Both Apple and Google fell by largest % of the year in a single one day plunge. Perhaps you were caught up in FBI testimony and HE said THEY SAID all week and failed to see the 100 billion dollar blood bath taking place in just one day.

Now we suggest BUY APPLE in the DIP as the tech leader is going to stun the market with its new product software line ups in 2017 and to under estimate their upward revenue ( again ) is to miss the under priced value in the market today. GO APPLE.

Amazon and ABC ( not so much ) as Glen Beck would suggest but hey listen to CRAMMER at your own loss and folly. As the grown ups – the SUPER MONEY is renting super yatches in the MED for their summer away from the markets – the profit taking is taking place as they depart. SELL HIGH and buy LOW. That is just what their software does for them. The rest of us rely on a BROKER as if they had any clue about anything.

I had almost 7,000 brokers in my global public investment banking firm. They all relied on what our research departments told them and had little ability on their own to step outside the data provided to them. Better data better results. Money followed outcomes.

Still does. But often too late. The loss motivates change of broker or firm. Good call.

Change brokers like you change underwear until outcome for your money is what you desire. Personally I recommend one. Dayrel Davis Washington DC. Dayrel Davis is the son of a minister, on faculty at CEO SPACE, and my # 1 licensed adviser choice – as Dayrel has a fatal flaw. He is a SUPER CONSERVATIVE well informed money manager. His fatal flaw? He cares about each client as if there were his own mother. He can not face wrong outcomes. Over the past decade widows the estates of all sizes have thank me for recommendations to Daryel. Google him. Contact him for your family or yourself world wide. You have the BEST of the BEST when result is what you desire most.

Tell him CEO SPACE sent you by and Daddy Berny burned his ears off. He’ll like that.

Meanwhile reframe your game plan. The market of instability and volatility is here as we presented to you last summer would be the case. We noted the unexpected jarring cycles of software trading against software to artificially create CASINO CAPITALISM will cycle now like a wild drunk. The up’s and down getting more frequent. The frequency getting more violent.

Right the time the new all time peaks are being forged and everyone is highly confident it can and will only continue, SUPER CRASH will hit. We have said beware of Oct 2017 and the Spring of 2018.

Did we miss the FOOLS RALLY given our 1.2% terrible growth rate and our pure deflation were even the 1.7% inflation for this years fails to consider the recent plunge in the cost of everything – oil – which brings year to date in real math to a negative number – DEFLATION.

Said another way:

  1. The Fed is an obsolete failed policy body accountable to no on with zero oversight from any agency of law.
  2. The Fed has failed to prevent the last two depressions, the dot.bomb crash – or the super bubble in sub prime their member banks made fortunes with via criminal loan sharking.
  3. The Fed spending over 10 trillion dollars has failed to defeat deflation ( as they failed over 20 years in Japan ) and inflation has not returned to the market place.
  4. Their policy has failed utterly.
  5. They must be MERGED into the US TREASURY and retooled to oversight for success in policy versus failure in policy – as they are not an agency of government like the uneducated believe they are a PRIVATE FOR PROFIT STOCK FIRM that makes money from interest on our national debt. In digital space this service is no longer either required or desired as it is legal theft from the unborn in America.

WAKE UP people of the world Merge your criminal central banks back into your treasury for national pride and prosperity. If you won’t unite to get this task done you will impoverish generation in your nation. ECONOMIC literacy is the one reading skill everyone must acquire.

This blog is your school room for the entire world.

Berny Dohrmann – Economic Literacy Educator 101 June 10th