CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL IS A 30 YEAR OLD, 140 NATION, HOST OF FIVE BUSINESS acceleration conferences, in Florida each year. The next week long conference designed to get customers, alliances, markets and capital for business OWNER CEO’s and professionals in practice, is taking place August 1st 2017 at Disney World and is the largest of the conferences each year. The larger Forbes and Inc # 1 Ranked “you can’t afford to miss it” ( by third party press ) designation is driven by the once a year teen Entrepreneur Program we call FEAST as parents wait a year to bring their children to this right of passage in skills to benefit their children’s futures.




This blog was first created for the graduate, CEO’s, with CEO SPACE residing in a 140 nation footprint over 30 years. The August 1st Business GROWTH Conference is the largest in five years. CEO SPACE has offered a 30 year SALE to our members and to the business owner wishing to use a tax dollar to own a lifetime membership ASSET in CEO SPACE. The sale saves new members thousands of dollars and makes the investment a MUST LOOK INTO IT item. The Sale goes away on Tuesday June 13th and is over. We are reminding readers who wish to grow their solo entrepreneur to mature larger venture FASTER to click  and look into a film or two for your industry or service sector. Our members tell you in film it never costs anything but tax savings to join CEO SPACE and it will cost a fortune to miss CEO SPACE August 1st. As the lost opportunity to earn more faster is well proven and highly reported by third party press.



CEO SPACE is not a seminar. The five ( every sixty day ) business growth conferences, are free to members who have purchased a membership for their entire life. Lifetime membership. CEO SPACE is a business building machine. Not a workshop. The # 1 ranked business conference the ONE press state you can NOT afford to miss – is CEO SPACE in 2017 and we won those awards in 2016 and in 2015 as well. A record actually. In quality for your outcomes.

CEO SPACE engages CEO business OWNERS as cross mentors with our own FORTUNE MENTORS in DEAL MEALS. Deal Meals are SUPER MASTER MINDS to get appointment cards for critical contacts. Seal the Deal appointments get arranged at the DEAL MEALS ( six hours. a day ) and at 9PM and 10PM and 11PM these deals are SEALED. The process is highly organized unique and a week long. NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND and CEO SPACE makes sure no one is left behind. No one else does that. CEO SPACE Is 30% the best currency in bringing CEO business owners CURRENT inside a SUPER CHANGE MARKET an 70% deal making to grow the business faster coupled to the best mentors the CEO could never otherwise afford wiping challenge lists clean during a week of intensive challenge resolution to any venture.



CEO SPACE delivers replacement for why ventures fail to reach goals set by owners. This is always

  • Weak Plans
  • Weak teams
  • Lack of resources to execute

With Strong Plans, Strong Teams and Resources to go all the way. CEO SPACE delivers new customers, alliances and affiliates, partnership, and critical connections to new markets coupled to brand impact improvements and overall marketing massive revisions to market. All administration and internal growth issues are also resolved in stages and phases as needed in back to back CEO SPACE work sessions for the owner. CEO SPACE delivers critical relationships that would take decades if ever to create otherwise. If your network IS your net worth – CEO SPACE delivers a 30 year new network in a week five times a year to the boss who owns the business or professional practice. Over 30 years we have benefited more small business owners than all the others combined. Les Brown and Bob Proctor call CEO SPACE ….THE SUPER BOWL…..a new model of business trade show that works. The boss receives the largest download of current new business skill sets of their adult life time. This is confirmed as to quality by post graduates all on video on our web site from Wharton, Harvard, Standard, MIT, and many others. The results you can see to KNOW before you GO this is not “another one of those” but fully unique in quality in the world a life experience any one owning a business must simply DO. Trust third party press on this ( also on our web site ). Today a business owner survey of small business owners reported the HIGHEST CONFIDENCE going into 2018 for growth for small business in recent years. THIS IS THE TIME TO ACCELERATE GROWTH and from capital to customers CEO SPACE is the GROWTH MACHINE of this era. Check CEO SPACE OUT !




CEO SPACE has never had a sale like this. 75% of our customers paid the retail price for membership, which is pay once for lifetime membership, at the low price set in 1988 and never changed since. Today the SALE OF THE CENTURY to own that LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP with a tax dollar is coming to a close – at midnight Monday June 12th. Any business owner reader and my grads who must return to August 1st at Disney World – the biggest mid year program in half a decade – not to be missed – as a grad benefit or new member benefit – when the FORUM is so large and so wealthy. It is time to reduce taxes this year and own a huge asset with tax dollars saved. If you can also secure the lowest possible price – then PRICE PROTECT YOURSELF – before Tuesday when the sale price is simply GONE. I’m reminding everyone – if you wish to secure the largest pay raise of your adult lifetime – if you wish to reduce cost and time to reach growth goals you have in your mind anyway – your CEO SPACE membership at this lowest price ever – is the next step for YOU or anyone you know in business. Trust me on that. THE SALE OF THE CENTURY is taking place at CEO SPACE but it is two weeks long, below actual cost, subsidized, and disappears on the 13th of June next week. PRICE PROTECT YOURSELF. You will have a much higher income in the second half of this year if you take this step. If you don’t you won’t. Trust me on that one. I’ve been helping YOU secure those results for 30 years.

Berny Dohrmann – reminding readers and business owners they know of the SALE OF THE CENTURY for your lifetime benefit with a pay once with tax dollar acquisition price this weekend through Monday. Action is what makes the difference in any life other wise you are just “considering” and nothing improves at all…..for YOU !


August 1st CEO’s bring their families to the one FAMILY INCLUSIVE business conference in the world – children and grandchildren of all ages attend as do entire family groups together. A CEO SPACE precious inclusion in the BIG ONE the annual CEO FAMILY FEST come one and come all for the personal growth and profit.