? Never too big to be stupid.

Like a glacier you can’t stop from reaching the sea Amazon is going to re-write our grocery and central station rule book as a CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE>. Sam new we did not want to drive and park at the toy store, the appliance store, the grocery store, the pharmacy, the clothe store. If you could park once and get it all we said yes. If we could get it all for less we said yes. IF we could get it faster with less time and for less cost we said yes. 72% of consumers said yes.

I’ll live to see Amazon beam products to where it goes in your home. Promise. In fact that is all in my new book DIGITAL MANNERS coming out in 2018. This years its SUPER CHANGE which Amazon leads with Jeff Bezo’s.

Today Amazon is giving us the ability to NOT DRIVE AT ALL and get it all with LESS TIME for LESS COST and for LOWER PRICES why would we drive to Wal Mart and go through an experience that is “not so much”. Can Wal Mart as a brand value continue to dominate what Sam with new digital tools innovated as an obsessive like Jeff at Amazon did on his customers – only his customers? No I think that train left the station when Sam said good bye.

Today the Kodak is Wal Mart.

Target may profit from their better customer experience.

Amazon is going to take the market.

We’ll see …its my prediction – the down bubble in Wal Mart Stock – you an’t seen nothing yet. Wal Mart lost it all in the board room not in the store room.

Now consider just consider Amazon bought Whole Foods for FREE . Oh thats right you heard me. AMAZON ACQUIRED Whole Foods FOR FREE. How do “I” figure that one? Well lets do the math together.

Jeff is paying out 13.7 billion to buy Whole Food and it is a done deal as Target Wal Mart and the others rank completely today. Now the market so loves this deal, this right thinking, that the market rewarded Amazon just on Friday first peak, with a stock boast where Amazon stock at mid day trading Friday was up 32 dollars and change and still rising while I had to catch my San Francisco Plane to Hollywood on Friday. Writing you. There are lets see around 478 million shares of Amazon out there ( do you have some I hope ? ) – and that times todays bump would be a net gain in ONE DAY of 15.7 billion dollars in Amazon shareholder cap rate. Is that a FREE PURCHASE or is that a FREE PURCHASE? I tell you Jeff Bezo’s as Warren Buffet says is the # 1 brain on the street today and we agree.

So way to go Jeff Bezo you bought your Whole Food’s purchase basically for free but we are only in our first hours of reward for JOB WELL DONE as YOU alone make AMERICA GREAT AGAIN fighting the US CONGRESS rip tide against business and the Federal Reserve Board against us all. Standing ovation Jeff can I order my groceries by drone next week?

Berny Dohrmann – Sprinkling a little Friday TRUTH on your steak.

PS: If we had a Fed Board Jeff Bezo’s founder of Amazon set up and Jeff ran the FED like Amazon is run, why AMERICA WOULD BE GREAT AGAIN. With Janet Yellin historically the worst chairperson in 100 years at the Fed running it – ah hhhh….not so much.