Tech stocks are plunging – losing 100 billion on Friday and more today. Gas is rising. Why?

Well, it is what we told you. The big boys are leaving for the summer right now – the entire summer. Their software is taking profits. They have bid leading tech stocks up to record all time high’s. They do not see any further room to grow price and they are taking profits during the summer doldrums or quiet time.

As the software see’s selling their crawlers trigger their own profit taking and a software to software avalanche begins – look ma no human involved in these trading AI new market spaces – all without any regulation or oversight. The regulators have no clue in real time what is going on or who is doing it from Friday to now. They have LOST ALL CONTROL OF THE WORLD DIGITAL MARKETS. There are no laws or regulations in the cloud. The laws are all local and the trades are all in the cloud.

So the software profit wars are GO TIME into the summer.

The highest peaks are the leading tech’s driving Nasdx. The software is taking profits. This triggers a larger sofware war. The software looks at all stock like a jump rope. The rope has a high peak wave and a love trough you jump over. The software makes BETS versus buy and hold investment – on the rope all along its up and its down. The software makes money no matter how the rope goes.

If your software is better than the other guy in the casino making side bets, you make higher profits than the other guy. Software against software in trade plays and volumes at speeds the world has never known before. Small investors with a broker human -too late – way too late – and not so much.


You loose.

The software will bid the market down before Apple release and perhaps after as has been the trend. Then after that Apple goes up for a year. That has been the trend. PROFIT TAKING IN THE CASINO CAPITALISM using SOFTWARE to MANIPULATE price and the market. The market as you know is unregulated today.

THE MARKETS ARE RIGGED. Play at your own risk. The house wins and you lose.

All markets all asset classes.

Oil goes up. Why? In a glut that is only getting worse. Saudi saying they feel supply will shrink inventory this summer? REALLY?

Saudi has been wrong in their jaw bone and forecasting for five years. Now we believe THEM? The self interested ultimate price manipulator.

Saudi has seen their cartel tax on the peoples of the world – billions of all of us – move from $ 154.00 a barrel to $ 45 a barrel – a fall of almost 70% while they said those falls could never happen. They led sovereign nation software speculation to manipulate prices higher.

Today the speculators have lost over ONE TRILLION DOLLARS and the software learns as AI and is not about to repeat old loss patterns. The speculator in OIL has lost control of THE Market.

Yes Oil moved up a smidgen to $ 48.00 as speculators re-entered the market globally ( software ) and bet long on oil forcing the price up. These trades are SPIT INTO THE WIND. Trillions are trading oil short and this will take a PLENTIFUL not scare product, with n America under Donald Trump rapidly moving to full self sufficiency – dropping imported oil from 64% to 27% and that ratio is moving DOWN today – so that OPEC is loosing market share forever.

Today America is selling ASIA oil in rising record numbers, rivaling OPEC output, rebalancing American trade, and opening flood gates of strength for the US dollar for 100 years to come.

So read the software tea leaves as PROFIT TAKING – temporary – of no real consequence to the overall market pattern yet. We will have a SUPER CRASH. Why? Because the FOOLS RALLY is not real or forged on real economic strength. The FOOLS RALLY is created by software and is a SPECULATION.

The software is smart and intelligent.

As it see’s price testing is at zero sum game in profits, the software begins to take profits on the downside as it is doing in technology stocks.

The markets are changing.

You saw WAL MART as in control of 72% of retail sales and consumers. Today a German chain is moving from 1100 stores in America to as many stores as Wal Mart spending in three years a billion a year – over 3 billion to develop the longest largest PRICE WAR in retail history. Wal Mart is slashing prices to its suppliers and forcing prices down to compete with the Germans. The GERMANS believe they are more efficient than Wal Mart and will end up buying them.

Now WAL MART is under pressure in the game Sam Walton wrote the rule book for ( and I Knew Sam ) but the rules have changed do to software. AI software.

No one can be safe or predictable in the new AI wars.

What is true is what I reported to you. The markets. all of them, will move up and down like a drunken sailor through this summer. Then at some point into 2018 when no one can predict or a third party event a SUPER CRASH world depression and world war will take place.


Because the G 100 refuses to COOPERATE at the level required to host a three year ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to re-regulated globally the CLOUD so that unwanted manipulation and speculations in market PRICING is removed from the market place by DIGITAL REGULATORY FRAME WORKS totally missing in 2017.

Because of that over a billion of us will die while billions of us suffer for no reason at all but government mal function. Today we cooperate and prosper or we compete and perish. If you want to master these principles READ REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION BY ME ON AMAZON.