May today in exit polls – shook markets all over the entire world.


She was expected 90 days ago ( a short time )  to have a landslide victory.

She has lost in a landslide against her Conservative party leadership.

She needed over 600 seats to win decisively.

Exit polls show she is around half that number at 300 seats.

This means:

  1. Those that do not want to exit the EU are voting loudly. Will the EU exit be revisited?
  2. The exit clock – now on notice to the EU in Brussels – ticking unmercifully – is on pure HOLD till the UK crises in government now in play unfolds from TODAY.
  3. May now must govern by forming a coalition gov with other parties or another election in 2017 must be called so the UK can govern at all.

It has surprised all the experts and it is a MESS in the EU. Unsaid is the power this gives those who wish to exit the EU on how they might do it such as Italy and Spain both up next. Not to mention Greece still in play for a multi billion dollar debt default next month if they fail to get new loans to pay the interest on the old loans on time. A never ending mess.

So the unfolding of this will have profound effects on Markets by the weekend.

While this was all unfolding the anti Trump team in Congress in the Untied States feels this week was THEIR SUPER BOWL. They developed evidence of potential high crimes in public office required for impeachment and much more is still to come in Senate Hearing and Special Prosecutor evidence gathering of articles for impeachment which may come this year and faster than you think.

All this is “unsettling” financial markets across the world. The recent Since last year FOOLS RALLY labeled by this blog, as such, can lose fortunes for every day investors as the growing impacts of a 1% growth pattern in the EU and USA and Japan and with China falling like a stone – portends – a strong SUPER CRASH and serious global rebounding recession. We have as this blog reported:

  1. Growing massive unemployment – over 80,000 in May alone from retail alone.
  2. Auto sales and durable good orders down for five reporting periods in a row.
  3. Durable good orders down.
  4. New home closes falling off like higher prices hit a brick wall.
  5. Manufacturing down.

Where is the good news? Where is the economics to drive the FOOLS RALLY to new highs when only two handful of entities are driving the UPBUBBLE by earnings. The market participation index of participants is at all time LOW driven by SUPER MONEY in software high velocity trading so you can’t see how the upside down pyramid of real base in trading looks on a graph. Economist investment bankers in my tribe, do see this graph and it has alarmed us since late last year. The Hope and Promise rally is not built economics and the bubble hissing out of the tire is falling in one “no one can predict” future. Will the bubble let the air out slowly or world wide burst explosively?

We’ll see.

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