So the USA following the Fed initiated SUPER CRASH of 2008 –  allowing their share holders ( banks and financial institutions ) to make criminal profits never seen in the Great Depression – from raw speculations making the mortgage market a casino – will now raise interest rates. On what data?

The worst recovery in 100 years of record keeping – the worst. Do not be fooled.

With all the lies they can present the best we have is 1.2% growth and that number is more like a recession really. It is itself a lie and things are less strong than anyone believes. I’ve been telling you al the truth.

The economy is weak fragile and not self sustaining.

Confusion destroys any confidence remaining.

You all know this. The FED is about to send the market into A SUMMER OF CONFUSION as it continues it’s own profit making and continues utter policy failure over and over and no one holds them – the FED – responsible. The press is asleep at the wheel on the FED as their members pay all the bills for the press. What is free if the press owes the FED its sole in loans? Bonds. Capital to stay afloat? Follow the money folks follow the money.

The Fed’s plan:

  1. The economy is strong and robust. A lie. Lets raise interest.
  2. They will raise interest NOW and start tightening.
  3. They will stop stimulation to growth by ceasing the bond buying they have done to stimulate so those billions dry out of the market.
  4. They will then sell the FED CRAP PORTFOLIO OF BONDS back into the market by what – 5 trillion – like the market could absorb the double whammy of these three factors all at once being this fragile. The market understands all this.
  5. The confusion this failed new Fed imbecilic economy policy defines early statements Janet Yellin will be seen in history as the author of the next Great Depression and the worst Fed Chair person in 100 years – or EVER.

So next week we have the Fed. Following decades of utter policy failures that made everything worse – where the US TREASURY working against the FED saved the financial system of the entire world – and the FED just made it all so much worse. While their members made profits that are truly scoring a USA DEBT they profit from, at all time record escalations the nation in ten years developed over the top of 400 years – collectively all at once in a single decade. This is not FIXING things this is permitting their member banks and investment banks to merge, grow even to large to JAIL – and developing a political influence so vast it is now too great an influence on the nation to continue.

We have stated keep the FED POLICY model – but merge the FED INTO THE US TREASURY. Why?

  1. Fed indépendance has worked worse with Fed conflict of interest a private Stock Firm like Berny’s Bank only they halloween fraud hide like they are an agency of government.
  2. The Fed is accountable to no one. Its members are immune from audit or over sight by an 80 page act of Congress passed almost 100 years ago. Google the FED ACT and read it. You’ll be horrified.
  3. The Fed system ( improved and now market accountable with full reporting and transparency ) under the GSA and US TREASURY can provide oversight that is fully accountable. No conflict of interest.
  4. We can pay Fed obligations off using SUPER BOND THEORY defined in this blog – search for it. Resetting debts for the USA so that America would be in the black not the red starting 2018.
  5. No future interest would ever be charged for the US treasury to print money. The digital real time market forces are sufficient to moderate any system abuse which the FAILED FED POLICY for 100 years provides and is the seeds for all wars.

Wake up to your history.

Take action. Write your law makers.

Be active as this on item is MORE URGENT AND IMPORTANT for the future of Unborn American’s than any other action. Why?

Because politics is a distraction.

Everything is economic.

Follow the MONEY.

Obtain financial literacy and real freedom and prosperity return.

Google search.

Don’t have TIME? Here is a link you can share with everyone in your mail list:

See this one video and the truth will come into YOUR financial literacy and you may make the difference. It just takes us all of us and its done.



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