Iran has been the center of Alexander the Great and custodian of civilization after the fall or Rome for a 1000 years – as the PERSIAN EMPIRE Thrived. All faiths prospered. Tolerance was inclusive. Iran has always contributed to  science, arts, math, inventions and more. The Iran people are so PROUD of their history and their role over historic time frames to the present day. Iran is the LEADING Nation in the Middle East. Saudi and Iran have political and economic differences which lands on Shite inclusion and rights within Whabbi inclusion and rights. That map to tomorrow is unfolding and defines potential for the two nations to unite versus conflict. Sanity requires the unity versus the conflict.

Iran in recent times has moved from a Western Nation, to an Islamic Republic that rejects Western culture as it relates to violence, porn, and values they see as declining versus rising. The IRANIAN people actually in mass majority love cultures in the EU and America as we all join Iran in wishing  also as we all  want our western values to rise not decline and we share more alignment to the family values of Iran than the press allows for. Our peoples all know THAT.

Iran has stated they were never attempting to create atomic weapons. They stated they were attempting to have low cost power to their entire nation in a generation using atomic power generation. Which the EU has largely done and they were copying the success of the EU in keeping kilowatt cost down, when oil soared to 120 dollars a barrel.

Iran agreed with a multi nation treaty, to curtail all weaponization activity, to turn over enriched assets, and to permit open inspection to secure TRUST from the world in what they had been saying publicly to the world. Everyone agrees IRAN has abided by their contract to the world.

Iran has engaged in fighting ISIS dying by the side of US troops and EU TROOPS and putting their money and lives on the line to defeat radical terror. While the world accuses Iran of being the HOME OF TERROR they have ever larger troops on the ground dying to destroy terror. Iran publicly has stated Terror must be wiped out from the REGION to foster peace.

Iran has been radical to Israel. Israel has attacked Iran. Iran can frame in peace with the Region and even Israel if the respect for a process of inclusion changes the traditional home audience dialogue in the media.

Iran has labeled American the GREAT SATAN. As they prove agencies of America are trying to over throw their national government. America has labeled Iran the AXIS OF EVIL and truly tried to over throw their government which everyone knows. To secure a peace a new respect must arise. President Trump has stated he wishes to initiate just such a process to develop a LASTING AND LEGACY PEACE for the people of the entire Region.

Trust is the issue back and forth with history that should not dictate the future.

This week Iran suffered a dreadful terror attack from ISIS immediately following the insane brain attack in the UK. A lot of Iran innocent people died.

Unlike many nations Iran is going to ACT and that action will be decisive. Iran in our opinion will now lead with Russia a significant RESPONSE to the ISIS crazy brains – sore losers – and about to be wiped out entirely.

The Leader of ISIS is most likely to go down from Iran now not the USA. The entire world will give a standing ovation to IRAN for whatever action it takes. We suspect this action is being planned and coordinated with RUSSIA and America right now. ISIS made a critical mistake taking its game into IRAN.

Iran more than any nation will as the leading military, the leading power in the Middle East, with total unity of the INSULT these crazy brains just heaped into the Iran culture – where a MASSIVE DECISIVE RESPONSE to ISIS is forthcoming – traditional to the leaders in the community.

Nothing less is expected.

The entire world is ONE with IRAN on this terrible terror attack. No one is saying you deserved this or SEEE or anything like that. The entire world is just SAD for the UK and SAD for France and SAD for Belgium and SAD for IRAN and SAD for Egypt and Sad for Israel where stabbings are so common from crazy brains.

Why do they do it?

Because they are NUTS? They are a gang.  A gang of insanity and insane leaders. Nothing more. A small tiny band, broke now, running out of cash and ammo and resources, and about to be deleted entirely from the planet earth. This form of insanity is not curable, it is contagious as we have seen, and insanity needs to be deleted from the sane. Thats all. These are damaged brains we all allowed to get weapons and wealth.

In the future we need to as a G 100 – identify crazy brains – establish a PLANETARY DEFENSE FORCE ( PDF ) as rapid response – to deny the crazy brains weapons – and money – and to delete them earlier as they are expressed. Media needs to identify them not as a forum of religion but as crazy brains. Hitler was not political and Nazis leaders where crazy brains. Lacking any compassion of sane brains. ISIS is a gang. A small gang of crazy brains. The media needs to only refer to the crazy brains – as CRAZY BRAINS. That is the only correct label for insane cults.

Sane brains need to deny them weapons and money so they self destruct and fail to grow.

Access to mass media needs to be cut off for insane brain cults.

These tools and a G 1OO PDF unite us all behind a superior fire wall protecting us from crazy brains.

We have the tools to sniff out their bomb making and to deny them access. Lets use them in a united way.


Sanity is destroying the insane – always the outcome.

It is so painful to watch crazy brains act out.

We expect nothing less from them. They are insane after all.

Incurable and requiring deletion. Self defense of the sane.

Sad Sad Sad for every mom, every child, every collateral damage, ever aspect of insanity at work in the world today.

So we suggest IRAN have a different more full picture of posture than the world media labels to them.

Because the PEOPLE of IRAN deserve nothing less.

The world loves the people of Iran and wishes them and their nation noting but prosperity and security.

I now wait to see their response and remember you heard it here. A lesson is about to be instructed to the CRAZY BRAINS – get ready.